Vancouver is where the ocean meets the sky. Where you can sail in the morning and ski in the evening. A city that feels as though it was created in a dream. Not only is the landscape breathtaking, but the architecture, the culture, and the food truly put it on the map. Due to it's proximity to L.A., its lush landscape, and film-friendly infrastructure, it's been deemed "Hollywood North". Therefore, it's easy to spot A-Listers shopping on Robson Street, exploring Granville Island, and eating at some of Canada's best restaurants. Vancouver-born stars like Seth Rogen and Ryan Reynolds often return to clear their heads and embrace their roots. While other celebrities know that the B.C. is so much more than a production hub. Without further ado, here are George Clooney, Seth Rogen and 18 other celebs who are often spotted traveling to Vancouver, Canada.

20 George Clooney Pretended To Be "Mr. Sanchez" In Order To Remain Unnoticed In Vancouver... A Lot Of Good That Did...

While in Vancouver to film TomorrowlandGeorge Clooney attempted to go unnoticed when visiting a Yaletown sushi restaurant. But booking under the pseudonym "Mr. Sanchez" really wasn't enough to thwart his fans. Luckily, the Michael Clayton star was a good sport. Apparently, Vancouver gave him such a warm welcome that he's returned on occasion.

19 Cole Sprouse Has Become A Vancouver Attraction Whether He Likes It Or... Absolutely Loves It

Riverdale fans know exactly where to spot Cole Sprouse in Vancouver. He spends the majority of the year in the same places while filming the hit CW show. Cole is a fan of The Gerard Lounge at The Sutton Place Hotel, the resort town of Whistler, and strolling along the Sea Wall with his co-stars.

18 Jamie Dornan Is A Little Less Christian Grey And A Little More Lance Armstrong In B.C.

For many years, Vancouver just brought out the Christian Grey in Jamie Dornan. That's because all three Fifty Shades Of Grey films were shot there. But here we see the actor embracing his inner-Lance Armstrong with his wife, Amelia Warner. On a sunny June day, the loving couple rode bikes along Kits Beach and even enjoyed a picknick in the sand.

17 Victoria Justice Isn't Afraid To Get Wet While Biking The Sea Wall

Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice has worked in Vancouver on multiple occasions. But back in March 2019, the gorgeous star was purely there for pleasure. Here we see her enjoying the Sea Wall while coming into contact with a, particularly perturbed wave. While she must have gotten soaked, it made for a fantastic photo.

16 Seth Rogen Eats His Way Through Vancouver After Enjoying The Greenery... So To Speak

Seth Rogen adores his hometown of Vancouver. He returns often to visit family and cruise past the places of his youth, including Vancouver Talmud Torah and Point Grey High. His connection to the food and culture of the city is palpable. It even inspired him to show restauranteur, David Chang, around his favorite Vancouver spots, including Lee's Donuts at the Granville Island Public Market. The excursion can be viewed on Netflix.

15 Ozzy And Sharon Osbourne Look A Bit Baffled To Be In B.C. But Actually Loved It

The View co-host, Sharon Osbourne, and her husband, Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne were spotted in Vancouver not long ago. While we don't know why they were there, the couple seemed to enjoy acting like total tourists. They even posed with the North Shore mountains while strolling the Sea Wall near Harbour Green Park.

14 Shay Mitchell Is Always In Vancouver... And Is Always The Biggest Tourist

Few celebrities have made their love for Vancouver as obvious as Shay Mitchell has. The Pretty Little Liars and You star even let us in on a few of her favorite Vancouver-based activities. When she visits from L.A., she likes to walk the Capilano Suspension Bridge, bike around the Sea Wall, and eat at Honey Doughnuts & Goodies as often as possible.

13 Amanda Seyfried Bundles Up While Her Hubby Thinks He's In Barbados

Amanda Seyfried has filmed multiple movies in Vancouver over the years, so it makes sense that she's built a connection with the city. In May and June 2018, she and her husband, Thomas Sadoski were spotted around town on numerous occasions. The sightings included attending a Vancouver Whitecaps soccer game and a stroll through Stanley Park.

12 Olivia Munn Rocks Out Near Robson Street

While parts of Vancouver are pretty laid back, other areas are posh AF. When Newsroom, X-Men, and Magic Mike star Olivia Munn visited the luxurious part of Vancouver, there's no doubt that she felt right at home. Mind you, her outfit definitely made it easier for the paparazzi to spot her and inundate her with photographs.

11 KJ Apa Looks A Tad Disaterous Around Town But The Girls Still Go Nuts For Him

While KJ Apa has made some negative comments about Vancouver, he's also shown the city a lot of love. While shooting Riverdale, the hunky Kiwi can often be spotted at the city's most high-end restaurants. Although, here we see him asking for a cab at the beloved Lucy's Eastside Diner on Main Street.

10 Carrie-Anne Moss Channels Her Inner-Trinity To Aide The Vancouver Film Industry

Now that The Matrix 4 has been greenlit, Carrie-Anne Moss is unlikely to have much time to return to her hometown. Even with her recent success, Carrie-Anne remains connected to her Vancouver roots. While she lives in L.A., the city is still home to her mother and her long-time manager. Her continued connection to the city is why she backed the Talent Fund which supports emerging filmmakers in Canada.

9 Lucy Hale Is A Public Piano Player At VanDusen Gardens

Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale adores Vancouver, its fantastic shopping, and all of its art installations. Here we see her playing the piano inside Van Dusen Botanical Gardens back in August 2017. She even moved to the city while shooting back-to-back projects and appeared to fall in love with it every single day.

8 Ryan Reynolds Is Basically The King Of Vancouver And He Isn't Afraid To Remind Us

No celebrity supports Vancouver as much as Ryan Reynolds. The man campaigned to get both Deadpool movies shot in his hometown with a local cast and crew, despite the studio's disinterest. But Ryan doesn't just bring his films to Vancouver, he also brings his beautiful wife, Blake Lively. While visiting recently, he took Blake to Kits Beach and Sophie's Cosmic Cafe.

7 Adam Sandler, David Spade, And Rob Schneider Entertain Pedestrians Outside Bel Cafe

Imagine walking down the street and spotting Adam Sandler, David Spade, and Rob Schneider schmoozing with locals. Well, this is precisely what happened in 2018 when the comedians were in Vancouver to perform at The Orpheum. Adam and his funny buddies enjoyed the treats at Bel Cafe which is owned by famed restauranteur, David Hawksworth.

6 Zoe Saldana Takes Her Kid To The Aquarium And Rides The Sea Wall Like A Total Boss

When Zoe Saldana was in Vancouver filming Star Trek Beyond, she acted like a total tourist. She, her husband Marco Perego, and their twins enjoyed the Sea Wall and the Vancouver Aquarium, located in the middle of Stanley Park. Zoe clearly didn't miss out on everything the beautiful Canadian city has to offer.

5 Jessica Lowndes Looks Absurdly Gorgeous In Her Home Town

90210 star Jessica Lowndes moved away from Vancouver when she was young. But she still finds herself back in the city to film various Hallmark movies. The brunette beauty also adores returning to she can bike through Stanely Park and take in The Festival of Lights at VanDusen Botanical Gardens during Christmas time.

4 Kelly Ripa And Mark Conseulos Are In love With Vancouver And Want Everyone To Know Even If They Don't Care

Mark Consuelos is another cast member from CW's Riverdale who spends much of the year in the West Coast city and loving it. But his wife, talk show host Kelly Ripa, has also built an affinity for the city. She claims she's a "fanada" of Canada with a special connection to Vancouver, Whistler, and Vancouver Island. Here we see Kelly and Mark enjoy the five-star Hawksworth Resturant as well as hiking to one of the city's picturesque lakes.

3 Eva Longoria Finds A Moment For "Me-Time" In Stanley Park

Filming takes its tool. The long days, high pressure, and perturbed crew and cast can often be stressful. So, it makes sense that Overboard star Eva Longoria took a break from filming to clear her head inside the timbered forest of Stanley Park. The best thing about the 1000-acred park is that it's located right in the heart of the city.

2 Aly And AJ Michalka Are Always In Vancouver... But For Very Different Reasons

Aly Michalka spent many years living in Vancouver while filming back-to-back television series there. This inspired her sister AJ to visit on the regular. For a while, AJ even found herself a Vancouver-based boyfriend. Although both beauties spend most of their time in L.A. nowadays, you can still spot them walking around Gastown, the Sea Wall, or eating at Ask For Luigi.

1 Dove Cameron Makes Every Vancouver-Citizen Wish She Were One Of Them... Or With Them...

The absurdly attractive Dove Cameron has spent tons of time in Vancouver filming The Descendants movies and a variety of other projects. Over the years, she's made strong friendships that constantly draw her back to the city. Although the alabaster-skinned beauty stands-out wherever she goes, it seemed as though she felt entirely comfortable in Vancouver.