Dodo Pizza is the Russian pizza chain that will take over the world thanks to great pizza and incredible technology.

Judging by our site statistics, you likely haven’t even heard of Dodo Pizza. That’s because it’s mostly a Russian pizza chain with 457 locations across the largest country on Earth. Some of those locations are located above the Arctic Circle and need to have their cheese delivered on nuclear-powered icebreakers.

As an aside, they’re nuclear powered because they spend so much time in the ice that it’s impossible for them to be refueled with conventional diesel.


But anyway, Dodo isn’t just a Russian pizza chain anymore. Over the past 8 years, Dodo Pizza has opened 69 locations in 11 other countries, including three in the US. They’re in Memphis and Oxford, Mississippi, in case you were wondering. And if you live there, we’d love to know how their pizza tastes.

Another location is scheduled to open up in California. After that, who knows? America loves its pizza, after all. As does the rest of the world. Dodo has plans to open 1,000 locations in Asia, Europe, and Africa over the next five years.

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And here’s the thing: in Russia, Dodo already out-competes the likes of Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, and Domino’s. Those are huge names.

Part of that success comes from the food, but another part comes from Dodo’s business model. Dodo uses cloud software so that every piece of their operation is visible to anyone who cars to look. You want to know how the business is doing financially? You can look at cash flows in real-time. Wanna see how your pizza is getting assembled? Dodo requires every location to livestream their kitchen so you can watch your pizza as it’s made.

Dodo calls it “the principle of radical transparency.” Besides being able to see its entire operation, all that technology means that Dodo can fine-tune its marketing to specific locations, starting guerilla marketing campaigns to out-compete other pizza chains.

We’ll soon all be calling Dodo for our late-night cravings, and so far that doesn’t seem like it’s a bad thing.

(via Bloomberg)

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