Taking a cruise is an excellent way to relax and enjoy the most amazing sites that the world has to offer. Norwegian Cruise Line is one of the most popular cruise companies around, and most people come away from the experience more than satisfied.

When taking a cruise, not everything goes, however, because passengers are all out in the middle of the high seas. Due to things like docking in different countries during an excursion, there are a lot of rules that must be followed if all is to be smooth sailing.

Here are fifteen rules that travelers must follow when boarding a Norwegian Cruise Liner and embarking on the trip of a lifetime. Ignoring some of these could result in no vacation!

15 Leave Their Samsung Galaxy Note7 At Home

This particular brand of cell phone is banned from Norwegian Cruise Ships and other major cruise companies. Why? They pose too much of a safety threat. There is a slight possibility that the device could explode and cause a fire. Thus, guests and even crew members are told to leave them behind.

14 No Drones Allowed

Norwegian Cruise Lines are not going to be okay with you flying your drone in the clear blue skies. These toys are off-limits to travelers. You will have to leave the drones at home and rely on your trusty camera to capture all of your vacation moments. Make sure and invest in a quality camera.

13 Wear What Is Culturally Appropriate

There are even rules on this cruise line regarding what you can and cannot wear. When the ship docks in places with cultural dress assumptions, travelers need to fall in line. In certain Carribean areas, camouflage material will not be tolerated. If you are visiting a temple on land, then you must cover-up. Every country has its own set of expectations in regard to dress.

12 Cancel Your Cruise Well In Advance If You Want A Refund

Things come up. Issues arise. Sometimes people need to cancel their travel plans. But those who have booked with Norwegian Cruise Liners might have some trouble getting their refunds back. Their policy states that travelers have to cancel 120 days or more in advance! The best way around this is to purchase "cancel for any reason" travel insurance.

11 When Ports Of Call Change, Go With The Flow

If you have your heart set on docking in specific regions, you might want to practice some flexibility. Norwegian Cruise Liners reserve the right to change their itinerary plans. If they decide not to dock at a specific port, then they do not have to. They reserve the right to stop wherever they see fit.

10 Pay Up Big Time If You Have To Make A Trip To The Ship's Doctor

Feeling sick on the ship? Need to book it to the medical department? It might end up costing you more than a few days of fun in the sun. Per cbsnews.com, doctors and medicines on cruise ships are enormous money generators, and people end up paying far more out of pocket than they ever anticipated.

9 Too Pregnant? Too Bad. You Aren't Cruising

Babymoons are very popular trips for couples expecting a little one in the near future. Boarding a Norweigen Cruise won't be the best option for a trip like this, however. If a woman is in her third trimester, then she might get turned away. No one wants a woman going into labor prematurely in the middle of the ocean!

8 Pack Your Medicines, Because The Ship Can Not Guarantee Having Them On Board

Cruise ships do have medical personnel on board, but their abilities are pretty limited. They likely have some common meds in their stock, but more specific ones will have to be remembered by passengers. If a true medical emergency arises, personnel will likely stabilize a patient and the ship will head to the nearest port.

7 Don't Even Think Of Bringing Your Own Beverages On Board

The ship offers plenty of beverage options, so there is no need for guests to pack their own. Even if they wanted to, they couldn't. This is a strict rule for the popular Cruise Line. This rule doesn't only apply to adult beverages. It goes for items such as juices and waters as well.

6 Two Suitcase Limit

Embarking on a Norwegian Cruise might trigger some travelers to pack as many items as possible. They often think that they need island wear, ship wear, formal wear, and all of the accessories that go along with their wardrobe. With a two suitcase limit, it is a better idea to pack staple items and then mix and match what you bring.

5 Dinner Happens On The Ship's Time, Not Yours

Typically dining times are not a huge barrier for travelers as ships offer so many different options. That said, there are times of operation for some of the dining options. If sea-faring guests hold strange hours or have their hopes set on specific dining establishments, it's best to check them all out beforehand. No one is opening doors just for you.

4 Be Prepared To Swim With Your Kids

Cruise ships often offer some pretty incredible swimming opportunities for adults and children alike. If parents want to be able to access whirlpools and swimming pools, then they better be ready to jump in with their kids. There are no lifeguards on deck, and all children under the age of twelve must be with a guardian.

3 Leave Your Heated Blanket At Home

When cruise ships set sail for the high seas, safety is always the top concern. Norwegian Cruise Lines make sure that they prohibit any items that could cause a fire. A fire in the middle of the ocean would NOT be a good thing. Thus, heating blankets are a hard no for travelers. Pack warm jammies and a bathrobe instead.

2 Don't Think You Can Hoverboard All Over The Deck

Cruise ships are made for walking, so don't bother packing something like a hoverboard in your suitcase. No one wants to turn a corner and get bashed into. Scooters and even Heelys shoes are often prohibited to ensure the safest conditions possible. Make sure you pack some walking shoes on your trip.

1 Be Back To The Port Of Call Promptly

When the cruise ship docks at a port, passengers are able to depart the boat and experience new places. While this is a fun way to spend a day, travelers better make sure that they have a working watch. Your ship leaves when it is scheduled, and it isn't going to wait around for you to finish up your meal or your shopping.