Royal Family Looking At Cheaper And More Eco-Friendly Ways To Travel

When it comes to travelling on the cheap with the smallest carbon footprint possible, it's hard to believe that the highfalutin residents of Buckingham Palace would even have such options on their high-profile itineraries.

But it turns out that even the Royals aren't immune to such elements what with climate change being the phrase of the century and economic uncertainty punctuating these precarious times.

3 Director Of Royal Travel


That's why the planners of all things regal have decided to hire someone who can take those financial and ecological concerns and factor them into any future trips that members of Queen Elizabeth's matriarchal bloodline might undertake. The lucky person who lands the position of Director of Royal Travel will receive a $110,000 annual salary with a 37.5-hour work week with a work space in the Privy Purse and Treasurer's Office of Buckingham Palace.

The responsibilities and requirements of the job are quite demanding, with the Royals looking for someone with loads of experience in travel and logistics, not to mention operations and financial management. Other qualities of high importance include a background in safety, particularly when it comes to aviation, as well as good leadership, communication and negotiating skills.

2 Conflicting Demands


And while the job description emphasizes that Buckingham Palace is a location that stresses high quality values, the successful candidate had better be prepared for some fireworks. The want ad, posted on the Royal Household website, warns applicants to be prepared to handle conflicting demands and pressures all the while keeping working relationships on the up-and-up.

Much of the job will involve anything involving air travel including the Queen's personal helicopter, although train travel will definitely factor into an Royal Family excursions. And with every trip that's being organized, Buckingham Palace is stressing a heavy importance on safety, budgetary and environmental considerations.

1 Heavy Criticism


The job post comes on the heels of heavy criticism of the Royal Family's travel expenses, spending nearly $260 million on flights alone. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who like to see themselves as being cost- and environmentally-conscious,  were publicly panned for taking four private jet junkets within 11 days.

The deadline for applying for the position is Dec. 20.

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