In Texas, there's one shop that's living up to the motto of 'everything is bigger in Texas': Round Rock Donuts.

This donut shop has been crafting and creating handmade donuts since 1926, and it seems that the size of these glorious treats has only increased since then. While the mondo-sized glazed donut isn't the only sweet that this bakery has to offer, it's certainly the one thing that piques the interest of first-time Texas visitors. In reality, Round Rock Donuts has more to offer than just donuts and coffee, and everything they're placing in their display case is worth the trip.


If there's anything to know before visiting Round Rock, Texas, it's that this donut shop must be on the list.

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The 95-Year History Of Round Rock Donuts

Round Rock Donuts has been a longtime staple of Round Rock, Texas, and their story begins all the way back in 1926. The original location on Main Street was opened by Reinhold R. Moehring, who started experimenting with dough recipes well into the 1930s. The goal was to find something unique and one of a kind, which would cement the future of the bakery in Round Rock and allow it to thrive as the decades went on.

It wasn't until the 1940s that Moehring created a donut recipe that stuck, and it became known as the official Round Rock donut. However, there was another surprise during this time and another staple product was created by accident - Swedish rye bread. Both of these soon became popular and, suddenly, Round Rock Donuts had secured its namesake as the best bakery around for donuts.

After changing hands several times, the Round Rock Donuts was purchased by Charlie Baird. It was during this time, in 1965, the bakery had won the award for the best donut in all of Texas - a high honor that the bakery still holds to this day. In the late 70s, the bakery was rebuilt in a new location on West Liberty, which is where it still stands today.

The Texas Sized Donut

Round Rock Donuts is known for their donuts, in general, but it's the Texas Sized Donut that has really created a buzz outside of the state. Many people come from all over just to have a donut that is - quite literally - the size of their heads. The good news is that these donuts are kept in stock daily; the bad news is that despite their size, it'll be pretty tough only trying to eat one of them! They come in three flavors: Glazed, Chocolate, or Half and Half, and each one is sinfully delicious. The donut has generated such a reputation that the location is now world-famous, and the bakery has seen its fair share of customers from all over the world clamoring to try its original recipe treats.

Despite the fact that the bakery has changed hands several times, the original donut recipe has never been changed, which is what makes this bakery - and its donuts - such an incredible landmark in Round Rock.

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What Makes These Donuts So Good?

The first thing that many customers notice about the donuts from Round Rock is their distinctive yellow-orange color. This comes from the use of fresh eggs in the dough, which is what sets them apart from any other donut in the country and even in the world. The dough itself is yeast-risen and is derived from a bread-like dough, which also sets the donuts apart from any others. However, this type of dough also means that the donuts can't be shaped by machine which means they're all shaped by hand, even to this day. According to Round Rock Donut's website, the bakery has the potential to turn out roughly 500 donuts on a busy day!

In addition to donuts, Round Rock Donuts also offers glazed donut holes, cream bismarks, éclairs, filled donuts, apple fritters, cinnamon twists, fruit kolaches, baked cinnamon rolls, Texas sized cinnamon rolls (that's right - they're huge), muffins, cupcakes, teacake cookies, sausage kolaches, coffee, and iced tea on their regular menu.

Vsiting Round Rock Donuts

Currently, the bakery is open for drive-thru and pickup services. Due to renovations within the bakery, guests are encouraged to place orders ahead. For orders that are over 10 items, the bakery always recommends calling ahead to place an order.

  • Hours: Daily from 4:30 AM - 6:30 PM
  • Price range: From 89 cents for one regular donut up to $9.98 for a Texas Sized Donut
  • Must-Try: The Texas Sized Donut, Round rock Glazed Donut, Donut Holes, and the Texas Sized Cinnamon Roll

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