London is home to so many iconic figures: the royals, the London Bridge, Big Ben, Shakespeare... It's hard not to think of a million things London has provided our world through music, architecture, cuisine, and more.

As the capital of England, London is massive and ever-popular. Due to the city's global popularity, it's a favored destination among tourists. However, due to the sheer size of London, there are plenty of rookie mistakes that tourists make that can be prevented with a little bit of research.

From where to stay to traveling through the Underground, London can be intimidating. There are over 30 districts to stay and roam, making this one trip tourists should actually plan out. Traveling by the seat of one's pants is great and all, but a trip to London should be done right. Let's take a look below at 15 rookie moves first-time Londoners make.

15 Not Taking Advantage Of The Underground

London's Underground may seem intimidating, making tourists opt for more traditional forms of transportation like buses, taxis, or walking, but the Underground is cleverly designed. Travelers can get from the suburbs to downtown London City in minutes. All a potential-Underground rider needs is an Oyster card or a debit/credit card to ride.

14 And Then Not Getting The Oyster Card

So, what's an Oyster card? Think of it as a gift card. You can buy it at an Underground station where all you need to do is put money on it. Then, anytime you want to take the Underground, all you have to do is swipe your Oyster card and it deducts the amount from your total. If your Oyster card runs out of money, all you need to do is refill it. They really do make it that easy.

13 London Is Insanely Big

From Picadilly to Soho to Chelsea to Camden, there are simply too many places to explore in London. When visiting London, make sure to spread the trip out or else travelers will be exhausted and tired of walking. The last thing a vacationer needs is a vacation from the vacation. Do your research and plan out what districts you want to visit.

12 Skip The Cabs — Take The Bikes

Seeing the cabs in London is enough to bring a person back in time. They look vintage and prestigious but they're also expensive. Instead of hailing a cab, London has plenty of bikes and scooters to rent spread out across the city. One of the more popular brands of bikes is the Borris Bikes (also called Santander Cycles). Travelers can pay as they go at the bike station or rent the bike for a full 24 hours!

11 Don't Assume Museums Cost You An Arm And A Leg

There are so many things to see and do in London that it can sometimes cost tourists a pretty penny. However, London also has free attractions that should also be visited! Both the British Museum and the National Gallery are free to visit and are quite a sight to see.

10 Know The Tipping Policy

The tipping policy varies around Europe and the UK but it's drastically different than the US and Canada. In the US, tipping 20% of the bill is the standard but in London, diners can tip anywhere from 10-15%. It all depends on the service, says Visit London. Obviously, going to a high-end restaurant will warrant a higher tip but there's no need to tip for getting a drink.

9 Did You Want Chips Or Crisps?

Before heading out to lunch or dinner, potato lovers need to be made aware of the differences between chips and crisps (or as the US and Canada say, fries and chips). In England, asking for chips will get you French fries. And asking for crisps will get you potato chips. Knowing the difference will save you some time from scratching your head come lunchtime.

8 Buy Tickets In Advance

There is no downtime in London. London is always going to be busy and buzzing. It's not a beach destination where it's only crowded in the summer months, so even if travelers head there in the winter months, be prepared for long lines, busy pubs, and traffic. Buying tickets online for museums will at least cut the wait-time down!

7 That Isn't Really Where Shakespear Had  His Start...

Tourists and play-fanatics can head to Shakespeare's Globe to catch a show but they can also take a tour of the Globe. But Shakespeare didn't start out here; it's actually a remake of the original building. Funny enough, the Globe isn't even in the same location as William's Globe Theater. The original theater burned down in a fire and is about 750ft from Shakespeare's Globe.

6 Don't Crush Everything In A Day

Due to London's size, it's smart to not rush. Take the time to really soak up the sights. With Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, and Buckingham Palace all being in the same area, spend one day seeing all those things before heading across town to see Tower Bridge and even the Globe Theater. Crushing too many things in one day is a great way to become exhausted.

5 And Don't Ignore The Outskirts of London

Downtown London is an amazing, people-packed city filled with culture, food, and history. However, the outskirts of London are also filled with gorgeous countrysides, cobblestone streets, and authentic pubs. Areas like Surrey, West Sussex, and Hertfordshire are also filled with England's charm. Travelers can even get a taste of England's beaches by heading to Brighton.

4 Go To Camden Market On An Empty Belly (And Not On The Weekend)

Camden Town is an area outside of London that can't be missed. It's home to the Camden Market where foodies can have their pick of different local vendors. From burgers to curry to smoothies to tacos, a hungry tourist can find anything they want here. When you're done eating, hop in and out of Camden's many shops.

3 The London Bridge And Tower Bridge Are Two Different Things

We all know the London Bridge is falling down tune but the beautiful bridge in our head isn't the actual London Bridge. The iconic drawbridge we all think of is actually the Tower Bridge. The London Bridge is a simple bridge with not too many interesting characteristics. Tower Bridge, on the other hand, is right next to the Tower of London.

2 Bring An Umbrella

The running joke about the wet weather in London is true. London has seen its sunny days but rain is quite inevitable. If a tourist doesn't have an umbrella, it's smart to buy one from a souvenir shop because being wet for an entire day is going to make traveling around Lonon miserable.

1 Stay To The Right

Taking the Underground is the easiest means of transportation in London (it's also one of the most affordable) but there's a rule tourists need to remember when taking the escalator down and up: stay to the right if you plan on staying where you are on the escalator because the left side will remain open for those who wish to walk or run up the escalator. Standing on the left side can result in angry commuters.