Around the world, there are a ton of delicious restaurants. There are restaurants dedicated to just about every type of food that a person could be craving and restaurants that have all kinds of unique themes. It's always fun to cook at home and make your own tasty food, but going out to a restaurant for a special occasion or to spend time with friends and loved ones is amazing too.

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If you're looking to go to a delicious restaurant and also have a unique experience, it's a lot of fun to go to a restaurant in a unique location. One super unique place for restaurants to be located is high up in a building so you have the view of the entire area below you.

To see 10 of the best rooftop restaurants around the world, keep reading!

10 Ristorante Aroma

Rome, Italy is the home of a lot of really unique, world-class restaurants. Italy is a country that has become known for their food throughout the years and we definitely see why. If you're trying to find something good to eat in Italy, you don't have to look far.

One of the most popular restaurants in Rome that is known for their delicious food and unique location is Ristorante Aroma. This restaurant has fine Italian cuisine and is located on the roof of the building, giving visitors an incredible view of the Colosseum.

9 Frolik Kitchen + Cocktails

Frolik Kitchen + Cocktails is a restaurant and bar located in Seattle that is a great place to get together in groups and have a good time with people close to you. This rooftop restaurant has a fire pit in the middle of one of their tables and a fireplace on the edge of the seating area, giving a really warm and modern ambiance to the restaurant.

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Frolik serves up breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks to people who visit this downtown Seattle restaurant and bar. They offer a variety of classic, American dishes and a beautiful view of the city.


There are multiple SUSHISAMBA locations around the world that serve up a unique fusion of Japanese sushi and Peruvian cuisine. For people that really love to eat sushi, going to SUSHISAMBA's various locations is definitely a must.

And for people that want to enjoy their Brazilian-Peruvian-Japanese fusion cuisine with a beautiful view, visiting SUSHISAMBA in London is totally ideal. This bar and restaurant is located up on the rooftop and has two different terraces for visitors to enjoy their meal, a drink, and a view of the city.

7 Baba Nest

Baba Nest is a bar and restaurant located in Phuket, Thailand. This location puts visitors right on a beautiful infinity pool that overlooks the ocean with a view of trees and mountains. Visitors are seated on huge pillows and low tables, giving a unique dining experience in this gorgeous location.

Baba Nest serves delicious cocktails and super tasty Mexican food. This is the best place in Phuket to enjoy the sunset over the water. Thailand is already a gorgeous country with so many tasty restaurants and things to do, but a meal at Baba Nest is definitely one thing that can't be missed.


CE LA VI is a restaurant and bar located in Singapore on a rooftop in the heart of the city. There's an area inside for visitors to sit down and have a meal or a drink as well as one outside. For visitors that want to have some delicious food and drinks while taking in a view of Singapore from above, CE LA VI is the place to go.

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This restaurant serves up a menu full of modern Asian fusion. If you're looking for fresh seafood and unique dishes served up while you take in the best view that a restaurant in Singapore has to offer, look no further than CE LA VI.

5 Mezzaluna

Mezzaluna is a rooftop restaurant located in Bangkok, Thailand that serves fine French cuisine in the most romantic setting. It's located high above the city on the 65th floor of the Lebua At State Tower.

Mezzaluna is a restaurant that was awarded two Michelin Stars and although it has quite a high price tag, the fact that it got those two stars was definitely not a mistake. This rooftop restaurant is one of the finest in Bangkok and serves up the finest of French cuisine in a unique and modern way.

4 40 Kong

40 Kong is a rooftop bar and restaurant located in Dubai. It offers a panoramic view of the city of Dubai and is a completely unique dining experience that visitors can only get when sitting high above the streets of Dubai at this restaurant. Whether they're enjoying a drink or a meal, visitors are in for a treat at 40 Kong.

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Dubai is a city that has a lot of people from all different cultures, nationalities, and backgrounds living there. It's a really unique city and a place where you can experience a handful of different cultures all at once. 40 Kong is a restaurant and bar that celebrates that by serving up a fusion of different cuisines on one tasty plate.

3 71Above

71Above is a rooftop restaurant located in Los Angeles, California. It's located downtown on the very top of the US Bank Tower, one of the tallest buildings in all of LA. The fact that 71Above is so high off the ground, with few other buildings that match the height of this one, means that you get a unique, picturesque view of the city.

This restaurant is a little on the expensive side but for someone who wants the finest dining experience in Los Angeles and wants to be seated in the tallest restaurant on the west coast, going to 71Above is a definite must do.

2 ROOF On The Wit

ROOF on the Wit is a restaurant and bar that is located 27 stories above the ground in Chicago, Illinois. This restaurant is one that has become really popular with Chicago locals that want to experience something unique as well as visitors that are drawn in by the live entertainment, beautiful view, delicious food, and great drinks.

Nathan Sears is the executive chef at ROOF on the Wit and he uses his culinary expertise to blend together cuisine from Spain with the food of other cultures. Whether you're visiting ROOF on the Wit for one of the many events they host or just to enjoy a meal, you're bound to have a good time.

1 Forest Bar at RIMBA by Ayana

Forest Bar is a bar and restaurant located on a rooftop in Bali. It's part of the Ayana Resort & Spa and is a unique venue that gives visitors a view of the beautiful, lush Indonesian jungles that surround this resort.

The menu features food from different cultures around the world as guests enjoy the restaurant's tiffin baskets at lunch. Lunch is served up poolside as visitors get a treetop view of the lush greenery that surrounds the ressort just below them.

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