Lounging by the pool can be the ultimate relaxation spot when on vacation, but sometimes it feels like if you've seen one hotel pool, you've seen them all. This isn't the case with rooftop pools, however, as their amazing scenic views are hard to forget. The only thing more soothing than a fancy pool?

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A fancy pool with stunning scenery. While access to rooftop pools can often cost a pretty penny, even just looking at pictures of them can help put you at ease. Here are ten of the most gorgeous rooftop pools from around the world that you might be tempted to start saving up for.

10 Holston House - Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville has one of the biggest music scenes in the United States, and downtown Nashville in particular has some pretty big towers housing some important offices. From the rooftop pool at Houston House, you get the best possible view of the Music City skyline.

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With comfy lounge chairs and a bar serving cool drinks, the Holston House's aesthetic combines modernity with classic Nashville, providing one of the most unique and stunning views of the city. Go up to the pool at night, and you'll get an ever neater view as Nashville's skyscrapers light up the sky.

9 Williamsburg Hotel - New York, New York

The rooftop pool at Williamsburg Hotel in New York City is nothing short of extravagant. The pool is surrounded by cabanas and daybeds, and the accompanying bar and cafe serve up delicious snacks and original cocktails.

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The hotel has also recently started offering morning yoga by the pool, so you can take in the skyscrapers of Manhattan as you stretch and get the day started. It'd be pretty hard to find an experience in the city more relaxing than that! There are also other occasional events on the hotel's calendar, such as music and dancing.

8 InterContinental Hotel - Hong Kong, China

The InterContinental Hotel doesn't have a rooftop pool. It has three, all kept at different temperatures (i.e. cold, warm, and hot) so you can choose which gorgeous oasis is most comfortable to you. It overlooks Victoria Harbour as well as the city's skyline, and is surrounded by lily pods and a dining area.

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Former guests of the hotel recommend going to the whirlpool at night, as you'll get the best view of Hong Kong's nightly "Symphony of Lights" laser light show, where you'll see the towers of the city dance with color.

7 Marina Bay Sands - Singapore

Marina Bay Sands in Singapore boasts the largest rooftop infinity pool in the entire world. The giant pool, sitting at 57 stories high, is big enough to be separated into three different sections -- one for children, one for adults, and one for the whole family.

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And it can be assumed these sections are all pretty roomy, as the pool is big enough to hold three entire football fields. You'll not only get an incredible view of the city, but there is also food and drink served by the pool as well.

6 Hotel Unique - Sao Paulo, Brazil

The pool on the rooftop of Hotel Unique in Sao Paulo, Brazil is particularly unique as it's lit up with a striking, crimson light, complimenting the aesthetic of the hotel perfectly. Not only do you get a perfect skyline view of Sao Paulo and Ibirapuera Park, they serve drinks and food throughout the day with different menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A DJ will show up around 9 PM, and the pool has an underwater sound system so swimmers can jam out. While the pool has many cool features, it is of course the view that is the highlight.

5 Grand Hotel Central - Barcelona, Spain

Grand Hotel Central's rooftop pool is open all year and heated in the winter. With Barcelona's stunning architecture, looking at the skyline during the day would be gorgeous enough. But at night, when the city is lit up, you'll truly get a magical experience.

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The bar next to the pool opens as the sun sets, so you can enjoy cocktails and the best of Mediterranean foods as you gaze upon the beautiful view. And if you're more of a sunrise than a sunset person, they provide morning yoga on the rooftop.

4 Hotel Fasano - Rio De Janiero, Brazil

The view from the rooftop pool at Hotel Fasano in Rio de Janiero is so spectacular that it attracts the likes of Madonna and P Diddy. The white marble pool overlooks the sandy beaches below and gives you a stunning view of the green and majestic Sugarloaf Mountain. With plenty of cushy places to lounge and a bar serving up creative drinks, this rooftop infinity pool could easily be compared to paradise. The view -- whether viewed directly or via reflection from the cool pool -- might even seem unreal.

3 Thompson Hotel - Toronto, Canada

The Thompson Hotel in Toronto, Canada, gives you a panoramic view of downtown Toronto and Lake Ontario. At night, you can sip on a fruity cocktail and listen to live entertainment as you admire the view in a lit-up pool from 16 stories up. What could be better than that? Apparently this rooftop pool is such a hit, tons of people brave the cold weather in the winter months and insist on taking a dip anyways. And if you come by when the weather heats up, you might as well be in heaven.

2 Molino Stucky Hilton - Venice, Italy

Venice already has some pretty nice views, so imagine getting a good look of the town from 115 feet high. The Molino Stucky Hotel boasts the first ever rooftop pool in Venice, and you can lay out on the sundeck or sip on a cocktail or glass of champagne as you observe some of the best Italy has to offer.

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Throw in some live music and it sounds like the most fun of parties. It'll never seem too rowdy, though -- one look out at the city and you'll immediately feel serene.

1 Athens Ledra Hotel - Athens, Greece

The beauty of the Acropolis of Athens is already breathtaking. But what if you could get a panoramic view of the citadel from above? The Athens Ledra Hotel gives you that opportunity with their rooftop pool. At night, you can even see the Parthenon lit up in the distance. Ton of events are held on the rooftop, although you can just choose to chill on a lounge chair in one of the shaded areas or hang out in the Jacuzzi with a drink if you'd rather not participate. Either way, the view is awe-worthy.

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