Layovers at airports can be boring - sometimes really boring. Some airports themselves are also boring, while others like the Changi Airport in Singapore is state of the art with plenty to keep everyone busy while in transit.

Now New York City's upgraded John F. Kennedy International Airport boasts a rooftop infinity pool with views of the runways offering a much more entertaining way to spend one's layover. Everyone can now afford to use this pool and fly - crazy as it wasn't long ago that flying was expensive and only for the elite.


JFK Airport And Its New Infinity Pool

JFK Airport is one of the nation's top ten busiest airports and is now distinguishing itself with its new infinity pool is located on the roof of the new TWA Hotel. The hotel itself is housed in the old Eero Saarinen-designed TWA Flight Center located in Terminal 5.

Despite the chilly NYC weather in the winter, the 63-foot long pool is to be open an impressive 365 days a year. The pool itself is on a 10,000 square foot observation deck and it is heated to 95 degrees.

  • Length: 63 Feet Long
  • Heated: The Pool is Heated To 95 Degrees
  • View: JFK's “Runway 4 Left/22 Right”

The views that one can enjoy from here include JFK's “Runway 4 Left/22 Right.” That runway is 12,079 feet long and is used by Delta, American Airlines, JetBlue, and others.

Those who have stood at the end of a runway will be aware that take-offs and landings can be really noisy. But despite being so close to the runway, the hotel reassures that the place where the deck is located is surprisingly quiet.

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Visiting, Reservations, and Capacity

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The deck is capable of hosting up to 300 people at once and will have plenty of food and beverages on offer. That being said, due to the current pandemic, there are capacity limitations.

The pool is a bonus for anyone staying at the airport as anyone there can use the pool for free during their stay.

  • Open: Year-Round

According to the hotel, in the summer, the pool is cool and refreshing. While in the winter, it turns into a pool-cuzzi and is heated up to 95 degrees every day.

While the use of the pool is free for TWA Hotel guests, reservations are recommended (as well as to eat at the Runway Chalet at The Pool Bar). Walk-ins are accepted if they can be accommodated, but occupancy may be reduced during these times.

  • Duration: Each Pool Reservation is for one Hour and 45 Minutes

Each pool reservation is for 1.5 hours, after this time, guests are asked to completely exit the pool area so that it can be cleaned.

  • Pool Hours: 7.00 am to 11.00 pm Every Day

Visitors not staying at the hotel are permitted to use it for a fee (and if capacity limitations permit). To make a pool reservation, visitors not staying at the hotel should email or they can just call in (but free capacity is not guaranteed).


  • Monday To Thursday: $25 Per Adult and $20 per Child (age 5–12)
  • Friday To Sunday: $50 Per Adult and $20 per Child (age 5–12)
  • Includes: Entrance Includes Admission to the Pool and Observation Deck, Towels, And a Table for Dining at the Runway Chalet at The Pool Bar
  • TWA Hotel Guests: Open From 7 am to 10.30 am for Hotel Guests Without A Pool Registration
  • Private Events: Sometimes The Pool Hosts Private Events And So Will Be Closed During Those Hours

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Runway Chalet at The Pool Bar:

  • Hours: 11.00 am to 11.00 pm Every Day

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Staying At The TWA Hotel

The hotel is a luxury hotel, so none of the accommodation is particularly cheap. The cheapest rooms start at around $229.00 per night for a King Room and go up to the Eero Saarinen Presidential Suite at around $646.00 a night for two.

The pool is far from the only thing that makes TWA Hotel special, the hotel boasts the following:

  • Rooms: 512 Rooms
  • Restaurants: 6 Restaurants and Bars
  • Michelin-Starred: 1 Restaurant With The Michelin Starred Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten

The "Connie" Airplane Cocktail Lounge

But even that isn't the full story, they also have their 1958 Lockheed Constellation "Connie" airplane that has been turned into a cocktail lounge (just encase one really want's to get onto an airplane that much).

For this original hotel bar, one doesn't need a reservation (they aren't accepted away).

  • Open: Wednesday to Sunday 4 pm to 10 pm
  • Seating: 75 Guests

Their 1958 Connie airplane served as an Alaskan bush plane shuttling supplies to Prudhoe Bay. It even served as a marijuana dropper after retiring from TWA. Today it has been fully restored and features murals by the artist Mario Zamparelli. The cockpit even has a feed to air traffic control.

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