Los Angeles' stunning tropical views can be explored by the seaside, but why not take in this immaculate territory with a tasty cocktail in hand? Rooftop bars are steadily becoming the preferred bar style for those who are less inclined to visit the ashen settings of a dive bar. They exude a sense of luxury and vitality that has yet to be matched by the low-key framework of your everyday local bar.

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Rooftop bars are a dime a dozen in the City of Angels, so narrowing down your choices might prove to be a difficult chore. You'll want to find the bars with optimal sights, plenty of seating, and crafty cocktails in order to secure the deal. Not all of LA's bars offer such graceful amenities, but this list might just sum them up. Here are 10 rooftop bars in LA with the best views of the city.

10 10. Rooftop Bar

Starting off with the basics, we have the Standard Hotel's Rooftop Bar. Its views of the city have been commemorated by the thousands of Instagram posts by excited customers who have found their way up to this majestic bar.

This panoramic bar view of the LA is the pinnacle of affluence, offering heated pools, outdoor fireplaces, and water pods in addition to their libations. In terms of beverages, you'll find that their cocktails are served premium and the beers served cold.

9 9. Perch

The rooftop bar at the Perch grants its visitors unobstructed views of Downtown Los Angeles. You'll find it atop the Pershing Square Building on the 13th floor.

This French-style bistro bar offers a lot in the way of both food and drinks, with a fireplace to warm up next to on chilly nights. You can enjoy a nice French cuisine for dinner with echos of jazz music humming in the background, or return for the nightlife where the Perch becomes a full-fledged party, complete with a DJ.

8 8. Mama Shelter

This dreamy lodge in LA completes its other-worldly facade with its rooftop bar. This contemporary restaurant and bar can be easily picked out from the crowd with its beaming colored picnic table seating and striped lounge chairs.

The bar is small, but the rooftop is spacious. Anywhere you sit, you'll be met with LA's mountainous skyline, with the sounds of the city not too far away. They have a full Moscow Mule bar, a foosball table, and even a yoga area for an empyrean home away from home.

7 7. Skybar

This open-air luxury bar is aptly named so that you know the first place to go on your hunt for the best LA rooftop bars. Candlelit tables line a shimmering pool with a landscape view of LA's city skyline.

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This chic setting sits on top of the Pool at Mondrian Los Angeles and is fueled by the archetypical Hollywood lifestyle. Everything about this bar is glamorous, from their cocktail menu and ivory-decorated facade to its prime location for exquisite views.

6 6. Spire 73

Spire 73's titular name derives from its location on top of the Los Angeles Downtown InterContinental 73rd floor. They have bar bites and desserts, including S'mores to cook on their stretched rooftop fireplace.

Some favorite bar cocktails of theirs include the Dorian Gray, the ornate bitter gin drink, and the Green Thumb, hand-crafted with Titos vodka, cucumber, and mint. Its location gives a balanced view of the sky, the city, and Los Angeles' perpetual shoreline.

5 5. Elevate Lounge

The Elevate Lounge is open to LA locals and visitors who come dressed to the nines. This penthouse abode has a cushiony setting amongst a dulcet backdrop, with an open-air dance floor.

The ambiance is translucent and serene at the start of the night, but once the DJ takes the stage, it's a full-blown dance party. The sleek design of the Elevate Lounge gives off an ethereal essence, which everyone will feel welcome to.

4 4. The Roof On Wilshire

The Roof on Wilshire is your more delicate, down-to-earth rooftop bar in LA. It's settled on the Hotel Wilshire in between LA and Beverley Hills so that you get a 360-degree view of California's most influential cities.

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It comes with a pool, a fire-side splendor, and even heated lamps to negate the casual breeze. It's a mix of vibrancy and a classic ol' good time for anyone looking for a more relaxed rooftop bar in LA.

3 3. Broken Shaker

This two-tier eclectic bar is one that brings the beach to the city. You'll get the best of both worlds at the Broken Shaker, with pink lounge seating, floral umbrellas, and a central pool gathered at the center of the Los Angeles' rooftop bar.

Its casual tropical-themed locale is framed by the notion that the Broken Shaker is one of the best cocktail bars in LA. You'll notice that no beverage goes ungarnished, providing you with some of the tastiest libations at any rooftop bar in LA.

2 2. Terra At Eataly LA

Who would have thought to position a rooftop bar on Central City's Westfield Mall? Terra at Eataly LA is an Italian-based eatery, complete with a wood-burning grill. The mountainous views will meet your gaze as the sun shines down warmly on this elegant rooftop bar.

Terra is "inspired by earth, gin, and fire" to bring its customers not only an exceptional view of Los Angeles, but also the finest meats and cocktails commissioned by their experienced chefs and bartenders.

1 1. Upstairs

You'll only need to go "Upstairs" to find the rooftop lounge at the Ace Hotel in LA. The building itself has a unique history. Built in 1927, it initially served as a theater for some of the greatest acts in history, including Charlie Chaplin. Now, visitors and aspiring actors can take in the new milieu and enjoy a Little Tokyo cocktail while observing the LA fixations below.

Upstairs sits warmly inside a little nook on the 14th floor. An open courtyard can be found just around the corner, inviting you to take your drinks into an alfresco seating area, where you can also enjoy a warm fireplace as you gaze up at the gothic towers.

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