The Italian Capital features on plenty of bucket lists - and not just for fans of Eat, Pray, Love! Rome is a spectacular city known for its style and culture, for the art and the architecture, for having been continually built up for three thousand years; leaving ancient ruins rubbing shoulders with designer shops. And of course, it would be impossible to talk about a weekend in Rome without mentioning the food: rich pasta, creamy gelato, and delicious Italian wines. It would be impossible to fit everything into a single weekend, but we’ve got a few suggestions on how to start…


Ice Cream Of The Crispy Saint

We promise, there will only be one suggestion for the weekend that comes directly from the pages of Elizabeth Gilbert’s world-famous travel memoir! However, given that Eat, Pray, Love spends the majority of the ‘Eat’ section raving about Roman food, it would seem criminal not to at least mention her favorite gelateria in the city: Il Gelato Di San Crispino (which she jokingly translates as ‘ice cream of the crispy saint’). San Crispino has become an institution in the city, and it’s not just because of their mention in the book. This gelateria offers a range of seasonal and changing flavors, and prides themselves on the purity of their product, without the use of artificial preservatives, chemical emulsifiers and prepared or frozen foods. In fact, they are such purists, that they prefer not to sell their gelato in cones, but in cups so that the flavor is in no way compromised!

Relax In Piazza Farnese

Squares and Piazzas can be found throughout the city of Rome, and every visitor who spends some time wandering the streets will eventually decide on their favorite - whether that is because of the amazing coffee shop on the square, the gorgeous fountain in the center, or even just the proximity to where they are staying! But Piazza Farnese is a fantastic spot to visit while you are still figuring out which piazza is your personal best: it’s relatively quiet, especially compared to some of the more famous open spaces in the city, but features two massive fountains in the center, built from enormous Roman granite bathtubs. Enjoy the stunning architecture of the Palazzo Farnese and the smaller Chiesa di Santa Brigida as you sip a coffee in this gorgeous square.

Visit The World’s First Museum

Rome is famous for its museums, churches and art galleries, and there is something to suit the tastes of anyone looking for a little culture - but if you can’t decide, try the Capitoline Museums on Capitoline Hill. Founded in 1471 and opened to the public in 1734, these are the world’s oldest public museums, and where you can see the iconic Roman ‘She Wolf’ statue. Many of the galleries are devoted to other statues, although there are also art galleries and a rooftop restaurant where you can enjoy a spectacular view of the city. Tickets are only fifteen euros, and residents of Rome can enjoy the first Sunday of every month.

Discover How Good Cheese Can Be At Roscioli

Although most visitors assume that everywhere in Rome is going to be a spectacular example of Italian cooking, there are plenty of tourist traps and sub-par pasta on offer… but definitely not at Roscioli. Obviously, they have incredible pasta dishes (this is Rome, after all), but they are also known for the way they do cheese. A huge number of the plates feature cheeses, and there is even a Buffalo Mozzarella tasting menu (and veal mozzarella on the menu). Rosciolo is also king of wine pairings, with a selection of literally thousands of wines lining one wall - and if you can’t get enough of some of their ingredients? You can buy some at the deli counter.

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Of course, there are always the classic sights to see in Rome as well, and no trip would be complete without seeing the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and St Peter’s Basilica. You could spend an entire weekend just marinating in history, or picking your favorite fountains, or experiencing the incredible food in the city - and that’s even before we mention the fashion! How would you like to spend a weekend in Rome?