We all know that the best and most common way of traveling around on a road trip is by using a car (spoiler alert). With that being said, we thought it'd be fun to explore a series of other different vehicles in case you're feeling more than a little bit adventurous.

Not all of these are going to be logical or feasible, but it's all about testing your boundaries and trying out something new. 'New' can also qualify as being completely and utterly insane in some instances, but hey, that's the fun of the fair when it comes to a road trip!

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10 BEST: Standard Car

Let’s get this bad boy out of the way first; we know and understand that a car would be the most practical way of doing this.

You get great views, you can go relatively quickly, it’s what people have done for decades upon decades now. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this method of transportation anyway, but it’s especially useful in this kind of environment.

Everyone who is anyone has a car these days and that much is just kind of obvious to say, so in principle, you wouldn’t have to go out and get or rent an entirely new vehicle.

9 WORST: Limo

If you’re going to prom or the premiere of a big movie, then it’d probably make an awful lot of sense for you to go in a limo, because, let’s face it, this is a novelty that doesn’t happen every day unless you’re rich.

However, on a road trip, it just seems incredibly inconvenient. Not only would it cost an arm and a leg to run, but as a result of the tinted windows, you almost certainly wouldn’t get a great view of the road, which is one of the most entertaining parts of a road trip altogether.


While Breaking Bad may not have given you the best impression of recreational vehicles if you’re anti-drugs, let us ensure you that they’re absolutely fantastic. You get to see the sights, you can chill out if you aren’t busy driving, and it allows or way more people to join you on your adventure.

You should probably consider saving up a decent amount in order to get a good one, but, even if it’s not the best, you’ll almost certainly have a great time along the way without going that fast.

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7 WORST: Tank

Yes, we know this is incredibly silly, but in some countries, it actually isn’t all that rare to see people using tanks to get around on actual roads.

From a practicality sense, it just isn’t wise to try and go on any kind of road trip with this unless you’re preparing yourself for battle. You’d almost certainly look really cool and intimidating on the roads, but that doesn’t help when you’re going at the vehicular pace of a snail. Great to look at, but not all too fab in this environment.

6 BEST:  Bicycle

It sounds odd, but, if you’re really handy when it comes to riding a bicycle, this could be perfect. It’s even better if you don’t need to go that far of a distance, but, either way, it’s a really refreshing way of getting around and seeing the sights all at the same time.

Plus, unlike driving in a car or any of these other options, it’s actually a workout. Sure, you might need a shower by the time you get to your destination, but you’ll also have some great memories to take away from this portion of the trip.

5 WORST: Bus

It doesn’t matter what country you’re in, because a bus is almost always too slow and too uncomfortable to be considered a great way of getting around. Also, it’s usually quite big, which can make life difficult for the driver if they aren’t all that experienced in this department.

If there’s a large number of you heading on over to your final destination, then this may seem like a smart idea, but, trust us, once you’ve tried it once, you aren’t going to want to turn towards this option again anytime soon.

4 BEST: 4x4

A 4x4 is a completely different animal because sometimes road trips may not be taken on the most conventional of routes. You could be going ever so slightly off-road, or you may just generally need a bigger and more powerful option for your journey.

These are great vehicles to use in everyday life in general as long as you’re willing to pay for them. If that isn’t an issue that you have, then we can see no reason why you wouldn’t be interested in getting on the road with one of these bad boys.

3 WORST: Motorcycle

Sure, you’re probably going to get to your destination pretty fast, but how on Earth are you going to enjoy the journey?

Not only are you all alone, but it’s also going to be pretty boring as you ride down road after road not being able to take everything in properly. In a car or something generally a little bit bigger, this issue isn’t even going to be a factor in the slightest.

The danger of riding a motorbike is always at play, too, and, while some of you will be more than experienced enough to get the job done, that doesn’t erase our previous points.

2 BEST: Vespa

The majority of old school scooters would work pretty well in this entry, but a Vespa is particularly special. They ride really well, they’re easy to drive, and it gives you more of an opportunity to relax whilst you’re on the road.

In our own mind, this would be especially great if you were heading over to a country like Italy or Vietnam because it’s a more chilled out method of getting around. Some would argue it isn’t particularly practical, but we’d pick this over a motorbike any day of the week.

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1 WORST: Truck

It’s just a bit too ‘in your face.' You may be one of the biggest vehicles on the road here, but at what cost? You’re pretty high up so your view is distorted, the actual driving part of things is more complex due to how much space you’re taking up, and the extra weight of the vehicle is just overwhelming.

It never feels like you can relax in a truck, and, while relaxing isn’t always the aim of the game on a road trip, we’d argue that trucks and lorries of all kinds should be reserved for transporting goods or helping someone move house.

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