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Skirting the southern tip of Manhattan, Battery Park is a beautiful place for a day’s trip. The park’s location makes it a great tourist attraction in New York, with stunning views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and the harbor.

Gorgeous views are not enough to describe Battery Park, as this 25-acre oasis also boasts public memorials, perennial gardens, and recreational parks. As a result, a trip to Battery Park is never disappointing, thanks to its several dining places and iconic sites to have fun. Here are some incredible ideas of what to do at Battery Park.


A Thrilling Aquatic Ride

SeaGlass Carousel is one of the best ways for visitors with a family to have fun at Battery Park. Besides a vast outdoor space where kids can run and play, Battery Park boasts an underwater-themed carousel open to anyone, including adults who are in touch with their inner child. Opened in 2015, SeaGlass Carousel features an extraordinary ride into the sea of excitement that combines art, architecture, and entertainment.

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SeaGlass Carousel, made in tribute to the original Manhattan Aquarium, is nestled east of Battery Park near the South Ferry Station. The spot features a bioluminescent underwater atmosphere, a fiberglass merry-go-round, and 30 different designs of giant fiberglass fish. Children can have a unique experience under the LED color-changing lighting integrated with excellent audio systems. With no center pole, riders enjoy a range of thrilling movements interwoven to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Tourists can also host a party at SeaGlass Carousel. This Battery Conservancy invites tourists of all cultures to host and celebrate special moments of their life, including birthday parties, weddings, and other special events. Parties are held at the magnificent terraces with 14 tables, 25 chairs, and several benches for ample celebratory space.

  • Hours Open: 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM, Daily
  • Tickets: $5.5 per person, $50 for a 10-pack

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Explore Battery Park’s Monuments

Taking a walk in Battery Park is pleasurable as every corner has something interesting for tourists. Battery Park is littered with monuments and memorials that offer a chance for visitors to enjoy a day trip and learn a little history lesson while at it. Monuments are also a good chance for photography lovers to sharpen their skills, thanks to the captivating mid-century sculptures.

Some monuments worth visiting in Battery Park include:

Castle Clinton National Monument

Situated on the southern tip of Manhattan, Castle Clinton is a place every history buff should visit. The monument boasts an intriguing exhibit room with photographs, documents, and maps of the remnants of the original Battery fort. The place was established around 1810 and has served many functions since then. After America’s war victory against Great Britain, Castle Clinton was converted from a defense base to an entertainment center and later to an immigration center. Today, Castle Clinton serves as the ticket office for The Statue of Liberty, besides being a national monument.

  • Hours Open: 7:45 AM to 5:00 PM Daily
  • Tickets: Free

East Coast Memorial

In 1963, the memorial was erected in honor of the 4,601 American service members who went missing in the Atlantic Ocean during World War II. Designed by famous architectural firm Gehron and Seltzer, the premises consists of a massive plaza punctuated by eight 19-foot tall granite pylons. A monumental bronze eagle stands on a shiny pedestal on the eastern side, which President John. F. Kennedy dedicated a few months before his assassination.

  • Hours Open: 6:00 AM to 1:00 AM
  • Tickets: Free

Giovanni Da Verrazano Monument

The monument commemorates Giovanni da Verrazano, the Italian navigator, and explorer who became the first European to set foot on New York Bay. A magnificent sculpture of Verrazano towers above the granite pedestal, where tourists can take plenty of pictures.

Sample Battery Park’s Restaurant

Battery Park Restaurant raises the bar higher when it comes to snacking. There are tons of eateries in the area, with some offering international cuisine. Here are a few top restaurants worth checking out.

  • Blue Smoke: The restaurant boasts one of New York’s most original barbecues with spicy recipes. Meals worth trying include Fiver Pepper Brisket, Chipotle Wings, and Buttermilk Chicken Bites. For guests wanting a drink, a wide selection of whiskeys is the restaurant’s major stronghold.
  • Shake Shack: The place stimulates the taste buds with its delicious burgers. Boasting more than 20 stores in New York alone, Shake Snack is the local’s favorite snack place, with other yummy delicacies such as hot dogs, frozen custard, and creamy milkshakes.
  • El Vez: El Vez is a perfect spot for after-work cocktails, but that’s not the only highlight of this restaurant. In this restaurant, Guests can enjoy the signature Mexican-style food or a portion of chips and guacamole. In addition, El Vez offers an ambient atmosphere where guests can have group chats in the open on a warm evening.

Battery Park is a historical place rich in relics and other cultural treasures of New York and the USA. Its waterfront location provides stunning views of the Hudson River and the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. The park has everything for everyone, whether it’s a warm evening shopping spree or daytime tours around Battery Park tourist attractions.