We all dream of being rich. Sure, there’s no doubt that there are more important things in the world than money, but there’s also no denying that it certainly helps to make life easier and less stressful. Despite the saying, more money more problems, I think we can all agree that having a million dollars is going to make us all significantly happier. If only it were a reality and not just a dream. But for some very fortunate people out there, this dream is a reality.

The easiest path to being crazy rich is by being born to millionaire and billionaire parents. Being born into massive wealth is quite possibly the luckiest break the world could give anyone outside of winning the lottery. For these rich kids, they will never know what it’s like to struggle for money, have a tiring job or feel the stress of having to pay bills, living paycheck to paycheck.

They instead, get to document their lives of luxury and decadence on social media, showing the world the incredible riches they get to wake up to every morning. It should go without saying that traveling the world is a very normal occurrence for these kids and they take vacationing to another level.

Here are 20 ways the rich kids of social media spend their parents' hard-earned cash.

20 Rich Sons Don’t Fly Commercial

We’ve all seen that guy. In fact, there’s a solid chance we have all envied that guy. Not because we want to be him but because we find it frustrating that everything was handed to him by his dad.

Clearly, the rich sons of these millionaires don’t ever have to worry about flying commercial. As you can see, flying private on a chartered jet is the norm.

In fact, this kind of flying makes first class look like coach with the insane leg room and catered food and drinks.

19 Especially Not the Daughters

If you thought the sons were treated to the best that travel has to offer, than the daughters of the rich are on an unheard of level. These young women are basically real-life princesses that most girls can only dream of becoming.

The private jets they get to use when traveling to all parts of the world are simply astounding. The level of detail and attention to the accessories that a 21-year-old woman would want is as accurate and thorough as anyone could imagine.

18 They Even Dress Up for Casual Lunches While Vacationing

Most of us put on some sweats and a hoodie with some slides to go grab lunch with a friend on a Saturday afternoon. If we are having this lunch while traveling on vacation, we might dress it up a tad bit more since we are likely never going to visit the destination again.

Well, that’s’ certainly not how the rich do it.

They get dressed up to the nines just to have a casual lunch while vacationing at a private country club.

The wine and high-end food is a given, of course.

17 They Bring EVERYTHING on Vacation

For the sake of being financially frugal, we have to pack smart when vacationing. A carry on and a checked bag are about as far as we can go. In fact, it simply doesn’t make that much sense to pack much more than that unless we are traveling for weeks at a time, which is probably not the case.

Well, the rich kids of the world get to take everything they want since there’s no worry of having to pay for checked luggage. Plus, they change into different outfits for each occasion throughout the day, making five suitcases a minimum.

16 A Different Watch for Each Travel Outfit

We’ve heard of the rich changing into different outfits for each occasion. But changing watches for each outfit? Well that’s certainly a new one and next level rich.

This photo was posted by the rich sons of millionaires, showing off the bands of hundred dollar bill held together by different $10k watches instead of your standard rubberband.

Because of course, a rubber band to hold tens of thousands of dollars together would be too beneath the rich kids of the world.

15 How the Rich Pack

We’ve already touched on how these rich kids pack without any second thought of how many pieces of luggage they are bringing or whether or not they should leave anything behind. They pack it all and they do so by filling up their Louis Vuitton luggage to the brim.

This rich kid posing with his Louis bags has to have at least $50k worth of luggage, not to mention the priceless belongings inside of them.

14 They Own Private Jets and Pets Are Always Invited

Imagine landing on a private runway on a chartered jet and getting picked up in a Bentley with a private driver. Well, that might seem like an entirely different world to us like something out of a movie, but it’s all too real to the rich kids posting their lives on social media.

It goes without saying that their pets are always a part of the travel plans and get the star treatment as well. In fact, they probably get the better deal with pampering that we would all be envious of.

13 Valentine’s Day in NYC

The average girl gets a box of chocolates and red roses for Valentine’s Day along with a night out to eat. Sure, most women get a bit more, but the rich would look at this and laugh. That’s essentially a normal evening for them.

This giant teddy bear with heart-shaped balloons, plus looking out at the New York City skyline from a penthouse Airbnb is just the start of a night of riches and spoils.

The rich really do make the best of what we have to offer look pretty mundane.

12 A Simple Parisian Picnic

Ever taken your significant other out to a peaceful picnic by a lake or at the local park with a basket full of goodies and treats? More than likely it’s happened and it was seen as an incredibly romantic gesture ending in a smile.

But that picnic, although nice, looks like child’s play compared to the ones the rich kids of the world have. Just take a look at this picnic in front of the Eiffel Tower and wonder why you couldn’t be born to rich parents.

11 Standing Tall in Dubai

One of the most sought after travel destinations in the world is the great city of Dubai. So many dream of visiting, but the reality is Dubai is just flat out expensive. The average person simply cannot afford to visit because the price of flying there, booking a hotel and spending money for fun is off the charts.

The rich kids of the world not only travel there, but they rent penthouse suites merely blocks away from the Burj Khalifa, giving them one of the best views in the world.

10 Sipping on local reds in Portugal

This photo is a perfect representation of what a normal vacation looks like to the rich kids of social media. To us, we aspire to be able to visit beautiful places like Portugal while overlooking the city’s rooftops, sipping on a local red. And it’s actually a pretty attainable vacation.

But this is a pretty average trip that they can take at any given time at a moment’s notice without much thought. It’s just another day in the life of the rich.

9 Luxury Drive Down the Coast

Driving along the coast of beautiful Italy, overlooking the water and pristine homes while speeding in a drop top Porsche Carrera has to be a scene out of a movie. For us, it represents the epitome of travel. If we were ever able to replicate this scene, it would be the social media post of a lifetime.

For rich daughters who document their lives for the world to see on social media, it’s just another Tuesday while vacationing in Tuscany with the family.

8 Private Helicopter over the Big Apple

Visiting New York City is a lifelong goal for many. It’s where dreams are made of. For those born to rich parents, it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that trips to the Big Apple are a monthly occurrence, at the very least. And when they get there, they don’t just visit the Statue of Liberty and go up Rockefeller Center for views of the city like the rest of us...

They charter private helicopters to fly over Central Park and Manhattan for the ultimate exclusive experience.

7 Breakfast with a View

Our idea of a top-notch breakfast is getting served in bed on a Saturday morning or going out for brunch on Sunday. Either of these will serve as a successful meal worthy of social media status.

The rich scoff at this and take it up several notches. Like having breakfast served on a platter while sitting next to a floor-to-ceiling window overlooking the city and marina below.

The ultimate statement of wealth is on show here, with only a simple photo of morning time food.

6 Their Travel Accessories Are a Little Different Than Ours

When we pack for vacations, we tend to worry about the big items like clothes and shoes. The accessories are a distant second thought. But for the rich, it’s always top of mind as accessories are just as important as the main attire. They never forget to pack their Louis Vuitton belts and matching suede dress shoes to go along with their Burberry button-ups.

Don’t forget the stack of hundred dollar bills as a small accessory to bring along.

5 Yachts are the Norm When Vacationing

However obnoxious they may seem, the rich sons of millionaires love to brag about their lives and the item that tends to top their list is their expensive yachts.

Any trip that involves going out to sea will always involve private yachts that cost upwards of $30 million!

These things come equipped bedrooms, bathrooms, showers, kitchens, rooftop decks for partying and more amenities than a luxury hotel. It’s literally the stuff of dreams. Which we get to follow on social media, of course.

4 Helicopters are the Norm

We all dream of being able to fly in a helicopter at least once in our lives as one of those really cool bucket list items. Rich kids get to fly around in them whenever they want since there’s a pretty decent chance their parents own one, not to mention the pilot that works for them full time. At the very least, they are able to charter one whenever they choose to do so for their adult children.

So if they’re vacationing and they have the urge to travel by air and take in the view, riding by helicopter is pretty much the norm.

3 Shopping Sprees in Preparation for a Trip

It’s definitely normal for most folks to go shopping before a vacation with a list of items we need to purchase before heading out to our once every three-year trip. It likely even includes a couple of new outfits and a pair of fresh kicks to boot.

We'd probably spend a few hundred dollars and call it a day.

For the rich, a shopping spree in preparation for a trip ends up costing mom and dad at least five digits on the credit card.

Walking out of the high-end retail shopping area full of boutique and designer bags is just another day for them.

2 Pick a Car, any car

We all have one car. Maybe two if the stars have aligned for us. Three is a stretch. For those of us that have two, they’re very likely modest vehicles that are economical and financially friendly. For those who have net worths with more digits than we can count, they wake up with the dilemma of having to pick a car that fits their mood or outfit.

And they aren’t choosing between Hondas and Toyotas, no offense to those great cars.

The Bentley for Thursday or the Ferrari for Sunday? That’s probably how the thinking goes.

1 Rich Kids of Hollywood

Not only do the rich kids of the world get to live their lives in a manner that is so vastly different than ours, but they get to do so while the rest of the world watches. With so many hashtags and social media pages dedicated to their lives, they have finally taken it up a notch and got their own tv show, Rich Kids of Hollywood, which focuses on their daily extravagant out of this world lives.

Thanks to mom and dad’s hard work, people like Magic Johnson’s son gets to be a reality celebrity to the rest of the world.