Airlines expect quite a bit from passengers but are seldom willing to accept blame. The least favorable airlines avoid compensating customers for losses whenever possible. Many of the errors that airlines make are absurd. Whether it's the fault of the employees or a computer glitch, airlines should handle problems to the best of their ability instead of showing the ignorance they might display.

By taking a moment to read the reviews of an airline, one can avoid catastrophe. Reviews posted on the internet are of people who have purchased tickets and were displeased with their trip. Their experience could influence your decision to fly with an airline. It only takes a few seconds, and you might end up saving hundreds of dollars and many hours. The reliability of an airline is far from certain; you'll realize this after reading the reviews below.

These reviews are scathing but necessary for the improvement of bad airlines. Hopefully, an airline reads one of these reviews and changes their ways. The stories you are about to hear may not resemble your airline experience, but if it does, we hope you wrote a scathing review. These are 25 scathing reviews about airlines we should steer clear of.

25 Bahamasair- "Chill Man..."

User E Pallasn from AirlinEquality said, "The in-flight snacks were Ginger Ale and Peanuts (that's your lot) and the staff were kind enough to literally throw the peanuts at you! If you need to go to the toilet then make sure you go before boarding the plane as you will be faced with a leaning tower of full bin bags in the toilet. There is a total lack of consideration for people's luggage as a female passenger found out to her cost. When you complain to the airport authorities upon arrival you are told "Chill man you're in the Bahamas!"

"A great start to our honeymoon!"

People working at the airport shouldn't tell passengers to "chill." Comments like that are unprofessional and can leave a bad taste in your mouth. Ginger Ale and peanuts are an abnormal combo. With certainty, after this scathing review, user E Pallasn will not rush to ride with Bahamasair again.

24 Thai Airways- Trash, Stains, Hair, and Smells

B Kemp from said, "Economy - Seat 33G, I fly Thai Airways for business 2-4 times a month and the condition of the Thai's aircraft seats and service are hitting rock bottom. The seat and suspension I was assigned was significantly damaged. Luckily I changed to an empty seat next to me which was unoccupied. After I changed seats, I lifted the cushion on the damaged seat to reveal the horror of trash, stains, hair, smells and filth.

The entire airplane was unclean with stains, black handprints, crusty tray tables, and hair everywhere."

It's another tale of an airline who won't replace their seats and show little care for the state of their plane. The plane is covered in black handprints for some reason. Stains, black handprints crusty tray tables, and hair; a gorilla must have been a passenger on the plane.

23 AA- Total BS. Never again...

Trip Advisor user Rebecca M said, "Not a good experience. 4 hours worth of delays, had an emergency landing in Milwaukee, versus Chicago we flew PAST Chicago. Had to deplane twice due to AA plane troubles. Least favorite part, they couldn't have cared less.. never offered any of us a penny for missing flights and getting home 5 hours later than expected. Total BS. Never again..."

Sounds like what we'd expect from one of the United States' most hated airlines. It doesn't really make sense why they'd require an emergency landing after the destination, but they must have procedures. How often does an emergency landing occur? The company should compensate customers to keep their business instead of acting their typical rotten ways.

22 WOW Air- Won't Accommodate Disabilities!

"Won't Accommodate Disabilities! BEWARE!! Flight themselves were fine. Just know what you are getting for your money and it's a great deal. My problem was with the service. I have glioblastoma, a form of brain cancer, and use an FAA-approved device called a Novocure Optune for treatment. I called WOW approximately a month before my flight to have it authorized. The customer service representative told me he had approved it but I could tell that he was lying and just telling me what I wanted to hear. I called again a few days before my flight and of course it hadn't been approved." It sounds like Yelp user William M. was unsatisfied like many Wow Air passengers.

With only a 1.5-star rating, it's no wonder why the airline is considered one of the lowest quality in existence.

"William M then went on to say, Finally, I wrote a complaint letter, mailed it to the correct office in Iceland, and never received a response." Wow Airlines is a complete failure and doesn't discriminate based on the people they provide poor service.

21 US Airways- There Is No Savings With US Airways

Mike from MyThreeCents said, "My nightmare with this airlines starts with the agents at the front desk. I'm not going to bore you with what incidents I went through but, I suggest you look into every review of every airline to get the experience you expect to get. If this company knows you've gotten a deal on your flight they will make sure they screw that up so it cost you more. If you don't mind getting screwed use this airline otherwise do your homework."

In many cases, customer service is the root cause of passenger's issues. Small problems can be rectified with proper customer service. Of course, delayed flights and other issues are difficult to avoid, but it sounds like US Airways was all-around unfavorable in this case.

20 Tiger Airways- Never Fly With This Disaster

TripAdvisor Charlie T said, "This airline canceled my flight 2 hour before the departure time. They did not call or message me. Instead, they send me an email for the missed flight, A FRICKING EMAIL?!?! Furthermore, they didn't give a solution for the canceled flight, I had to reschedule with a different airline for extra 300$ and was stuck at the airport for 8 hours. Tigerair did not compensate me for the difference of the cost/nor the activities which I missed out on, when I asked for a refund they said it would take 10 business to reach to me, it's now 20 business days and still no refund from them.

My friends and I will never fly with this disaster."

Tiger Airways is the master of disaster, and it's an airline that shouldn't offer flights. On, Tiger Airways has a 1.8/5 rating from more than 1,500 reviewers.

19 EasyJet- Still Waiting For A Reply

Stefan Schaus from EasyJet said, "I understand that a flight can get canceled, but I expect at least a little bit of support afterward. I had to wait for almost a month for a first response, stating I would receive compensation of 500€. That just didn't happen. After getting contact to their online chat (emails were ignored) the news was, I will not get, because my flight was canceled, not delayed and I didn't take the plane... 3 months after the flight, I still have to bother with this. I'm currently waiting for an answer from, if they can help me"

Playing cat and mouse with an airline for a refund is not a fun experience. Despite providing such poor customer service, the company has surpassed expectations with increasing profits. If they don't turn around their reviews such as their 2/10 rating on, they could accidentally lose their customer base.

18 Pakistan International Airlines- No Pillows Or Blankets

S Yusuf was infuriated by the lack of amenities during his return flight from London to Lahore. During a longer than 7 hour flight, he wasn't given a pillow or blanket.

User S Yusuf from AirlinEquality said in a review, "London to Lahore return. I have three kids with me, and the direct flight was a good option. I paid 3100 for traveling during summer holidays. The flight from London had no entertainment system, no pillows, no blankets. From Lahore, the flight was more than 6 hrs delayed, again no entertainment system. Never going to fly PIA again."

17 RyanAir- Extra Fee For Check-In

N Hamazin from AirlinEquality said in a review, "Even though I paid for every piece of luggage ahead of time, at the counter they charged me 49:00€ for the luggage I checked in. To pay that charge she sent me to another counter pointing to a row of counters, refusing to provide information as why I am going there and Ordered me "go there!". Here this, on that counter which I don't know the name, they said we don't know why she didn't explain and they referred me back to her, but before they sent me away and charged me 68.00€ for not checking in ahead. Again rudely they said; "DON'T YOU READ YOUR EMAIL?! WE SENT AN EMAIL THAT IF YOU DON'T CHECK IN AHEAD OF TIME WE WILL CHARGE YOU."

"It was too close to my departure so I had to run, but at the gate when I checked that reminder, there was no mention of the extra fee for check in."

A significant number of reviews contain complaints about airlines who e-mail at the last minute. Airlines are busy, but they should provide customers the courtesy of a phone call even if it's automated. Leaving aside the fact that its lousy customer service, it's also a lack of common courtesy to not inform passengers of changes or regulations.

16 Lion Air- Yet Another Delayed Flight

User Mark Franssen from said, "Waiting for yet another delayed flight. During our holiday we flew several times with Lion Air, and almost every flight was delayed, rescheduled or altered. No problem, price is right you’d think, but the annoying part is that they don’t communicate. You are kept guessing and waiting. No fun if you have a connecting flight ahead of you. Indonesian nickname is lying air. Locals usually are very laid back, but if you care to see furious Indonesians, Lion Air can provide. Yep, once but never again."

What relation does a lion have to an airline? Lion Air is famous for being a budget airline that treats passengers as if they were riding a bus. At least the bus driver is knowledgeable about procedures. Especially when you're paying more than $100 for a plane ticket, Lion Air lacks on several fronts.

15 SmartWings- Questionable Service

AirlineEquality user Z Loukota's voyage with SmartWings could have been avoided if he had listened to the airline's overwhelmingly negative reviews. It has an overall 4/10 rating on with 2/5 stars for seat comfort and in-flight entertainment.

After flying with SmartWings Z Loukota wrote, "Their prices are premium for the low-cost product. On the 4 hours flight, you are served overdone tasteless pasta with one small cup of water or artificial and cheapest “coke” or fizzy drinks. Tasteless coffee, beer and (cheap) wines available for sale but for high price. The plane unclean, my seat with the damaged armrests. The seats cramped if you do not have the exit seat row. No entertainment or interactive map available during the flight. The only positive point was that we arrived 10 minutes ahead of the schedule. Big surprise as they are usually delayed."

14 Spirit Airlines- They Want Your Wallet

Yelp user Alex H said in a review, "If you ever want to know what it's like to be in Section 8 Air Lifestyle, this is your airline. If you like being charged for everything, and I mean everything except for Air, this is your airline. If you want bad customer service and bad management and appeal, choose Spirit. They will try to take from your wallet every way they can, and will smile while they do it."

Any review of an airline that contains an F-bomb can't be good. Spirit Airlines consistently ranks low concerning airline reviews. Who would have thought that being on an airplane could be such as foul experience? We've heard of people who have a fear of flying, but its okay to be when flying with Spirit Airlines.

13 Nepal Airlines- Seated Next To A Coughing Passenger

This particular review sounds like an isolated incident and might not be reflective of the company as a whole. Nepal Airlines has issues like every airline, yet there are indeed worse airlines than Nepal.

On October 2017, an individual from said, "A passenger next to me was ill. Coughing violently every 5 minutes..refused even after being asked by another passenger to cover his mouth and nose rather than spraying us. I asked a flight attendant if any seats were open; she said yes, there were four open, but she didn’t know where they were. Not good customer service...they could have figured something out." Hopefully, it was a return flight. It would be disturbing to spend a vacation or business trip sick because of a mismanaged flight.

12 Pegasus Airlines- Do Not Waste Your Time With This Airlines Unless You Want To Experience Horror...

TripAdvisor User Companion526797 said, "Ok, where to start? unprofessional, rude, canceling flight last minute, do not provide support for cancel flights ( cancel one leg of trip, and move for 9 hours without any support :( , leaving group of 16 people in transition area for hours to wait for any solution of situation), charging fees that cannot be explained, requiring payments of hidden unexplainable fees in cash, does not issue receipt for hidden fees, real road robbery..."

Airlines aren't doing themselves a favor by adding hidden fees to flights. Ideally, customers should be able to pay all their costs when they purchase the tickets. All airlines do is infuriate their customers. Why you do dis Pegasus Airlines?

11 Bulgaria Air- "Bureaucratic And Unhelpful"

According to Stef Heathcote's review, "We had a bad episode at the airport and we found the airline being bureaucratic and unhelpful. We had seat problems both ways - a seat in front of us was damaged which resulted in the woman in front almost laying on my daughter's lap and I sat on a damaged seat on the way back. We wouldn't recommend Bulgaria Air services."

Planes should be regularly inspected for safety, let alone considering customer satisfaction. What if the aircraft were to crash? A passenger could be seriously injured. We can sympathize with Stef Heathcote's unfortunate experience with Bulgaria Air.

10 Air Koryo- A Nuclear Mess...

According to NiceTraveler123, "Honestly, I was hoping that it would be better than its country, but I was wrong. First of all, the aircraft was NOT (at the slightest) clean. There are molds everywhere, and people dispose of trash on the floor and GET AWAY WITH IT. Some of the flight attendants only speak Korean so its really hard to negotiate."

Air Koryo is a disaster that already happened. Mold in a confined space is not okay. Stay far, far away from Air Koryo and book with a reputable airline Cathay Pacific Airways or WestJet. Be glad you chose a top-rated airline to save yourself from the mess that is Air Koryo.

9 Tap Portugal-  "How Inhumane Of Them"

User Itsya from said, "We had to cancel our reservation because my husband came down with a serious illness. This was done 3-4 weeks before departure, giving TAP plenty of time to resell the tickets. Despite a letter from our doctor, not only is TAP refusing to provide a refund or credit, they warned us to not “reply/forward this email as this case closed.” How inhumane of them. I’m so saddened by TAP’s response, and this has added to the stress we are already experiencing. Forget TAP!"

Even with a doctor's note, Itsya was unable to get a refund for their tickets. The last word someone should use to describe Tap Portugal is accommodating. With 3-4 weeks notice it sounds a bit ridiculous. Most things you buy in the store give you a refund period, so why can't Tap Portugal follow in suit? Even if Tap Portugal filled the seats, they probably would have charged Itsya regardless.

8 Jet2- 3-Day Bag Delay

User Fern Conway from said, "The staff embarrassed slightly larger people by moving them to the back of the plane to 'balance' the weight. Once finally in the air, the turbulence was not good. Around 20 minutes before the plane landed the captain announced that our bags were not in the luggage hold and was 'sincerely apologetic'. We were promised our bags within 24 hours but now have been told that we won't have our bags for another 3 days!"

What good is a vacation without having bags? Are people expected to wear the same clothes for 3 days? Even if passengers purchased clothes themselves, it would be extra costs that the airlines are not willing to compensate for. Is Jet2 a company or a scam? Discerning the difference is not easy.

7 Jet Airways- "Felt Like A Budget Airline"

"Delhi to Dubai. Extremely old plane, hard uncomfortable, poorly reclining seats in business class, unclean cabin and seats, very bad, inedible food, no entertainment system, untrained cabin crew. Felt like I was travelling on a budget airline as opposed to a full service airline in business class."

It sounds like T Hasham had an experience that was subpar. Airlines should place a higher emphasis on their food quality since everyone is expecting some meal. Planes that fly all over the world can't find a proper meal to serve on their aircraft? Seems ridiculous, but it looks like the easiest airline tasks are overlooked.

6 Aerolineas Argentinas- I Lost The Flight

User Jesús T from had an unfortunate experience with Aerolineas Argentinas, an airline based out of Argentina. User Jesús T said, "Least favorite customer service ever! Avoid buying from this company! I purchased a ticket online received the payment confirmation, went to the airport thinking I had my ticket ready and for my surprise, they did not receive the payment.... IMAGINE!!! I lost the flight, they did not offer me any other alternative and I am still disputing the charge!


We get that this reviewer is displeased with his airline since he gave it a 1-star review. The airline confirmed his flight then claimed to have not received payment. Did he have to add caps to the last sentence? The message would have been more effective without caps, but his point is noted.