Brandy is made by distilling wine and can be created using a variety of different fruits. There are apples, pears, and plums used in these drinks and each brand has its own distinct flavor. They are also aged for different periods of time in numerous types of barrels which also add to the flavor in each person's glass.

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This drink is a popular favorite and one that many Americans like to order on a night out. It can be hard to find an exceptional brandy, but we have discovered a few spots that serve some of the best. Keep reading to learn about 10 restaurants in the United States that serve great brandy!

10 10. Teardrop Cocktail Lounge (Portland, Oregon)

This restaurant serves Clear Creek Distillery's pear brandy, and this company understands how to perfect its recipes. They make both clear and barrel-aged brandies that are some of the best you have ever tasted, and this restaurant turns them into tasty cocktails.

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You can try the Of Praise For Tulips which is a spiced cocktail with floral hints that anyone would enjoy. They even have an extravagant food menu complete with small snacks and sharing boards that are the perfect way to curb anyone's appetite.

9 9. Watershed Distillery (Columbus, Ohio)

If you have never tried Watershed Distillery's apple brandy, then you're missing out on an exceptional drink. The pure smokey taste leaves a smooth burn that has every tastebud begging for more. The Ohio apples used in the drink impose a lasting impression that you will never forget.

You can stop by for a tour of their distillery or order a bite to accompany your drink. Their menu is frequently updated to only include the freshest ingredients, but you might find things like chickpea tagine and ruby summer succotash on the list. Guests always leave with a smile on their face and a bottle in their hands as the bartenders entice them with their most flavorful cocktails.

8 8. Elbow Room (Elmira, New York)

Elbow Room serves brandy from Finger Lakes Distilling and they also serve some epic wings. They serve both pear and grape brandies that will blow your mind, and the grape, in particular, is a top choice among customers. It was aged in used whiskey barrels and has hints of vanilla and tangerine in its taste which will drive your senses wild.

They are as strong as they come, which is why it is nice that this restaurant also serves exceptional food. It might be a dive bar, but their customers keep coming back time and time again due to its excellence in crafting tasty dishes.

7 7. Driftless Glen Distillery (Baraboo, Wisconsin)

This is a combination distillery and restaurant located in Baraboo, Wisconsin that serves a top-rated brandy. They found their grapes in the heart of France 5 years ago, and have been aging them ever since to create this brandy that will take your breath away.

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It was aged in French oak barrels before it was then transferred over to used bourbon barrels. The menu is also quite extensive for this operation as they serve you standard burgers as sandwiches, as well as entrees like walleye and jambalaya.

6 6. Falls Church Distillers (Falls Church, Virginia)

This company makes a delectable apple brandy that you have to try if you are ever in Virginia. They take apple cider and distill it 15 times, then age it in a used Virginia wine barrel for an entire year.

The result is a smooth and effortless drink that brandy enthusiasts would die to taste. They also have an extensive dinner menu that is based on Italian dishes, so things like paninis, lasagna, and antipasti are served to guests.

5 5. Long Road Distillers (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

Long Road Distillers is a restaurant and distillery that makes an epic apple brandy. They have infused the essence of Michigan by using apples from its native state. The best time to visit is during happy hour when they offer discounts on their cocktails and it is the perfect place to grab a bite to eat.

They have small shareable plates, sandwiches, and a few entrees if you were looking for something to fill you up. They serve things like duck, mocha donuts, and smoke pork tartines that are guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's face.

4 4. Ice Plant (St. Augustine, Florida)

This bar in Florida focuses on recreating vintage cocktails that all generations will enjoy, and some of them are infused with world-class brandy. They serve a few drinks that feature apple brandy as the staple alcohol in the drink and they are Sweet Emotions and Pink Lady, both of which give you a new experience with this timeless drink that you will want to recreate back home.

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This bar also serves food throughout the day and some of the best dishes can be found on their dinner menu. They understand what it means to complement a palate and their brandy-infused drinks are the perfect companion for any meal.

3 3. Whiskey Street Cocktails & Dining

This restaurant focuses on the better side of brandy by creating cocktails and dishes out of this phenomenal drink. You could try a seasonal sangria infused with brandy and fruit, or pick something from their long list of brandies that they have on-site.

You should order with a clear head because their menu offers so many choices it can be hard to choose even before you have a drink in your system. They have things like sandwiches, soups, and delectable entrees, and all of them will pair well with any glass of brandy.

2 2. Sonny's Hideaway (Los Angeles, California)

This adorable little venue in Los Angeles, California serves brandy made by Stark's Spirits. They make a sunshine orange brandy that tastes even better than it sounds rolling off your tongue. It starts off strong, but as it dips into your throat a wash of orange runs over you.

This location also makes a cocktail using someone else's pear brandy called the Four Mary, so if orange isn't your thing then this can act as an alternative. The food menu here may be limited, but all of their meals deserve five stars because they are just that delicious.

1 1. Olive Or Twist (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)

This cool little restaurant down in Louisiana serves strawberry brandy from a company called Baton Rouge Distilling. This is ultimately different than any other drink out there as they utilize strawberries, rather than the more common apple or pear.

You can have the restaurant make a cocktail for you, or you can drink it straight because either way, it will taste amazing. They also serve a wide variety of seafood here like oysters, alligator, and salmon, all of which will leave you with a smile on your face.

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