Craft beer has become a staple in the American drinking scene, and more bars have begun to carry varieties of these specialty beers. The east coast is one section of the United States that is known for its amazing selection of these types of beers. There are several restaurants lining this side of the country that serves beers that will drive your taste buds crazy.

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The next time you are vacationing on the coast it is helpful to know the best possible places to go where you can find some of these delicious beers. These restaurants come in all shapes and sizes, and also serve some stellar meals. Keep reading to learn about ten restaurants that serve the best craft beer on the American east coast!

10 Lord Hobo Beer Bar (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

Lord Hobo is a restaurant that serves its own amazing craft beer. A few of the favorites that guests really enjoy are Angelica, a hazy wheat IPA, and the Freebird, a golden ale. They also have a great dinner menu as well with snacks, plates to share, and bigger entrees.

It is the perfect meal setup for every drinker as you are able to decide whether you want to share a plate of crab rangoon with a friend, or if you would prefer to eat your own black bean burger. The food is a bit pricier than your average bar food, but the taste combined with the excellent brews will have you ordering seconds and thirds.

9 Edmund's Oast (Charleston, South Carolina)

This is a brewing company and restaurant rolled into one that has a wide variety of beers for you to try on tap. A few of their beers to try are Jaguar in the Jungle, Cereal for Dinner, and Das Dunkel Schloss.

If none of those sound appetizing then you could try beers from other companies that serve a variety of tastes like golden and tart beers. You can also eat a fabulous meal here, or you can order a charcuterie board if light chatter is all you're after.

8 Wicked Weed Brewpub (Asheville, North Carolina)

This is a multistory restaurant that serves wonderful beer, as well as food to fill your empty stomach. They are a brewery and most of the beers on tap are their own, which is why you should try at least one. Some of the best on tap include Black Angel, Pernicious, and a Cherry Key Lime Burst.

The restaurant even includes an outdoor patio if you want to bring your dog along. Their menu specializes in superb sandwiches and burgers, but they also have entrees like salmon and steak if you prefer something a little more filling.

7 The Jeffrey Craft Beer & Bites (New York City, New York)

This restaurant features 29 different drafts from all over the world that are constantly changing. Their goal is to help people taste unique flavors and drink beers, unlike anything you will find at other restaurants.

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The restaurant itself has a rustic feel that invites you in, and they have great food that pairs well with any drink. Their menu features smaller snacks, sandwiches, charcuterie boards, and oysters. They even have a coffee bar for those who prefer something other than another beer or want an early morning pick-me-up.

6 Geaghan's Pub & Craft Brewery (Bangor, Maine)

This restaurant serves beer made in its brewery, and everything they make has a touch of Irish infused in its flavor and design. They serve both lunch and dinner in addition to their beers, and this is one place you won't leave feeling disappointed.

There is a beer on tap that they limit to two per customer due to its high alcohol content called the Abbott St., and they also have a sampling tray where you can try four beers. The food menu has so many options like sandwiches, pizza, chicken, and so much more. This is one restaurant you won't leave hungry, but you might wake up the next day with a hangover.

5 Wrecking Bar Brewpub (Atlanta, Georgia)

This restaurant is recommended based on its location alone. This brewpub is housed in an old Victorian building that looks more like a historical site than a place to throw a few back with some friends. They like to experiment with beer and different flavors by creating things like farmhouse ales and milkshake IPAs.

Their Willett Bourbon Barrel-Aged Ye Old Sprinklerhead Barleywine won a silver medal back in 2018, so this is a must-have for anyone visiting this restaurant. A quick look at their menu shows their dedication to freshness, and they even source all of their food from local vendors.

4 Blue Mountain Brewery (Afton, Virginia)

This brewery is situated in the countryside of Virginia and gives you the rural vacation spot you had been searching for. You can sit back and relax while sipping on one of their own homemade brews.

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A few of the favorites are Hop Duster, Classic Lager, and A Hopwork Orange, but they also have a wide selection of seasonal beers and others that are only around for a limited time. Their restaurant has options for kids, adults, and those who are required to eat gluten-free, and their specialties are sandwiches, burgers, and pizzas.

3 Craft Burgers & Beer (Pawtucket, Rhode Island)

This restaurant tells it like it is, as their main focus is on producing good burgers and excellent brews. They want to create the best combination of food and beer that they possibly can as they work to remain memorable long after you leave their restaurant.

They might not make their own crafts, but they do have several craft bottles and drafts available for you to try. They do have nonburger food options like sandwiches, tacos, and pasta, but nothing compares to the flavor of their beef.

2 Funky Buddha Brewery Tap Room (Oakland Park, Florida)

Buddhism is all about enlightenment, and that is what this brewing company and restaurant hope to achieve with their beer. They have several beers on tap, as well as bottled options as well, and some customer favorites include Bourban Barrel-Aged French Toast, Eternal Summer, and Maple Bacon Coffee Porter.

The name of the beers alone should have your tastebuds dancing with excitement, but their lunch and dinner menus are also to die for. They have several sandwiches, salads, and plates to share, which will make this your new go-to spot when you leave for vacation.

1 Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant (Newark, Delaware)

This brewery has taprooms all across the country, but the one located in Delaware serves some of the best food on the planet. They have soups, salads, burgers, and even some steaks that will melt in your mouth.

A few of their featured beers that you might be interested in trying include the Vienna Red Lager, White Iron Wit, and Pig Iron Porter. The taste will excite your senses and open your eyes to a new world of brewing. It is a restaurant ahead of its time and you should be one of the lucky ones who choose to pay it a visit.

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