Craft Beers are not for everyone, but those who do enjoy them have a passion for finding the best of the best. These beers can come in an assortment of flavors and packagings, but they all have the goal in mind to bring joy to its drinker. People travel the country to visit the numerous breweries across the nation, as they eat and drink their way from state to state.

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We have made a list of restaurants who serve the best craft beer in addition to an awesome food selection. This might lead to you adjusting your travel itinerary, but the taste of the end of your journey will make it all worth it. Keep reading to learn about the ten restaurants that serve the best craft beer!

10 10. Fat Head's Brewery and Saloon

Fat Head's is a restaurant and brewery found near Cleveland, Ohio and their beers are among the best. They have a wide variety, Bumbleberry to Bean Me Up, and they have something for everyone.

Fat Head's food at their restaurant is also amazing, with a specialty in phenomenal burgers. This restaurant even has a growler program, where you can take home a jug of your favorite beer on tap, so you can enjoy it from the comfort of your couch.

9 9. The Answer Brewpub

This wonderful restaurant is located in the heart of Richmond, Virginia. They have a wide selection of IPAs, stouts, and sour beers which is any craft beer lover's dream.  A few of their favorites include ForgottenBeer Mommas, and Forgot to Check In.

The establishment's menu is interesting as it focuses on Vietnamese dishes and their cuisine. There are several mouthwatering dishes, including fish sausage, five spice roasted pork, and so much more for guests to put into their hungry stomachs.

8 8. Fort George Brewery + Public House

The brewery is located in Astoria, Oregon, and this restaurant has so many craft beers that enthusiasts won't know what to do with themselves. A few of their best beers include Quick WitTepache, and Cavatica.

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Fort George also has several rooms within their restaurant, with each area serving different kinds of food. They have a pizza room, taco room, and one that focuses on burgers and sandwiches. It has something for everyone and it is another reason to add it to your list of craft breweries you have to visit.

7 7. Burial Beer Company Taproom

Burial Beer Company has two restaurant locations in Asheville and Raleigh, North Carolina. A few of their best craft beers are double or triple IPAs and they are called An Abyss of Human Experience and Remnants of the Kill. 

Burial Beer's name may be dark and foreboding, but the taste will surely brighten anyone's day. Their restaurant menu is rather small, with mainly sandwiches and appetizers, but when the beer is this good you won't mind a skimpy list of food to choose from.

6 6. Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co.

The Austin Beer garden Brewing Company is located in Austin, Texas and they have won several prestigious awards over the past few years for their fantastic brews. A few of their winning crafts include Big Mama Red, Rocket 100, and Industry. They host a variety of events and five percent of their profits go into creating a better community.

They also serve great food, but their focus is on pizza and sandwiches. This restaurant is like a family and anyone who eats here will be treated as such, especially after they enjoy a great craft beer.

5 5. Epic Brewing Company and Tap Room

The Epic Brewing Company has a restaurant in Denver, Colorado as well as Salt Lake City, Utah. A few of their best crafts these restaurants have on tap include Rhino APA, 825 State Stout, and Big Bad Baptist. 

The Salt Lake City location offers a small menu with paninis and sandwiches, while Denver has food trucks that come to serve food in the afternoons. It is a unique experience, to say the least, and one every craft beer lover should experience.

4 4. Back Forty Beer Company

The Back Forty Beer Company has two locations in Gadsden and Birmingham, Alabama. Their name refers to the forty acres of the field at the back of a lot that is hardest to maintain, which symbolizes the struggle they went through to produce their beer.

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Back Forty has several amazing craft beers but every enthusiast should try their Freckle Belly IPA and Cart Barn Light. They serve burgers and tacos to their guests, which are two favorites of any avid drinker.

3 3. Ale House and Fargo Brewing Company

The Ozark Beer Company's Ale House is located in Fargo, North Dakota. They offer year-round and seasonal craft beers for everyone and a few of their favorites are Iron Horse, Stone's Throw, and Wood Chipper. Their ale house also provides a variety of foods and you can even order from them off of Uber Eats.

The brewery offers a wide variety of foods, all the way from pizza to sandwiches and dessert. Beer lovers will enjoy the refined atmosphere and the great tasting craft beer as they enjoy all North Dakota has to offer.

2 2. Gowanus and Threes Brewing

Gowanus is a neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York and is home to Threes Brewing, a well-known brewery. Their beers are well-known for their unbeatable taste and a few of them you should taste include Atomic Swerve, Attention Span, and Categorical Error.

Threes Brewing has partnerships with The Meat Hook and Ninth Street Espresso to meet their food and coffee needs in the restaurant. Their food menu is focused on a meat selection with a sandwich option, as well as a charcuterie board.

1 1. La Cabra Brewing

La Cabra Brewing is located in Berwyn, Pennsylvania and this brewing company doubles as a restaurant. Their food is almost as good as their craft beer, which is saying a lot especially after you take a look at their menu.

A few of their prized craft beers include Most Kind, Delphi, and Portmanatee. Their menu offers a wide array of fine foods such as duck fries, charred octopus, and goat. The palate they offer is not for your average drinker, but then again, craft beers weren't made for the faint of heart.

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