10 Restaurants You Must Visit In Prague (& Their Most Popular Dish)

The largest city in the Czech Republic, Prague is known as the historical capital of Bohemia. Just like its culture, the cuisine never fails to impress its visitors. It's home to Michelin Guide recommended restaurants, pubs, and bars. Being one of the most favored tourist destinations, the food scene is vibrant in Prague. The focus is always on using the best ingredients sourced from local producers.

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Further, you can find and relish cuisines from almost all parts of the world here. Here is a list of 10 restaurants you must visit in Prague and the most popular dish they serve.

10 Black Betties Grill: Burgers

For the best burgers in Prague, the one name you can rely on is Black Betties Grill. It's a typical country roadhouse located in Mánesova and is the second location of the famous Sad Man’s Tongue Bistro.

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For beef eaters, this place has a lot to offer in the form of its signature burgers with double patties. Rather the fresh ground beef, diners can substitute chicken or veg patties, which are equally appetizing. Even salad is a delight here with homemade dressings. With festivals around the corner, they are offering exclusive packages for a New Year’s Eve Bash and Christmas party. Make your reservations in advance and enjoy a great meal here any day between Tuesday and Saturday.

9 Sangam Indian Restaurant: Tandoori Kebabs

If you're craving Indian food in Prague, you will love SANGAM, which promises to offer a multi-sensory dining experience. It is the latest venture of Sarkar brothers who are well known in Prague for their restaurant Indian By Nature. The restaurant is just nearing its completion of one year in November 2019 and has already become a popular hotspot for modern and authentic Indian Cuisine.

The wooden art and the banyan tree-themed ceiling add to the restaurant’s Indianness. The flavorful tandoori kebab with the right mix of spices is the most popular dish here. The live tandoor and open kitchen let you witness the traditional Indian style cooking. The menu also includes cocktails and selected wines that complement the dishes.

8 Bellevue: Truffle Sabayon

An elegant fine dining restaurant, Bellevue offers a treat not only to your taste buds but your eyes, too. You can enjoy the magnificent views of Prague Castle, Vltava River, and the Charles Bridge as you enjoy a delicious meal at this restaurant. The most anticipated event here is truffle week and they serve the best truffles from Piedmont.

You can enjoy it with the wine of your choice to enchant your senses. Indulge in the special five-course menu to make the most of the popular delicacies like the truffle sabayon. The dégustation (tasting) menu is also worth a try that includes Beef Tartar, Veal Fillet, Cod, St. Jacobs Scallops, and Valrhona Chocolate Sphere.

7 Aromi: Risotto

Aromi is an Italian restaurant and bistro that specializes in fresh, high-quality seafood. The award-winning restaurant opened in 2005 and tasted success in its very first year by becoming rated as the best new restaurant in the Czech Republic by Conde Nast Traveller. The versatile menu includes a blend of new flavors every season and uses fresh ingredients.

The authentic Italian risotto combined with shrimp carpaccio and pomegranate is one such example and it’s loved by the guests for the innovation. More than 300 Italian labels are available in the wine selection along with a wide range of grappa. For a quintessential Italian experience in Prague, you don’t have to think twice before stepping into Aromi.

6 Czech Slovak Restaurant Lounge Bar: Lamb Knuckle

The pioneer and the only Czechoslovak concept restaurant in Prague is located in Ujezd. Traditional dishes are served here in a modern way and a special delicacy is featured every month. The current popular dish here is flambeed lamb knuckle from the bio-breed lamb of Podstadli.

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The signature huntsman goulash with five types of venison also deserves a special mention for its unmatched taste. Tuesdays here are reserved only for the dégustation menu and on a Saturday, you will even be treated with a live piano show. In the lounge, you will find a selection of regional drinks from their micro-brewery.

5 The Mailroom Bistro: Ham With Celery Puree, Pear Jam With Ginger And mustard Mousse

The Mailroom Bistro located in the Old Royal Post hotel is ideal for a dining experience or a memorable Sunday brunch with family. The cozy and captivating bistro is located on the ground floor of the hotel. An innovative postal theme adorns the premises of the bistro and you can also opt for outdoor seating during summers.

The menu is diverse and changes according to the season to incorporate fresh ingredients. Prague ham with celery puree, pear jam with ginger and mustard mousse is a popular main course dish here. The wine shop has a variety of impressive wines to complement the menu.

4 Blue Wagon Restaurant: Duck

The Blue Wagon, located in Uruguayska, is renowned for its modern approach to gastronomy. The appealing interior of the restaurant is meticulously designed and reflects simplicity. It was consistently recommended in the Michelin Guide from 2014 to 2017 and continues to add to its success story with many prestigious awards.

The six-course tasting menu is highly recommended for its exceptional flavors. It also includes the popular duck, with turnip, fig, romanesco, in a badian demi-glace. You can pair with a wine of your choice from the exquisite collection at an affordable price. For the ones with a sweet tooth, the delightful choice of desserts is a must-try.

3 Portfolio Restaurant: Monkfish

The aesthetically pleasing interiors, along with delectable cuisines make the Portfolio Restaurant a huge success. The artistic elements in the restaurant include works from Czech producers like Brokis by Lucie Koldova. They offer a first-class experience with high-quality ingredients in the dishes and unmatched service.

The menu has something for all its guests with a wide range of gluten-free and vegan options. Monkfish, lentils with spring onion, fried red cabbage, and martini sauce with yellow curry is a new addition to the gluten-free menu and has instantly become a popular choice. The wines from different countries that are matured to perfection are also available to complete your meal.

2 Restaurant Mlynec: Smoked Veal Tartare

Located in the heart of Prague with a scintillating view of the Charles Bridge, The Mlynec is perfect for a romantic date night. You can also rent it for special celebrations or meetings. The forgotten Czech cuisines are brought back to life using the traditional culinary methods and with the use of fresh local produce.

The aromatic open kitchen area displays the enthusiastic chefs working to offer you a flavorful delight. The freshly smoked veal tartare with black garlic, yuzu, mustard seed, and rice is the most sought-after dish here. It is followed by the onion consommé that includes pulled beef, salsiccia, lovage, and potatoes.

1 The Eatery: Snails

The concept of considering the kitchen as a stage and letting the guests enjoy the visual performance of the chefs is one thing that makes The Eatery interesting. The guests are allowed to interact with the chefs as they prepare the authentic dishes. The freshest ingredients are carefully selected from small scale producers and farmers.

Even the bread and baguettes are baked by the chefs to ensure that high quality is maintained. A popular appetizer here is Snails from Brno (stewed snails, leaf parsley, groats, and Prague ham). They also offer the best wines from Austria, Germany, France, and Italy.

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