Cooking at home is fun, but going out to eat is always a tasty treat, too. There are so many different places to eat in every city. From small food trucks to fast-food restaurants and fine dining destinations, there are a ton of places that people can go out to eat and have a totally delicious meal.

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Although a lot of these restaurants are great for going out any day of the week, there are some that most foodies definitely couldn't afford to visit every night of the week. There are some restaurants around the world that are famous for their incredible food and good atmosphere, but they've also become known for having a high price tag on their food.

To see 10 of the most expensive restaurants in the world, keep reading!

10 Masa - New York, New York

What can you get for $600? A new gaming console, a vacation, concert tickets, clothes... Or dinner at Masa in New York City. No, not dinner for a whole group of people, just for one. Masa is a high-end, fixed-price sushi restaurant located in New York City where dinner costs close to $600 per person.

And that $595 is just the base price for dinner. If you want to add anything onto your meal as a substitution, you're going to have to fork out extra money. That means that a romantic dinner for two at Masa could end up costing more than some people spend on their rent in some cities around the US.

9 The French Laundry - Yountville, California

The French Laundry is a fixed-price restaurant located in Yountville, California. This high-end eatery has a new tasting menu each day, depending on what's in season and what can be acquired fresh by the chef in order to cook up for guests that night.

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Because this restaurant is a fixed-price restaurant, visitors are going to pay the exact same amount no matter how much they choose to eat off the tasting menu that is offered up that day. What's the price to eat at this upscale French restaurant? First, making reservations on the first of the month two months in advance. Then, paying a hefty fee of $325 per person - plus extra for wine.

8 Le Pré Catelan - Paris, France

Le Pré Catelan is a high-end restaurant located in Paris, France. Paris is definitely a city known for its upscale dining and popular tourist destinations, but Le Pré Catelan is definitely one of the most expensive restaurants in the city of love.

This restaurant serves up uniquely crafted, gourmet dishes made by chef Frédéric Anton. The prices for each dish vary, but most of them are going to run the visitor at least $100. Meanwhile, the desserts, made by Christelle Brua, are a little more on the reasonable side at around $45 per dish.

7 Schloss Schauenstein - Fürstenau, Switzerland

Schloss Schauenstein is a restaurant located in Switzerland that is known around the world for its gourmet Swiss food. This restaurant is located in Fürstenau, a small village located in the mountains in Switzerland, and gives visitors the option to choose from a three, four, five, or six-course meal.

The prices for each of these options varies. The three course meal will set visitors back about $217 while the six-course meal will cost them about $271. Although this is isn't as expensive as some other restaurants around the world, it's still a pretty penny.

6 Chef's Table At Brooklyn Fare - New York, New York

Even though New York City is definitely a city that's known for its pizza, but there are a lot of other really delicious restaurants that serve up a variety of different types of food all over the city. Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare is a high-end eating experience where visitors are given a tasting menu that features a gourmet selection of Japanese-French fusion cuisine.

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This experience lasts two and a half hours, but eating all this fine seafood is definitely not cheap. Without including the price of your drinks, eating at Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare will set a visitor back close to $300.

5 Ithaa Undersea Restaurant - Maldives

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant is located in the Maldives and is a really unique restaurant. This restaurant is located inside a domed glass tunnel with fish swimming all around the diners as they enjoy their meal. It has a super interesting and unique look to it inside the restaurant, but that's not all that draws in eaters.

This restaurant is located in the Maldives. Although the fish that is served is super fresh, the other ingredients have to be brought in. On top of the fact that the food is all gourmet, bringing the ingredients from other places adds to the price. Diners can expect to pay nearly $400 for their meal.

4 Narisawa - Tokyo

Narisawa is located in Tokyo, Japan and is among the top restaurants in Asia. The restaurant is fairly small and being so popular has made it a top destination for foodies that really want to experience the best of the best in Japanese cuisine. The fact that this restaurant is so expensive has definitely not put them off of making reservations.

Narisawa serves a set menu each day based on the chef's specials for that day. The menu changes depending on what's fresh and in season and what the chef has chosen to make, but changes can be made for things like allergies. Dining at Narisawa will set the visitor back about $350 per person.

3 Ultraviolet - Shanghai

No, this isn't a scene from some kind of super futuristic, science fiction movie. It's a restaurant in Shanghai, China called Ultraviolet. Ultraviolet is a restaurant that only has a single table, meaning that only 10 people can dine there each night.

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The fact that there can only be 10 people dining at Ultraviolet each night isn't the only thing that makes this restaurant incredibly exclusive. On top of that, eating your dinner at this unique and futuristic restaurant costs $900 per person.

2 Restaurant De l'Hôtel De Ville - Crissier, Switzerland

Restaurant de l'Hôtel de Ville is located in Crissier, Switzerland. This restaurant is known for its really unique preparation and presentation. The chef at this restaurant is an expert in the art of gastronomy and definitely knows how to make some unique and delicious dishes that draw in visitors from around the world.

This restaurant serves unique versions of a lot of different foods and puts a lot of time into sourcing the freshest ingredients in the most eco-friendly way possible. But all the creativity and fresh ingredients that go into this fine dining experience aren't without their price tag. Eating here will set foodies back about $300 per person.

1 Per Se - New York, New York

Per Se is a fine dining restaurant in New York City that draws in visitors from around the world. New York City is home to a lot of really excellent restaurants, but Per Se is popular with visitors for its nine-course tasting menu. Eating at Per Se will cost a visitor around $325 per person.

Not looking to spend over $300 on a meal but still want to experience Per Se's food? Luckily, Per Se also has a slightly less expensive option at their other restaurant, Salon. Salon showcases chef Thomas Keller's skills in a five-course tasting menu instead of Per Se's nine-course one. The cost to eat at Salon? Less than Per Se, but still $195 per person.

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