Sure, you could splurge on a fancy restaurant with nice napkins and delicious food for a special occasion. Some people, however, crave a different kind of rare dining experience. Some places are so unique they can't be experienced anywhere else, so traveling foodies seek out the weirdest and most bizarre restaurants for a once-in-a-lifetime outing. Of course, some of these restaurants end up being so awesome that locals opt to come in on a regular basis.

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Check out this list of 10 restaurants from around the world that are so bizzare, you're going to think that we made them up!

10 Modern Toilet

Modern Toilet first originated in Taiwan, but has since been so successful that locations have opened up all over Asia. While the theme is super funny, some might not find it the most appetizing. The decor of this restaurant is reminiscent of a bathroom in every way possible. Chairs have been replaced with porcelain toilets, and tables also serve as sinks.

All meals are served in small toilet bowls or bathtubs, and a majority of the menu items have a feces-adjacent pun as their name. Drinks comes in miniature souvenir urinals. Rest assured, the food served there can't actually be found in a bathroom and is said to be pretty good.

9 OIA Alpaca Cafe

Some of the most unique dining options include animals. You may have heard of cafes that include cats, or bars that welcome dogs. At OIA Cafe in Taiwan, however, you can have an entire alpaca keep you company while you eat.

Two alpacas frequent the cafe at all times, and many customer reviews warn of the animals attempting to make your meal their own! Still, the photo ops are priceless, and the furry friends are pretty affectionate as far as animals go. You'll also be provided free carrot sticks to help entice them.

8 Dinner in the Sky

Dinner in the Sky is exactly what it sounds like. Those who are willing to splurge can schedule a dining experience where they'll be served food 150 feet in the air. Up to 22 guests, alongside waiters and chefs, are strapped to a steel carrying structure and then lifted 50 meters in the air for a meal to be prepared and enjoyed.

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While this restaurant originated in Belgium, the innovative dining experience can now be experienced in 45 different countries. If you aren't too scared of heights, this would certainly be a fun event to cross off of your bucket list!

7 O'Noir

At O'Noir Restaurant and Bar, located in Toronto, Canada, you'll eat your delicious meal and chat with your friends entirely in the dark. Yep, the entire restaurant is pitch black! When one of your senses is taken away, your other senses (such as taste) can be heightened. You'll get to enjoy a meal in a whole new way.

Don't worry about the waiters serving you the wrong food or spilling something on you. They're able to navigate the darkness perfectly as they're totally used to it -- the entire wait staff is blind!

6 Heart Attack Grill

The controversial Heart Attack Grill first opened in Arizona, but now resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. The food offerings are all high in fat, sugar and cholesterol... aka potentially heart attack inducing. Guests don a hospital own and wrist ban as the waitresses, dressed as nurses, serve you your "prescription."

If you weigh over 350 pounds, you get your meal for free. Seriously. If you somehow manage to keep down one of the restaurant's huge Triple or Quadruple Bypass Burgers, you'll get wheeled out in a wheelchair to you car by the nurses themselves. Oh, and you can also order cigarettes -- with candy cigarettes available for children, of course.

5 Waterfall Restaurant

At the Labassin Waterfall Restaurant in San Pablo City, Philippines, prepare to get wet! Guests eat their meals literally a few feet from the base of a waterfall. Naturally, guests are required to remove their shoes before "entering" the restaurant.

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You might want to roll your pants up too! Still, waterfalls are pretty darn cool, and enjoying a buffet of fish, bananas, rice, and barbecued chicken with the sound of water rushing in the background might even feel relaxing at points! Though the waterfall technically isn't real (Labasin Falls is actually just a runoff from the Labasin Dam), you won't be able to tell the difference.

4 Count Dracula Club

If you're an old-school horror fan, you should never pass up the chance to dine at Count Dracula Club in Bucharest, Romania! Guests will get a tour led by the O.G. vampire himself around the dimly-lit premises with blood-stained walls.

You'll be shown the Medieval Room, Transylvanian Room, Hunting Room, The Cellar, and much more. As the original story of Dracula has Romania as the Count's home country, you'll receive a fairly authentic and historically accurate experience. Hopefully, you'll be able to leave the premises without actually losing any blood.

3 Ninja New York

At Ninja New York, you'll get authentic and delicious Japanese cuisine -- but you might be startled multiple times as you eat! The restaurant is designed to appear like a historical Ninja Village with a maze of rooms, tricky contraptions, and plenty of illusions that trick the eye throughout the building. You'll be waited on by ninjas, and they'll perform plenty of cool tricks during your meal.

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In a way, you're getting both a meal and a magic show! Even some of the meals can appear magical. Order one of their Ninja art dishes to be served food with special effects involving fire, dry ice, or knife tricks.

2 Haohai Robot Restaurant

Haohai Robot Restaurant in Harbin, China has a pretty unique wait staff. You guessed it -- they're all robots. Around eighteen robots will not only take your orders and deliver you your meals, but will also cook the food themselves. You also won't be left without entertainment, as there's a singing robot there to perform as you dine.

If you aren't entirely trustful of robots handling your food, there are technically human staff members there to supervise and help out as needed.  The robot's not only have ten different facial expressions, they can also apparently whip up some good dumplings and noodles.

1 The Lockup

You'd think most people would try to avoid jail! At the Lockup in Tokyo, Japan, you're handcuffed and escorted by a police officer to your table, which is actually just a dimly lit prison cell. Your fellow prisoners, in jumpsuits, are your servers for the night. If that weren't freaky enough, there's a good chance your meal will randomly be interrupted with sirens and rapidly flashing lights.

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That signifies that monsters are roaming around the prison... and you may just catch a glimpse of some of them. They may bang on your cell and act like they want to attack you, but don't worry. Most customers report making it out alive.

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