When you travel overseas you want to ensure that you are experiencing everything that the country has to offer. Some of us are obsessed with discovering the best craft beers that money can buy and in this case, we want to discover them in the UK. You have probably read tons of travel journals and recommended itineraries, but none of them will cover craft beer locations quite like this list.

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The places we mention not only serve outstanding beer but their food menus are mouthwatering as well. It might even become your new reason to travel after you experience all the beers the UK has to offer. Keep reading to learn about ten restaurants that serve the best craft beer in the UK!

10 The Wild Card Brewery Barrel Store (London, England)

This is where it all began for Wild Card Brewery as they brewed day and night to have enough beer to serve on the weekends. They have some core beers like their India Pale Ale, but some might enjoy their limited specialty beers including Lime Berliner Weisse or Raspberry Gose. This location even lets its customers order some homemade pizza with olives and artichokes, or maybe just a simple Margherita. They are only open on the weekend, so be sure to plan this into your Saturday night plans when you are in the vicinity of London.

9 The Hanging Bat Beer Cafe (Edinburgh, Scotland)

When you are visiting the capital of Scotland, you should check out this amazing pub. They serve a wholesome collection of craft beers and they are constantly updating their beer list on Twitter. They work with a large variety of craft breweries in the area like Wild Beer Co. and De Striuse.

People also rave about their food selection and the deliciousness of their dishes. They have several types of hot dogs to choose from as well as a large selection of main courses if you are looking for something more filling.

8 The Porterhouse Covent Garden (London, England)

This is one of the largest bars in London so it's no surprise they have a craft beer selection to match. They even brew their own beer in Dublin and have it shipped to London for the British to enjoy. Sports games are always on their TVs so you don't have to miss your favorite teams. They offer live music in the evenings.

You might want to try a few of their beers like the Yippy IPA, Porterhouse Pilsner, and the Oyster Stout. If you prefer something besides their own brews, they also import other beers from all over the world for you to try. This bar prides itself on its Irish heritage and serves plenty of foods to match, so you can experience the beauty of Ireland in London.

7 The Euston Tap (London, England)

The Euston Tap is a favorite among London commuters due to its easily accessible location and forty-seven different beers they have on tap. They have no partnerships with any specific breweries, so they are free to pick and choose the best around. You could try an Elderflower Cider or take a sip of the Gasping Goose.

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You have so many possibilities, but the options don't stop there. If you have an itch for a snack they also serve Piper's Crisps, Dormen Nuts, and Midland Pork Scratchings to tide you over until dinner time.

6 Holyrood 9a (Edinburgh, Scotland)

This bar is the perfect place to end a long day spent touring this Scotland city. They have a large variety of craft beers, including some local favorites like the Fallen Local Motive and the Tempest Long White Cloud. If you are traveling with some friends who prefer something else, they have a selection of cocktails and stronger spirits.

You won't leave hungry either no matter the time of day because they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner to the masses. They have options for everyone, including those who would rather skip right to dessert. Rest assured, no one will leave here without a smile across their face.

5 The Baltic Social (Liverpool, England)

This unorthodox venue strives to bring together great brews, excellent food, and amazing music under one roof. They deal with some lesser-known craft beer companies like Runaway and Melwood Brew Co. who offer some fantastic choices. This is a place all its own that welcomes everyone through its doors, including your kid or your dog.

Tourists should try and go on one of their special event days as it is a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture and experience some great food and booze. It is also vegan-friendly, so no one in your party can use their specific diet as an excuse not to go.

4 The Clockwork Beer Co. (Glasgow, Scotland)

If you are looking for some well-crafted brews and some great food to boot, then look no further than The Clockwork Beer Company. A few of their crafted favorites are the Hoptopussy, Oregon IPA, and the Hampden Roar. They are dog-friendly, so you never have to leave Fido by himself ever again.

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They have several food options including vegan, pizza, and appetizers for anyone not looking for an entire meal. If you are not interested in trying one of their beers, then they also have a wine and gin list as alternatives.

3 The Woodworkers Bradbury Place (Belfast, Ireland)

This bar has an app that keeps you updated on what they are currently pouring, so you can be sure you will find some craft beer you will enjoy. They are currently serving Rustbucket, The Sky Is Red In Berlin, and Micro IPA, but those are sure to change by the time you manage to stop by there.

The food menu they have available is plentiful with classic favorites like lasagna, steak, and several dishes unique to the area. They have something for everyone, which is a perfect reason why you should add it to your UK travel itinerary.

2 The Tap Room at Hilden Brewery (Lisburn, Ireland)

This adorable little pub has its own beers on tap that any true craft beer enthusiast should be dying to taste. A few of the favorites with their patrons include the Belfast Blonde, Hilden Halt, and Twisted Hop. If these don't appeal to your senses, they have plenty more to choose from, but their food selection is also noteworthy.

You can experience the joy of Ireland by ordering local favorites like the pan-roasted hake or the beetroot-infused crispy goat's cheese. You might be shaking your head, but the moment you taste their beer you will want to have cases ordered so you can drink it back at home.

1 The Fat Cat Pub (Norwich, England)

The name might make you chuckle, but the beer you drink will leave you with a lasting memory. They stock their own beers, as well as popular favorites from other local breweries, but their most notable brews include Tom Cat, Milk Stout, and Norwich Bitter.

They have a small barbecue menu that they only serve on Sundays, but that doesn't mean their food lacks any flavor. You can choose to try a delicious panino, or go with a classic batatas a murro. You will meet a great group of people, as well as have some of the best beer that you can buy in England.

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