Themed restaurants typically provide a great factor of extra fun associated with the dining experience. There are specifically some establishments that speak to the hearts of fans of certain movies and television shows. Quite a few productions in pop culture had amazing references to food in their work that inspired the future restaurants to become a real creation. It can hook in both fans of the show and the average customer with the right marketing approach.

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The restaurants featured here have all achieved some success with enough people finding positive experiences there. They range from huge restaurants with an over-the-top décor to subtle spots that give just enough to win you over. We will break down the locations, inspiration and any other fun elements that tie these places to the work they are inspired by. These are ten fascinating restaurants that were inspired by movies and television shows.

10 Central Perk

The popularity of Friends made the gang’s hot spot of Central Perk the perfect place to recreate. Rachel, Ross, Monica and the rest of the crew would indulge in a cup of coffee along with a snack during their frequent conversation as the coffee shop named Central Park.

A location in Beijing exists with the décor replicating the look of the restaurant located in the Central Park scenes. Locals walk to the sixth floor in the building to find the coffee shop and get some coffee. Any Friends fan visiting Beijing should go to get the closest thing to a Central Perk experience.

9 Cafe Jack

Fans of the film Titanic will be in luck for a great dining experience when visiting the Los Angeles area. Cafe Jack is the name of the café meant to honor the film Titanic as owned and operated by a super fan of the classic.

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The café is designed like a giant ship with a few different options for the customer’s preference. Private rooms exist along with multiple patios and various bars to provide variety. There are even fun little things like tarot card readings and karaoke to go with the meals and drinks tied to Titanic.

8 Alien Pizza Planet

There are a few interesting restaurants located in the various Disney parks, but Alien Pizza Planet is the most fascinating one tied to a franchise. Toy Story is the source of the Pizza Planet restaurant that features a vibrant décor paying tribute to the movie located in the Disneyland park of California.

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The alien aspect ties into the alien toy characters in the film. Many young fans watching the Toy Story films will fall in love with the idea of Pizza Planet. The real restaurant finally exists for a nice meal in between enjoying the park rides and experiences of everything Disney.

7 Walter's Coffee Roastery

Breaking Bad became one of the top shows in television history after delivering great ratings and intrigue when airing weekly on AMC. Istanbul is the location of this coffee shop named Walter's Coffee Roastery that pays tribute to the legendary series.

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The scientific approach to Walter White’s lifestyle choices in Breaking Bad is the theme that sees the coffee made and served in unique fashion. Any fan of the series will fall in love with the décor alone given how much effort was put into creating Walter's Coffee Roaster.

6 The Pandorica

Dr. Who fans will find a place made for them with The Pandorica serving various British dishes along with a variety of sandwiches and salads. The not-so-obvious location of Beacon in New York is the place you can go to indulge in both a meal and your favorite nerdy interest.

The Pandorica is a name referencing the prison in the series. That’s not the only tie in as there is the stunning décor of the blue Tardis box. Dr. Who certainly made a mark as a hit television show and this restaurant is proof of how strong the fan base is.

5 Beetle House

New York City is home to the Beetle House bar and restaurant that is a must visit for any big fans of Tim Burton. Many of the movies to come from Burton are part of the theme with the dark look fitting the theme. There are often employees dressed like Edward Scissorhands and Beetlejuice.

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It is a very popular restaurant which is usually packed and often requires a wait for a table. Themed meals will see a burger with a pair of scissors for the Edward Burger Hands option, Oogie Boogie’s Braised Bacon and various drinks often referencing the films. Burton truly created characters that can tie into great menu items!

4 Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

One successful franchise to form after the inspiration in a movie is Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. The movie Forrest Gump featured the character Bubba having the dream of opening his own restaurant. It would become a reality when the establishment opened in California in the 90s.

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There are over 40 locations today all over the world for the fans of Forrest Gump to check out. The seafood menu consists of mostly shrimp dishes like referenced in the film. Other items like baby back ribs, fried chicken and an impressive dessert menu will lead to a pleasant dining experience.

3 McGee’s Pub

The CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother received rave reviews from viewers and critics when debuting on television. Beloved characters Marshall, Ted, Barney, Lily and Robin would discuss their lives while having a drink or meal at the bar known as McLaren’s.

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The bar was actually inspired by a real location in New York City known as McGee’s Pub. They now market the correlation to How I Met Your Mother with the décor clearly resembling the set on the show. The deep many features finger foods, entrees, snacks, soups, salads and everything in between. Most fans of the show just visit to enjoy the experience and an adult beverage.

2 Alice's Tea Cup

New York City is home to the small tea house paying tribute to the legendary film Alice in Wonderland. Most people visit Alice's Tea Cup for breakfast or brunch when enjoying a day out in the city and wanting an early bite to eat.

The menu includes various beverages of tea and coffee along with popular breakfast foods like eggs, crepes and scones. Alice's Tea Cup has received positive reviews on online review pages due to the atmosphere and food creating a dream experience for Alice in Wonderland fans.

1 Saved By The Max

Fans of Saved by the Bell have fallen in love with the pop up restaurant known as Saved By The Max. The décor is the exact replication of The Max restaurant that characters from Saved by the Bell would eat after school operated by the magician known as Max.

Chicago and Los Angeles have each had locations there for extended periods. The menu features themed items like AC Sliders, Beat Valley Buttermilk Pancakes and Spano’s Seasonal Salads. Saved By The Max recently ended its time in Los Angeles after multiple years with the web site promising a new location soon.

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