Food will always be an essential part of humanity. We need it to survive, but who says it can't be fun at the same time? There are millions of ways to make food fun. You could have a food fight. Maybe go on a hike and have a picnic, but where do you go when you want excitement and intrigue. A picnic, another country, a best friend's house? All great places to get your next snack, but what if you could eat under the sea or at death's door? Here are some of the world's most fun, weird, and unbelievable themed restaurants.

10 The Bubble Room - Captiva, Florida, United States

With what could easily be called more a museum than a restaurant, The Bubble Room is a unique experience. It is located on the island of Sanibel off the coast of Florida, and is known for its coma-inducing desserts and its wacky decor. Walking in, you are filled with the Christmas holiday spirit as a collection of Father Christmases, and Saint Nicks greet you.

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Once seated, old Americana and cinema intermix with a vintage toy collection that will keep you entertained for hours. The collection has evolved through the decades and is a must-see for every toy lover and sweet enthusiast.

9 Ninja NY - New York City, New York, United States

If you are looking for an experience that brings excitement and adventure while also holding to traditional values, then Ninja NY is a must-visit place. Ninja NY is an experience unmatched in its niche and it’s certainly unique. The restaurant is split into a multitude of rooms depicting a ninja village designed to confuse intruders.

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Its menu features traditional Japanese cuisine served by none other than ninjas. It is not hard to get excited about the levels that the staff will go to uphold their highest goal, a rich and immersive experience. Open for business seven days a week, by reservation only.

8 Chill Out - Times Square Center - Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A marvel of technology and human capacity, Chill Out is a restaurant on a whole new level. Located in the Times Square Center of Dubai, it maintains a frosty 32 degrees Fahrenheit all year round providing the ultimate place to cool down and grab a bite. Ironically, it specializes in hot foods and drinks like soup and hot chocolate to warm up while enjoying the ice sculptures and unique interior design.

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The lighting makes you feel as if you are on another planet far away from the hustle and bustle of our world. Not a bad idea when traveling through the Middle East and need to escape the heat.

7 Safehouse - Milwaukee, WI, United States

Whether it is a fun day out with the family or a night of intrigue, the Safehouse is a must on your bucket list. This espionage themed restaurant helps you to live out your fantasy of being a secret agent and provides excellent food at the same time.

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To get in this self-proclaimed "Spy Sanctuary," you will need to know the passphrase, or you may have to go through a rigorous interrogation to prove you are not a double agent. However, with things constantly changing, you never know what will happen. Visit at your own risk.

6 Dans Le Noir - London, England

Sight is a sense often taken for granted, so what happens when you eat without it? That is what you get at Dans Le Noir. The Dining Room is in constant complete darkness, no cell phones, lighters, or flashlights to help you. Instead, your server helps you to your seats and gives some tips on how to get around without sight. What makes it even more fun, is the servers are also blind, so they know what tips will help!

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After dinner, you can regain your sight slowly in The Gallery and enjoy an after-dinner drink. Extra points: it is kid-friendly for ages 6 and older.

5 Rollercoaster Restaurants - Multiple Locations

If you prefer not to rely on the wait staff so much, you can always visit one of the rollercoaster restaurants around the world. These restaurants are engineering masterpieces and use a series of mini-roller coasters to bring your food to the table. You don't even order through a server. It is all digital, using touch screens and an interactive menu.

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Each of them is unique in their own way, the one in Dresden, Germany is Galactic themed and UFOs bring the food to you via one of their 18 coaster paths. It’s a blast trying to figure out if the tray on the rails is bringing your food next.

4 Barbie Cafe - Taipei, Taiwan

This could be every little girl’s dream come true: To find an entire restaurant that is all about their favorite doll. However, if you have an aversion to the color pink, you may want to skip this trip down memory lane. Of course, there are Barbie dolls all over the place, the chairs wear bustiers, the waitresses wear tutus and tiaras, while the waiters try to channel Ken.

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The food is a mixture of items from burgers, Philadelphia steak salad, chicken toast box, salmon beauty salad, macaroons in a martini glass, hazelnut tiramisu, and a very pink cocktail named Barbie 128.

3 Ithaa - Maldives

I am sure that you have heard the phrase "sleeping with the fishes," but have you ever thought about eating with them? Ithaa gives you just that. This unbelievable location takes you five meters below the surface of the ocean to experience the sea first hand. Eat-in the tranquil dining area as fish swim around and above you.

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The panoramic view also allows guests to view the beautiful coral reef that grows around the restaurant. Their menu focuses on fusing the flavors of the ocean with more traditional French dishes, making this an experience that cannot be missed by ocean and beach lovers.

2 The Lock-Up - Tokyo, Japan

If you don’t mind getting spooked while eating your meal and even relish the idea of pandemonium breaking out, then you’ll get a kick out of The Lock-Up. The guilty member of your party is led away in handcuffs by a member of the staff in a law enforcement uniform and all of you are escorted to your cell for the evening.

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Prisoners serve the meals while the officers keep the peace. However, three times each evening all the lights go out and a major monster party ensues with prisoners running amok. They’ll open your cell, but you might now want them to come inside.

1 Grotta Palazese - Italy

The oldest restaurant on this list by far, the Grotta Palazese has been in use since the 1700s for all manner of parties and celebrations. Tucked safely into a series of caves on a cliff-side, it feels like you have been brought home. The area is so peaceful and comforting that you can't help but relax.

Sitting out of the terrace is no different. A beautiful view of the ocean awaits and calms you as you focus on yourself and the delicious food trying to decide which is better a "Dream" or an "Unforgettable" memory.

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