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What makes a country a country, or a nation a nation? Well, there's no universal agreement and the lists of countries recognized by one country are typically different from the list of countries recognized by another country. In this gray area of no set definitions, a community in Nevada claims to be a micronation. Go to Dayton, Nevada and one will find the "Republic of Molossia".

This is just one of the several light-hearted "nations" around the place. Another microstate that claims to exist is Nirivia in Lake Superior which was on a tiny spit of unclaimed land between the United States and Canada. The smallest universally recognized microstate in the world is the Vatican City in Rome (and there are plenty of tours of the Vatican to make the most of one's visit).


The History Of The Republic Of Molossia

The Republic of Molossia (or just Molossia) claims to be a sovereign state with 1.28 acres of land. The Republic of Molossia has been quietly proclaiming its independence as a sovereign state for over 40 years.

The ruler is "His Excellency Kevin Baugh". Kevin Baugh and his wife/first lady declared their independence in 1977. It was initially established as the "Grand Republic of Vuldstein" but was later renamed the Kingdom of Molossia in 1998 which went on to become the "People's Democratic Republic," and today is a Republic.

  • Size: 6.3 Acres
  • President: His Excellency, President Kevin Baugh

The "Republic of Molossia" continues to pay property taxes to Story County, Nevada - but this is stylized as "foreign aid."

Molossia also has exclaves or "protectorates" in Southern California and Northern California.

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Molossia - One Of The Smallest Nations On Earth

"Molossia is one of the smallest nations on earth, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in spirit. A sense of humor characterizes most Molossian people, which, coupled with the casual and comfortable western lifestyle, makes Molossia an enjoyable place to visit."

- Molossia.org

Naturally, it goes without saying that no country (least of all the United States) has recognized the "country". So is Molossia a real country? Well no. Not by any unusual definition of the word.

Take an international holiday while traveling in Nevada - it is only a few minutes east of Carson City (the capital of Nevada nearby Reno). Visiting the "Republic of Molossia" is a novel experience - pack one's passport and go through immigration to see the "Republic's" very own post office, national bank, and even some sort of "space force".

Molossia has its own navy, naval academy, space program, railroad, tourist attractions, measurement system (for example, one Imperial Norton equals one kilometer), and more. Perhaps visitors would like to enlist in its navy and crew one of the kayaks and participate in the next naval battle.

Visiting The Republic of Molossia

Next time passing through Reno, take the time to visit the Republic of Molossia. The country is open for visitors, but visitors should not come unannounced. The citizens of the nation (Kevin Baugh and his wife) may be busy and unable to receive guests.

Visitors are not allowed to tour their national unescorted (it is also their home). They welcome tourists between 15 April and 15 October.

  • Season: 15 April and 15 October
  • Address: 226 Mary Lane, Dayton, Nevada

Planned tours of the nation as of the time of writing (August 2022) are on Saturdays on:

  • 20 August: At 9.00 am
  • 17 September: 10.00 am
  • 15 October: 10.00

Visitors interested in the tour should email them at mininfo@molossia.org.

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Passports, Customs & Entry Requirements For Molossia

Unfortunately, there is no accommodation in the Republic of Molossia, so one should find accommodation in Carson City or Reno. One can expect to spend around one hour seeing the entire nation.

  • Visa Policy: Visa Free For Three Hours (With Permission)

Passports are not required for entry into Molossia from the United States and there are no visa requirements. There is however a Media Visa for members of the Media for $100.00. Foreigners are permitted to stay on the territory of Molossia for up to 3 hours.

It is also not possible to apply for citizenship in the Republic of Molossia and foreigners are not permitted to take up employment or residence in the Republic.

The customs of the Republic of Molossia prohibit the entry of firearms, ammo, tobacco, incandescent light bulbs, catfish, spinach, missionaries, salespeople, onions, and walruses.