Living life of the rich and famous can sometimes come easier than one believes. Yes, working hard for each penny you receive on a bi-weekly, sometimes weekly, basis is a rewarding feeling, but with today’s technology advancements, it’s easier to make a lot more than a regular 9 to 5 will ever bring to the table. Introducing the online world of social media. The job title is influencer and you’re your own boss, creating your own schedule, doing minimal labor except advanced content planning and showcasing brands and your own personal self for a decent amount of money.


The higher the views, the higher the pay and the more an influencer will need to become creative with their content. Behold - the hottest social media prop trend - the private jet.

That’s correct, influencers and brand ambassadors are now renting out luxurious private jets to use as a backdrop for their content and stories. Most of the time, these are real aircraft that are rented out during available hours in the private airlines’ schedule. Other times, these are prop sets that stores will create marketing tactics to be a part of the trend at a lower cost.

Renting A Private Jet Isn't Cheap

Living and looking expensive and high-end doesn’t come with a yellow sale sticker or in the liquidation section. Though some influencers and brand ambassadors will be able to strike a deal with airlines and provide a collaborated “tit-for-tat” deal where they receive a service or product for free in exchange for free promotion. But, more likely than none, they are paying for their stunning jet.

The average price to rent this luxurious photography item is anywhere between $1400 and $3000, per hour for a low-cost service’s smallest jet. For medium-sized aircraft, it can range from $4000 to $8000 per hour, and up to $13000 for larger planes.

If you think about it, paying $1400 for a small jet is a similar price-point than a regular airplane ticket to go on a small vacation, without having to go through foot-traffic at security, eating terrible and overpriced food, and having most likely been late for take-off. But, for just a picture, it’s quite the expensive photoshoot.

Reality VS Instagram

The hottest social media trend right now is creating a dual image of reality versus Instagram. The idea around this global trend is creating a fake image that is a little extra. It’s gorgeous, placed, their makeup and hair are done, the lighting and editing are spot on, and the image is simply perfection. As opposed to the reality of the image, where one may look a little goofier, her hair may blow in the wind, a small lipstick smudge, even a hand placed the wrong way, creating a more realistic image of what someone looks like live and on the spot.

Influencers, brand ambassadors and even regular people trying to get their foot in the social media door will rent out a private jet to create the illusion that their luxurious life is reality, when lone and behold, it’s simply for Instagram and social media posts.

Don’t be fooled though, even though some online users are renting out this expensive backdrop for a picture, they don’t always get on board the aircraft. Many pictures online can be found where they will only be photographed in front of a private jet or in the staircase, as though they are coming down from the jet. While others, with a deeper pocket, will be photographed sitting inside on the leather seats, and some even drinking a glass of champagne served by a paid actor or actress to look the part of a flight attendant.

Is It Just For The Rich Kids Of The World

There is no doubt that this trend is simply for the current rich Millenials of the world and those in professional fields. There is no way in the online world that you will ever see a struggle man or woman, with a regular 9 to 5, renting a private jet for the simple fact of getting additional likes and followers. The ability to willingly dish out thousands of dollars to rent out a prop, in addition to the photographer, wardrobe, hair, and makeup, is nothing something that everyone will save their hard-earned money for.

What Photographers Have To Say

Photographers and videographers are absolutely in heaven with this current trend. The reason for that is simple: they charge by the hour. Whether an influencer, brand ambassador or company wants to rent a private jet, a private island or an apple orchard, a photographer’s prices will remain the same for the same amount of time and the same amount of pictures.

In fact, photographers are currently in photography heaven, being able to add private jets to their current portfolio, expanding from the overly-photographed hotel venue or hot tub at a high-end spa.