You Can Rent A Fairytale Italian Castle For $100, But Will Have To Reach It By Foot

You can now have your very own fairytale wedding inside of an idyllic Italian castle, and it will only set you back a little more than $100.

There are a few things in your life that are going to cost you so much money, it almost physically hurts. Thankfully, those things are normally so expensive because they are among the best things that will ever happen to you. Buying your first house, a once in a lifetime holiday, and the big one, your wedding day.

Those of you reading this who are married and opted for the biggest of days with all the bells and whistles know exactly what we're talking about. The cake, the dress, the photographer. All pretty expensive things on their own and when added together, well, let's just say you better have a fair amount of money saved up if you want your day to be perfect.


We are here to tell you that your dream wedding may not have to break the bank as much as you may have feared. As first reported by CNN Travel, there is currently an Italian castle you can hire out for your wedding for just €100. That's around $113. It's not just for one tiny room in the massive castle either. For that ridiculously low price, the entirety of the impressive structure will be all yours for your special day.

via cnn.com

The beautiful castle is situated in Roccascalegna, a tiny village that is a part of Italy's Abruzzo region. The reason its centerpiece is being rented out for so little is to attract more tourists to the area. The village's mayor explained that their goal "isn't to raise cash but to use this unique setting to revamp the local economy." It sounds as if the castle has already played host to a few weddings too, so the idea appears to be working.

The castle is around 2,300 square feet and offers a number of different rooms for various stages of your wedding day. Also, as you can imagine, the local cuisine is pretty incredible. Something this good is always going to come with a catch, though. The castle is only accessible by foot. Those in charge will help out as much as they can, but we wouldn't recommend trying to get there in high heels. Trust us though, when you make it to the castle, the walk will have been worth it.


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