No matter how much money you got, there will never be many things more gratifying than copping cheap flights. Those can be very hard to catch sometimes, but if you know what you're doing, there's always a discount deal that will leave you smiling all the way to your flight crew once it's had.

As it happens, the majority of travelers aren't all that great at finding cheap flights or just don't have the time for it. But Nick Doyle, who goes by u/delta777er on Reddit, is finding such deals for people for free and has been doing a pretty good job at it.


The website loves a sweet deal, whether it be on flights or accommodation. They're all about maximizing points and miles over there so when they found out about Nick - persons who have benefitted from his expertise wouldn't disagree if you referred to him as Saint Nick - they had to find out what could possibly make a guy this great.

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According to TPG, Nick is a "fairly normal guy" who just graduated from college and is now working as a software developer. The Pennsylvania native has loved flying since childhood and was quite fortunate to travel all around the US for free as he took up summer internships at Southwest Airlines.

Nick says he got into the very unprofitable business of getting people cheap flights at no cost by spending most of his time finding random itineraries for imaginary vacations. He later realized that it would be much better to offer his help to persons looking for real flights rather than search for flights that he wasn't going to buy.

The college graduate has been finding folks discount flight packages for the last 18 months but has been doing a bit of traveling himself, using the likes of Google Flights and The Flight Deal to score some ridiculously low fares. He says he's traveled from Washington D.C. to Europe for a round-trip fee of just $200 - and that's just one of the many great deals he's taken advantage of.

It's not always possible to get cheap flights even when you're Nick Doyle, but that's only during the holidays when travel within the US is the goal. He says Thanksgiving is the worst but advises taking Monday off and returning a day later to shave half off you fare. Folks usually want to depart the Tuesday before the holiday and return the Sunday after but following Nick's tip could leave a significant amount of cash in your pocket.