When people look at where they want to be travelling to next, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. One of the things that often decides it is the chance to see something they couldn't see anywhere else, such as a favorite building or a historic area of the world. This is a chance to start striking things off the bucket list after all.

That being said, there's a reason that these places are famous, and it means that a lot of people are likely to turn up. Not surprising then that some people are starting to swerve the more populated areas of the world, the ones that have seen a negative impact due to the increased exposure that things like word of mouth and the internet offer these sorts of places.

So, we think it's about time that we got down to it and took a look at some of the most famous tourist areas out there, the ones that have become swarmed. It's important that we remember that there might be more waiting for people there than they think!

30 Statue Of Liberty - better to be seen by boat

Another tourist trap with a lot of long lines, it may not be the best place to go see while in New York City, no matter how big a fan you are of liberty!

The sad reality is that there are so many huge building in New York City these days that it's easier to get a better view from one of them.

If you really have your heart set on seeing this monument, then Reader's Digest suggests that you should choose "witnessing it from a boat."

29 Grand Canyon Skywalk - no need to be crowded at the top

While the thought of a glass bottomed bridge may seem like a dream when it comes to a place like the Grand Canyon, it isn't sadly.

Skip the skywalk and instead see the canyon in your own way. It is large enough that there will always be parts of it that don't have tourists around, offering solitude.

Reader's Digest suggests that the best way to see the canyon is from a helicopter allowing you the chance to "take in its beauty and massive size."

28 The Empire State Building - overrated view

As we've already pointed out, it's the buildings like this in New York City that can offer a much better view than the likes of the Statue Of Liberty, but that doesn't mean it's worth getting to the top of it. For a start, it is one of the biggest tourist traps in the US, meaning you won't be the only one who had the smart idea of seeing NYC from up there. There are other buildings that can offer this sort of view in New York City that might better suit your needs.

27 Taj Mahal - the wealth disparity is abysmal

While it still serves as a beautiful bit of architecture, the Mahal is well known for being a major tourist trap, meaning that there are always long lines to get in and see it properly.

Throw in the fact that Reader's Digest note "how difficult it is to ignore the wealth disparity."

Maybe people enjoy this palace a little bit less when they have to get through the poor people on the streets to get to the long lines! Societal change needs to happen to make it more appealing.

26 The Santa Monica Pier

This pier in California is known for being gorgeous, which is why we would suggest that rather than going onto it, people take a chair and relax on the beach to take a look at it from a far. Reader's Digest claim that it is "run down, the amount of people that are there makes it very hard to actually walk around, and everything is extremely overpriced." This isn't what we want from our tourist sights!

25 The London Eye

London is a very old city, one filled with history and culture for tourists to take in, so we don't know why people would waste their time there sitting on what is essentially a giant ferris wheel.

People have to wait in line twice, once to buy the ticket and then again to actually get on the thing!

Reader's Digest suggests having "a fancy cocktail to celebrate your trip by visiting The Shard." The Shard is a much more impressive London landmark anyway!

24 The Colosseum

This is the place where a lot of history fans want to go to take in the ancient architecture, and to be honest, we can't blame them for that!

However, Reader's Digest claims that "you’ll be touring around with an estimated 11,000 visitors per day, on average," which "can make for an exhausting experience, especially in those prime days of summer heat."

If it's one that you just have to scratch off, then it might be worth it, but otherwise we say leave this one out.

23 The Hollywood Sign

It's well known that Hollywood isn't exactly great for traffic, so people can expect to spend a lot of time in their car on the way to the place where they can start hiking up the sign.

However, what a lot of people don't know about is the regulations that keep people from going right up to the sign.

According to Reader's Digest, "due to restrictions, the closest you can get is a half-mile away." We don't think that hiking that far up to only get this close is worth it to be honest!

22 Cu Chi Tunnels

There are very few people out there that wouldn't be interested in seeing the tunnels that were used by the Viet Cong during the war.

Sadly, they've not been kept how they once were, being widened to properly accommodate larger tourists and using tour guides that are forced to stick to scripts.

These tunnels are a perfect example of how tourists can end up having a very negative effect on what is essentially a relic of a time gone by!

21 Petronas Towers

Just like every other huge building on this list, it would be a lie to say that these things aren't worth going to see from a distance, but actually going up them might not be worth it in the end, with Reader's Digest claiming "it’s not quite worth it to go up, since you can’t see the towers when you’re in them." Maybe visit and take a look from far away and then move onto the next thing you want to visit in Kuala Lumpur.

20 Checkpoint Charlie

There was once a time when visiting this place would've offered a genuinely fascinating and tense experience, but this is no longer true.

Thankfully, this checkpoint is no longer needed to keep an eye on movement between both east and west Berlin.

However, this means that any excitement that was once had here has now been removed. In general, it's a good thing, but not so great when it comes to making it a tourist trap.

19 Palace Of Versailles

When people think of this opulent palace, we imagine they want to experience it the way that it used to be, but sadly it is very different now.

What was once a fantastic place to party in back in the day, is now a place to be "shuffled through a crowd" according to Reader's Digest.

Do yourself a favor and don't bother with this one, taking in other places across the beautiful country that is France.

18 Capilano Bridge

Now that we live in a world where people put everything on the internet, there are very few places that people can escape too!

This is true of the Capilano Bridge as well, with Reader's Digest saying, "with back-to-back congestion, you might forget you’re experiencing this landmark."

It's impossible to have something nice if we're constantly just throwing it all over the internet as soon as we find it!

17 Niagara Falls

There was once a time when people would go down the falls in barrels, so it's clear that there has always been something about this place that drew people from far and wide.

It may still be worth seeing, but you're going to want to go under different circumstances than most other people.

As Reader's Digest puts it, "since they are rather spectacular, you’ll definitely want to visit. But, make sure to spend the extra money for a more luxury experience."

16 The Space Needle

It is important to note that this building is genuinely impressive to view, a view that is worth seeing to be honest. However, this comes with a caveat to be honest. Reader's Digest claim, "as you’re shuttled to the top, you’re constantly being sold trinkets and encouraged to buy more and more." It might be smart to take a trip to Seattle if you're interested in seeing the Space Needle, but maybe keep it at some distance while you're there!

15 Loch Ness

Everyone knows about this place because of the mythical monster that lives within it, but seeing as there's no chance of you seeing a monster, is it worth visiting at all?!

Apparently not, as it seems that the only way most people see it is after a twelve-hour bus journey.

As Reader's Digest put it, "because you spend all of your time on a bus, only to return, it can be a tiring day with little wonder." Probably not the monster tour some consider it to be!

14 Giant's Causeway

This may look amazing, but according to Reader's Digest, "once you’re there, it’s rather small and underwhelming, making for disappointed jetsetters."

It's sad to think that a lot of places we see on the internet probably aren't as imposing once they're seen in person.

Rather than go and see this one, people might want to have a look at some other attractions in Northern Ireland!

13 Machu Picchu

While this place is well worth seeing, some people believe it's actually the journey that's worth seeing rather than the place itself!

Reader's Digest suggests that "the single-day hype leaves much to the imagination," and that "if you take the bus winding up the mountain in the early morning, bum around the ruins, and call it a day, you might feel disappointed."

Look as if it's only worth visiting if you do it properly, hiking up there and staying the night outside the gates!

12 The Dead Sea

This is one of those places that people travel to every year, hoping to enjoy the feeling of bobbing along in the sea, fully buoyant without having to move. However, Reader's Digest suggests that "if you have the slightest nick, scratch, or cut anywhere on your skin, you will be in tremendous pain." People often forget that the reason it offers a truly unique chance to experience water like nowhere else is due to the huge amount of salt that is found within the water, so only go if you're fully healed all over!

11 The Bean

To those living in Chicago, this piece of sculpture is actually something to be very proud of, but that doesn't mean it's worth travelling all the way there just to see it!

"You might want to snag a photo of your own—but that’s about all you’ll reap from the experience," according to Reader's Digest.

We would suggest people go somewhere else in Chicago, somewhere that will teach them about the huge amount of history within the place.