Dubai is the center and most populous city of the Dubai government, one of the wealthiest organizations that make up the United Arab Emirates federation. Dubai is a metropolitan area of skyscrapers, docks, and coastlines where big business coexists with sun enthusiasts. Dubai, which sprung from the Arabian desert, is a city with many ambitions, with mega malls, some of the world's tallest structures, and the world's biggest artificial islands. Here are the ten reasons why tourists should visit Dubai.

10 Shopping In Dubai

Dubai is linked with shopping, and there is nothing visitors cannot purchase in Dubai. The emirate is densely packed with big shopping malls constructed side by side with ancient bazaars, where local store owners sell everything, including spices to apparel to carpets and rugs. Dubai is also well-known for its numerous shopping events. And notable that draws thousands of customers from all over the globe is the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF), which takes place every January and lasts for a month.

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9 International Hotels

Dubai boasts a diverse choice of international hotels that accommodate all demands and budgets of tourists. Tourists are constantly looking for the best places to stay, and Dubai has plenty of options. In addition, Dubai is well-known for its outstanding luxury hotels, which pamper visitors with magnificent accommodations, exquisite foreign cuisine, and extra-special services. Moreover, tourists have options ranging from glittering Italian-designed buildings to traditional Arabian desert resorts that they would love.

8 The New Travel International Hub

With the rise of Emirates Airline, Dubai has emerged as the new stopover and linking flight center. Travelers can easily reach the city due to its location in the Middle East. With over 83.6 million passengers in 2016, Dubai International Airport is the first hub for international travelers. Dubai is acknowledged as one of the world's largest and busiest travel hubs. Furthermore, flydubai has become the world's quickest start-up airline, with flights to more than 85 locations in 44 countries.

7 Amazing Infrastructures

Dubai has world-class infrastructure, well-kept roads, and good public transportation and connections. However, excellent infrastructure is only one of the reasons why Dubai is a worldwide commerce hub. Dubai, located at the crossroads of East and West, serves as a trading hub for an area of 2.2 billion people across Africa, Europe, and other countries. Moreover, different governmental entities have taken initiatives to guarantee that facilities in Dubai are built and maintained.

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6 Safe Haven

Dubai is an economically prosperous city with a safe atmosphere for citizens, businesses, and tourists. It is also one of the safest places in the world in terms of danger and health, making it a haven for everybody. Because of its more onerous restrictions, crime is kept to a minimum, and many tourists feel considerably safer in Dubai than in other regions of the world. Traveling on the city's public transportation is hygienic, secure, and well-monitored, and it poses no danger to passengers.

5 The Palm Jumeirah Dubai

The Palm Jumeirah is a manufactured island in the United Arab Emirates developed by Nakheel through land reclamation known as the Palm Islands. It is situated on the emirate of Dubai's Jumeirah beachfront region. The palm-shaped island of Palm Jumeirah is famed for its glamorous hotels, expensive condominium buildings, and premium worldwide restaurants. Also, food carts selling shawarma along the Palm Jumeirah Boardwalk can be seen, which is famous for its views of the Dubai shoreline and the sail-shaped Burj Al Arab hotel. Beach bars with saunas and infinity pools transform into rowdy bars with live DJs in the evening.

4 Dubai's Adventures

Dubai is known for its great hobbies, such as quad biking in the desert, skiing or ice skating in a mall, and cruising around the Marina Bay skyscrapers. In addition, Dubai is the most progressive city in the UAE, and it is only natural that it holds some of the most popular tourist destinations around the world. Its geographical location makes it an ideal venue to hold exciting events like sports. Travelers who are constantly looking for adventure and eager to learn new things can genuinely enjoy Dubai.

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3 Luxury Restaurants

Dubai's cuisine is almost too exotic to comprehend. The most outstanding restaurants in the city feature every known cuisine from various countries worldwide, with a touch of the taste of Dubai. A Michelin Guide is not really a concern in these restaurants, because it recruits chefs or chain restaurants already acknowledged by such a distinguished book overseas. These luxurious restaurants are a liberation experience to many because of their spectacular interior decoration, city views, and memorable dining experiences.

2 Theme Parks

Dubai is a lovely city with many exciting places to visit and activities to do. With great goals and the know-how to make even the most outrageous visions a reality, Dubai is quickly becoming the world's most fascinating adventurous playground. Whether it's family enjoyment or the most exciting thrills that most visitors seek, there's something for everyone. Furthermore, with various themes, world-class rides for children of all ages, and year-round weather, it's no surprise that the city is becoming recognized for its amusement parks.

1 Dubai's Food Scene

The city offers a magnificent array of gastronomic types with varied populations. There's enough for everyone among the hundreds of cafes, both simple and high-end. Add to it the plethora of culinary events that take place throughout the year, as well as the continuous stream of pop-up restaurants, and it's no surprise that people speak about newcomers piling on the 'Dubai stone.' In addition, the city that never rests provides a comprehensive and, in some instances, sophisticated range of international cuisines.

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