Indonesia has over 17,000 islands, and one that tourists crowd the most is the beautiful province of Bali. The island is the largest travel destination in Indonesia. It has so much to offer, from mountain ranges, lush green jungle, serene waters, and waterfalls to the people, culture, and art. However, it is considered the most expensive travel destination in Indonesia, and indeed there's a reason why. Listed below are the reasons why tourists must visit Indonesia's gem, the province of Bali.

10 Great Accommodation

Accommodations in Bali are exceptional, from affordable AirBnB to breathtaking rentals and luxurious hotels. Tourists will never have a problem with places to stay here, for Bali offers plenty of options for the guests. Most of the accommodation places here feature infinity pools with relaxing views. Not just that, most of the lodging have great amenities that can be useful to the guests. Moreover, services are rated well because the staff guides each of their visitors patiently. The best places to stay in Bali are in:

  • Ubud - costs start at $20
  • Kuta and Legian - costs start below $100
  • Seminyak - cost starts at $10

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9 Food

A travel destination without good food is not an ideal travel destination. Bali has some of the best local recipes and is known for its cuisine, Balinese cuisine. If tourists prefer going with organized tours, they might experience cooking Balinese food on their own through a culinary class by world-class chefs. Aside from the traditional cuisine, Bali features plenty of restaurants that serve different cuisines worldwide - be it vegan, raw, or organic:

  • Ayam Pelalah - A shredded chicken dish with Indian herbs and spices
  • Nasi Campur - A long grain rice with various side dishes
  • Lili Satay - A snack on a stick made of meat or fish

8 Culture

Bali is rich in culture. The way the people preserved what their ancestors started is impressive. Several festivals are held each year, and tourists can freely enjoy and join the celebration. These festivals are Saka New Year, Ngembak Geni and Omed-omedan, Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Food Festival, Perang Pandan, Bali Art Festival, Bali Kite Festival, etc. It is a great way to know more about Bali's history and get closer to its culture.

7 The People

The Balinese people are some of the most hospitable to tourists. They are friendly and approachable. They are also known to be wonderful guides. Tourists can feel the locals' warmth and see their welcoming faces, which makes them feel at home and safe.

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6 Beaches In Bali

One of the reasons tourists keep coming back to Bali is its idyllic coastline—featuring not just white powdery sands but also black sands, turquoise clear blue waters, surrounded by lush greenery and vegetation, as well as limestone cliffs. Every beach in Bali boasts its uniqueness and scenery. Most popular beaches include Seminyak Beach, Nusa Dua Beach, Echo Beach, Jimbaran Bay, Thomas Beach, Sanur Beach, Keramas Beach, and many more.

5 Aquatic Adventures

Being home to beautiful beaches, Bali also has lots to offer when it comes to aquatic sports. Tourists may enjoy water activities from swimming, snorkeling, diving, surfing, and more. The most fantastic activity tourists can unforgettably experience is swimming with marine creatures like colorful fishes and Manta Rays. Tourists may only avail such activity by taking private tours, starting from $139, but it still varies. Although various beach resorts also offer extreme water sports activities.

4 Hiking Adventures

Aside from beautiful beaches, Bali is also known for its mountain ranges. Bali has incredible trails, featuring the best mesmerizing views. If hiking is the sole reason for tourists visiting Bali, then the best time to visit is during the dry seasons of April to September. This is due to the two seasons in Bali; the wet season is not for hiking adventures because it can be hazardous when trails are extra slippery. Some of the best hikes in Bali are:

  • West Bali National Park
  • Campuhan Ridge Walk
  • Lake Tamblingan Trek

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3 Jungle Getaways

Bali preserved its culture and resources beautifully, and tourists often enjoy return trips. Bali has a lot to offer and cannot be fully experienced in just one vacation. One of the most well-known features in Bali is the forestry escapades, featuring the famous rice fields and various extreme adventures to the impressive waterfalls. Jungle activities include quad-biking and white water rafting, jungle swing, breakfast with the elephants.

Yes, aside from the activities mentioned above and places, there are more popular attractions that Bali is known for. The Ubud monkey forest reflects how Bali preserves its land. Hundreds of monkeys inhabit this forest. Besakih Temple is the largest temple in Bali and is a must-visit attraction within the island. Ulun Danu Beratan Temple is the most popular in Bali. It is a postcard-perfect sacred temple located in Lake Bratan.

1 Shopping In Bali

In terms of shopping, Bali can also offer something to every tourist. Ubud Art Market is one of the best places to shop. It offers Balinese art styles. Local products here include ceramics, beautiful fabrics, and more hand-woven crafts reflecting the indigenous people of Indonesia. Other popular shops include Canaan, Gaya Ceramic, and Threads of Life.

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