Is traveling alone an option for women in relationships? Absolutely. Traveling with your partner can be an incredible bonding experience, but things don’t always align perfectly. Time-off and financials might prevent your significant other from joining, but that doesn’t mean you should put your plans on the back burner. If you wait for the time to be right, you might be waiting a lifetime. You don’t need to feel guilty about wanting to pursue your goals. It is a growing trend that women are branching out on their own in pursuit of new adventures and being single isn’t a requirement to join. Even if you are in a relationship, you can still have a life-changing experience on your own.

Some of the most memorable trips are those taken alone. Although it can be daunting setting off without your partner, it can help you connect with yourself and your relationship can grow even stronger from it. The trip you take alone will be vastly different than the trip you might have taken with your partner, but that doesn’t need to be a bad thing. It might allow you to capitalize on your time by doing the things you enjoy most.

You won’t need to compromise, and you can spend your time as you wish. Traveling alone offers many unique opportunities that you wouldn’t have if your partner joined you, and here are 25 reasons why women in relationships should travel alone.

24 You Can Have Personal Time

Let’s be honest, having alone time keeps relationships healthy. Just as you sometimes want to hang out at home watching cheesy movies by yourself with a face mask on, you can want to book at trip by yourself. Having time to connect with yourself is just as important as making time to spend with your significant other.

Psychology Today states, “Making time for healthy solitude gives you space for honest self-assessment as well as self-acceptance”. Self-care is important for you to be able to reflect on who you are and where you want to go. It will make you and your partner better people for it.

23 You Won't Need To Listen To Your Partners Opinions

When you’re traveling, you probably already have a mental list of what you want to do once you’re there. Travelling with your partner can be an amazing experience, but you might not get to do everything on that list. When you travel alone, your time is completely your own to do what you wish with it.

Your partner may have an interest in history, but you might want to see architecture; instead of spending time each selecting activities, you can do what you want (with no one to question what you decide)!

22 You Will Have Freewill To Do Whatever You Want

If you don’t have an interest in trying ceviche because you don’t like seafood, you can spend more time eating churros. It’s as simple as that. Without your partner, you have the freedom to make choices without having to justify it to someone else. You can splurge a little more money on a hotel with a view, and pinch pennies on food.

The choices are all yours, which can be intimidating, but it means that you can plan your trip exactly how you would like it.

21 You Can Be Spontaneous

Sometimes there are things that you need to do alone. If you want to go skydiving, but your partner is afraid of heights, you will have a hard time convincing them to join you. Instead of missing out on those once in a lifetime adventures, you can say yes. If you want to book a ziplining tour on a whim, you can be spontaneous and join the next tour. You can take opportunities as they present themselves.

You won’t need to consider your partner’s finances or if they want to do it - just follow your heart.

20 You Don't Need To Compromise

In a healthy relationship, you make hundreds of compromises. It isn’t always easy, and sometimes you may feel disappointed. Traveling with your partner involves much of the same. No two travellers are the same. You have your own tastes, interests, and budget, so it can be hard to compromise on things while abroad. When you travel alone, it is refreshing to do as you like. You will be able to do things that excite you and make you feel passionate about what you’re doing.

19 You Can Make Your Own Schedule

Do you want to wake up at the crack of dawn, and hike up the side of a mountain to watch the sunrise over Machu Picchu? Well, you can. Your partner might rather wait until later in the morning, sleep in, and have a leisurely breakfast. But you can make your own schedule when you’re traveling alone.

Making your own schedule means you won’t feel rushed or like you’re wasting time. It may seem like such a minor thing, but when you’re paying for a once in a lifetime trip, it can really change your entire experience.

18 You'll Remember That You're Happy Alone Too

Committed relationships often make us forget that we can be happy on our own too. When you begin making plans and spending a significant amount of time with your partner, it can make you forget that you can do things separate from them. We develop a reliance on our significant others.

By traveling on your own, you can reconnect with yourself and find happiness doing things alone. It can be so refreshing enjoying your own company, which you might not always get to indulge in if you’re in a long-term relationship.

17 There Are More Chances To Meet People

When you are with others while traveling, it looks to others like you don’t need any more company. When you travel alone, it forces you to approach strangers. You will find yourself more open-minded. There is so much to learn from others, and it can be one of the best parts of your experience.

One of the most exciting opportunities of travel is meeting people from around the world in foreign cities. There is so much to learn from each person, and you never know where you might meet lifelong friends (who you can visit in the future)!

16 You Will Experience Things In A Different Way

Being alone with your own thoughts can actually be quite intimidating. But it will completely change your experience. You don’t realize how much others can influence how you feel about things. You might have loved every second wandering the cobblestone streets of London, but your partner may have felt like you were both lost and wasting time.

When you are alone, you can focus on how you’re experiencing things and no one can tell you otherwise. Let's face it, the trip you take alone is very different than the trip you would take if your significant other joined you.

15 You Can Say Yes To Things You Never Thought You Would

The best thing about traveling alone is being able to say yes to whatever comes your way. You don’t need to consider your partner’s interests or their financial situation, you just think about what you want.

If you get a chance to book a ticket on a whim to go to the Amalfi Coast to hike the Path of the Gods, you book it without a second thought. It is liberating and you can do things that you never imagined. The possibilities are endless.

14 You Will Eat, Drink And Buy Whatever You Want

Who says you can’t eat gelato and a cannoli for breakfast, pizza for lunch, gelato for a snack, pasta for dinner, and gelato again for dessert? Probably your significant other. But if you are traveling alone you can eat whatever you want with no guilt (or anyone to rationalize for you). You can eat, drink and be merry.

If you want to splurge on a beautiful Italian purse, you can and no one will be there to stop you. Loved ones are great for helping you save your pennies and make smart choices, but that’s not fun. Why not eat gelato three times in one day?

13 You Will Have New Experiences To Share

Having your own experiences to share is what keeps relationships exciting. It is amazing to have shared memories to look back on together, but it is also important to have great memories for yourself. Creating lasting memories of excursions that you took by yourself is special in its own way. It gives you something exciting to talk about and keeps things interesting.

Sharing your experiences allows you to relive your travels in a new and different way. Plus, there is nothing better than watching someone light up as they tell you about something they love.

12 You Become More Ambitious

Solo travel can be intimidating. There is, of course, the fear of the unknown, but also being alone is what holds you back the most. Once you begin traveling alone, and start to enjoy yourself, you start to become more ambitious. Suddenly ordering food in another language isn’t as intimidating, and you start to think bigger. Your next trip, you’ll be ready to take the next step outside of your comfort zone. You will challenge yourself to travel to countries that are completely different culturally to yours and you will grow astronomically as a person.

11 You Become More Independent

This one is slightly obvious, but it could not be truer. What are relationships for but to rely on one another? However, this can stunt your personal growth. It is a slow development that sometimes we might not recognize as it happens, however it is inevitable that you begin to assume roles in your relationship.

By taking off on a trip by yourself, you are able to rediscover an independence you may have forgotten. You will come to discover you don’t need their aid or support to successfully make your way around the world.

10 You Become Self-Reliant

In relationships, it becomes easy to lean on your significant other for help. They might do the heavy lifting for you or maybe they are better at navigation, but when they aren’t around what are you to do? Traveling alone can be challenging because sometimes you just wish there was someone there to share your stresses or fears, to pick up the slack where you struggle… but you develop a new kind of self-reliance by taking on these tasks by yourself.

It is liberating to go back home and realize you navigated your way through 17 countries, and you didn’t need your partner to help you.

9 You Become Adaptable

Unfortunately, you can do all of the planning you want but there will always be difficulties on your trip out of your control. Maybe your train is delayed and you’re going to miss your connection, or maybe you realized you booked your bus for the wrong day. You will learn to take this in strides.

At the end of the day, as long as you’re safe, that is all that matters. Sure it will be disappointing (and sometimes costly), but you will learn to adapt from it. It would be nice to have a partner with you to share in your frustrations, but when you’re alone you learn how to cope and adapt more so than if you had someone helping you solve the problem.

8 You Will Become More Confident

Believe me when I say that the amount of pride you will feel for yourself will be immense. You will be surprised with yourself when you are able to successfully plan a trip, get around a foreign country, navigate new languages, and have fun along the way. You will be beaming when you overcome unexpected challenges, and you will be elated by all of the experience you gain. You will return home with a new-found confidence that your partner won’t be able to miss (or resist).

7 You Will Learn To Be Resourceful

Things happen all the time and your well-laid plans won’t come to fruition. That is just a sad reality of travel. However, from this, you become more resourceful. There are things that you never anticipate becoming a challenge until suddenly its glaring you in the face. However, you find creative ways to cope with these challenges. You might struggle to communicate with a vendor in a different language, but you will find new ways to express yourself using translation apps, gestures or images.

6 You Will Become More Open-Minded

As you begin to explore the world by yourself, you will open your mind more to new possibilities and new ways of thinking. This happens at a deeper level though when you’re traveling alone. Without your significant other, you will spend more time with yourself and your thoughts. You will be able to fully immerse yourself into the culture, and you will be able to form your own opinions on your experiences. You won’t be influenced by the opinions of others and you will be forced out of your comfort zone.

Traveling with a significant other provides you with security, however the absence of this pushes you to expand your horizons.

5 You Will Look At The World Differently

As mentioned previously traveling without your partner provides you with a completely different experience on your trip, but it will also force you to look at the world differently in general. When you travel solo, you begin to notice things that you might not have if you had been with someone. You might notice a small shop down an alley that sells the best pesto you’ve ever tasted.

If you had been walking through the area with your partner, you might have been chatting and not noticed it. There are small things that you can begin to observe when you aren’t focused on others.