As the capital of England, London is naturally always going to be one of the tourist hotspots for folks making their way over from different countries. It's a pretty special place for a million and one different reasons, but instead of looking at things from the perspective of your everyday tourist, we want to take a look at London from the perspective of the Brits themselves.

Not everyone in the country has even been to London before or even considered doing so, but most natives have some kind of opinion on the city in one way or another — for better or worse.

10 HATE: Rising Crime

You’ve probably heard all about it on the news already, but it needs to be repeated: the crime in London is atrocious, and the figures seem to be rising on a day to day basis. Action needs to be taken to not only improve the safety of tourists but also general locals within the area.

London is supposed to be one of the most diverse places in the world, and if this is the kind of message that is being sent out to the masses, it isn’t going to remain that way for very much longer.

9 LOVE: Nightlife

It may be a bit pricey and it may not suit everyone 100% of the time, but the nightlife in London is the place to be on a Friday or Saturday night. They always seem to have just about everything to suit every mood, regardless of what kind of evening you had in mind.

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It doesn’t matter if you want an all-night disco or if you just want a quiet drink or two with your friends because there are bars, clubs, and pubs for every occasion imaginable.

Ignore the stereotypes, folks, and try it for yourself.

8 HATE: Expensive Cabs

You’ve probably heard and read about how black cab drivers in London have been complaining about Uber, to the point where they’re actively trying to put them out of business. Of course, what they fail to tell you is that getting around in a black cab is ten times worse than using an Uber.

It truly is baffling to think that there are people so stuck in the past that they will arrogantly claim it to be a better form of transport. It’s way more expensive, the drivers are often quite cheeky and unpleasant, and it’s too old school for our liking.

7 LOVE: Hyde Park

New York City has Central Park and London has Hyde Park. There just seems to be something so peaceful about walking through it on a day to day basis, as if it takes the stress of city life and puts it to one side – if only for a minute or two.

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It doesn’t remove the stress completely, of course, because this is still London, but for a moment you’re able to get a glimpse into what it’s like to experience the gorgeous English countryside.

It’s an escape from the chaos, and we all need that.

6 HATE: Ridiculous Traffic

Most big cities have bad traffic, but due to the fact that lots of people use public transport in London, there seems to be this perception that there isn’t as much traffic in the area: but that is completely false.

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Driving through central London is a silly, silly idea, which folks tend to discover pretty quickly. If you do have a car and you do decide to use it to get around in the area, then you’d better prepare to add around 20-40 minutes onto every single journey that you make.

5 LOVE: London Eye

Tourist attractions come and go, but there really is something special about the London Eye. It isn’t too expensive, you can ride it with any number of friends, and it’s completely safe. Oh, and it gives you some utterly remarkable views of England’s famous capital.

You really do get a lot of time to think to yourself about how amazing it is to see the city from that high up, which is a special thing in its own right.

It’s not the only attraction of its kind, but it is certainly one of the most memorable.

4 HATE: Too Much ‘Royal’ Love

There are two sides of the coin in this regard, but for the most part, a lot of Brits aren’t big fans of how much emphasis is put onto the Royals. They are certainly proud of their heritage and the history that comes with it, but when so much money is funneled into them on a daily basis, it can become pretty hard to swallow.

There are many sights to see in London that don’t revolve around the queen or her extended family, and it seems like it’s about time people open their eyes to that fact.

3 LOVE: Business Hub

Businesses come and go in a lot of major English cities, but in London, the majority of them tend to stick pretty well. If you are embedded within the world of business as a whole, then there’s a good chance you’ll end up in London for one reason or another.

It also seems to have a bit more class than most of your standard financial districts such as New York, and that probably comes down to the English people themselves.

Canary Wharf, in particular, is a remarkable place, if you’re looking for tips.

2 HATE: Cost Of Rent

For the money it costs to purchase a one-bedroom flat in London, you could almost certainly get a luxurious three-bedroom house in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. That seems to be the primary difference between London and the rest of the country because it’s just so unrealistic to think that it’s a financially viable place to live.

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It’s a 'larger than life' city that everyone wants to visit at some point during their lifetime, but ‘visit’ is the keyword there. If you want more than that, then you’d better have money in the bank.


It’s all well and good having tourists enjoying their day out in London, but it isn’t quite so nice for the locals in the area who may be delayed or asked for questions or given leaflets to things that they’ve visited a million times before.

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The sheer quantity of tourists in London on a day-to-day basis is kind of impossible to keep track of, to the point where everything always seems to be crammed on a 24/7 basis. On the other hand, so many London natives meet amazing people from all over the world and are given opportunities because of such. If there's a happy medium between foreigner and native, London could be better.