When it comes to singling out the most beautiful regions on the face of the planet, Scandinavia is right up there with the best of them. For the sake of this piece, we're going to include Finland and Iceland in the mix, too, even though some people only like featuring Denmark, Norway, and Sweden when talking about the area.

Nevertheless, we love it there and we think all of you should, too. For the purposes of the article, we're going to assume that a lot of you reading this haven't actually heard about some of these natural wonders or facts, and if that isn't in fact true, then you can just enjoy daydreaming about a future trip there.

10 Eurovision History

Eurovision, as you can probably tell by the name, isn’t a song contest that always translates overseas and beyond Europe. For those of you who don’t know what it’s all about, essentially, every country from within the continent puts forward a singer or group in an attempt to win one of the most remarkable singing contests there has ever been.

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Scandinavia has a particularly rich history in this department with all five primary nations, especially Norway, Sweden, and Finland, contributing with some magnificent winners over the years.

Trust us, you’ll want to learn about this.

9 Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are absolutely magnificent and there’s no other way of saying it. It’s the kind of natural phenomenon that you’d always wish to see for yourself, sometimes just so you can believe it with your very own eyes.

The trail of following the lights is one that a lot of travelers venture on, but in the end, not all are successful. Just from looking at the images alone, you should be desperate to make the trip over in order to try and capture a glimpse at these fantastic lights.

8 Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens doubles up as a really beautiful park and a fantastic theme park, in one of those combos that shouldn’t really work – but totally does. Located in the heart of Copenhagen, it has been one of the key tourist spots in the city for many years now.

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If you do decide to head over with the intention of going here then make sure you check out the opening times, because contrary to popular belief, it isn’t open all year round.

When it comes to hidden gems, though, Tivoli is up there with the best of them.

7 Nyhavn

If you’ve ever seen the television show Balamory, then you’ll understand why this is so much fun. If not, it doesn’t really matter, because Nyhavn is brilliant regardless of how you’re viewing it.

The colorful houses are complimented brilliantly by the general ambiance of the area in Copenhagen, and in addition to that, the bars, shops, and restaurants nearby are all pretty special.

If you go at sunset or even sunrise, then prepare yourself for one of the best views in all of Scandinavia – and no, we really aren’t exaggerating.

6 Norwegian Fjords

Norway is special for a multitude of reasons, but the fjords are on a whole other level. They resemble something out of an epic thriller movie because, in many ways, they’re so grand and larger than life that it’s almost difficult to believe they really exist.

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For those of you who don’t know, a fjord is a long inlet with some steep cliffs that have been forged by a glacier. The result, regardless of whether it’s wintertime or summer, is absolutely spectacular – and we mean that from the heart.

5 Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is one of the most popular attractions in all of Iceland, and again, it’s not hard to see why. It is defined as being a geothermal spa and is found in the south of the island. Given how small Iceland is you’d think that it’d be a pretty big tourist spot regardless of where it is, but trust us when we say that there are very few places on the planet that can compare to this.

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If you’ve ever been to a spa and go there with the intention of relaxing to the absolute maximum, that’s great. However, we can guarantee it wasn’t as pleasant of an experience as this.

4 The World of Lego

The heart of Lego is found deep within the Copenhagen roots, and that’s particularly true of Billund. While the United Kingdom may have made it seem like they were the originators of the fun colorful bricks, that just isn’t the case.

There is quite literally so much history behind Lego that most of us have never even heard about, even though we’ve all played with it on multiple occasions over the years.

We always find it nice when different regions have different traits and histories, and Lego is most certainly well represented in Denmark.

3 Lapland

Lapland is an entire region which is located up in the north of Finland, which isn’t actually populated all too well. However, despite that being the case, it still receives a large influx of visitors on a year to year basis. What’s the reason for that? Santa Claus.

There’s fantastic theming to be found throughout the area, as lovers of Christmas descend upon the area in order to celebrate the holidays. You’ve got the reindeer, Santa impersonators, and enough snow to last you a lifetime. It really is, as advertised, very magical.

2 The Abba Love

Abba is known for being one of the greatest pop groups of their generation, and arguably, of all time. They are considered to be national treasures in their home country of Sweden, and rightly so: because they kind of put them on the map (with the Eurovision Song Contest helping out a lot with that).

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There’s even an Abba Museum in Stockholm for all you fanatics out there who want to learn more about the group. Even if you aren’t that keen on them, though, it’s worth poking your head around the corner to see just how much of an appreciation there is over there for their work.

1 They’re All So Happy

In any walk of life, it’s nice to see people with smiles on their faces, but in Scandinavia, it truly does seem and feel like it’s impossible for any of them to frown or look sad in any way, shape or form.

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They just all come across as being so happy all of the time, and why shouldn’t they be? There’s a high standard of living in all of the aforementioned countries, they seem to have great economies respectively, and there’s so much to do that it’d be impossible to ever find yourself being bored.