Virginia is for lovers, people say. The truth, however, is that South Carolina is the state that will steal your heart.

From sandy beaches and scenic golf courses to mysterious marshes and beautiful camping sites, the Palmetto State has a lot to offer. Despite its dark colonial past, now South Carolina is a place where southern charm and cosmopolitan vibes meet and melt into love.

While foodies will be captivated by its Lowcountry delicacies; nature lovers will be smitten by its natural wonders, hiking trails, and Sea Islands. Beach lovers, on the other hand, will flip over the beach towns and entertainment venues along the white sandy Grand Strand.

Here are 10 reasons to love South Carolina.

10 Beach Lovers Will Fall In Love With Myrtle Beach, The Center Of The Grand Strand

Myrtle Beach, the center of the Grand Strand, is one of the most exciting beach resorts in the US. We should mention that the Grand Strand is a beautiful 60-mile stretch of sandy beaches that starts from charming Little River down to historic Georgetown. Myrtle Beach also offers numerous beachwear stores, seafood restaurants, golf courses, and arcades; there is also an observation wheel, one of the tallest Ferris wheels in the US.

9 Tickle Your Senses With A Trip To Huntington Beach State Park And Brookgreen Gardens

If you are a helpless romantic, then there’s no doubt you’ll fall in love with Brookgreen Gardens and Huntington Beach State Park - two of South Carolina’s most precious gems along the Atlantic Coast. Brookgreen Gardens is a fascinating sculpture complex where visitors can see native animals and butterflies. Huntington Beach State Park, on the other hand, is a wonderful place for bird lovers. Inside the park, one can see the romantic Atalaya castle - the former holiday home of Anna Hyatt Huntington, the creator of Brookgreen Gardens.

8 The Brightly-Colored Houses Of Charleston Are Like A Feast For The Eyes

Those fascinated with architecture will love Charleston. Despite its dark colonial past, Charleston is a lively city; a maze of colorful historic houses and local markets. One of the most popular and photographed areas is Rainbow Row, a series of pastel-colored houses. Some say that the houses were painted in different colors to help intoxicated sailors find their way home. Fort Sumter is another must-see place; an iconic site associated with the beginning of the Civil War.

7 Mars Bluff In Florence Country Is A Great Destination For Curious Travelers

South Carolina is also a mysterious destination for adventure travelers. The infamous Mars Bluff Crater in Florence, SC, for instance, is a reminder of the panic during the Cold War. According to Atlas Obscura, numerous nuclear bombs were accidentally dropped on American soil... by the American military. Luckily, the bomb dropped in 1958 on Walter Gregg’s house wasn’t armed with a nuclear rod and didn’t detonate. Note that the crater is around 75 feet wide and 30 feet deep.

6 Visit Caesars Head State Park, One Of The Green Gems Of South Carolina, And Pamper Your Heart With Lush Vistas

Caesars Head State Park is one of the loveliest places in the South Carolina Upstate. The park offers breathtaking views and hiking trails. One of the most scenic trails there leads to Raven Cliff Falls, the tallest waterfall in South Carolina. Note that primitive camping areas are also available. Caesars Head State is only 30 miles from Greenville - one of the most cosmopolitan cities in South Carolina.

5 The Fishing Village Of Murrells Inlet, The Seafood Capital Of South Carolina, Offers Dreamy Delicacies

Known for its Lowcountry delicacies, South Carolina is an attractive place for foodies; seafood, in particular, is highly popular and affordable. One of the must-see places in South Carolina is the charming fishing village of Murrells Inlet, the seafood capital of South Carolina, as per Myrtle Beach. The MarshWalk is one of the most visited attractions in the area; visitors can also enjoy a boat tour and explore the beauty of Murrells Inlet’s estuary.

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4 Congaree National Park And Nature Lovers Go Hand In Hand

If you are a nature lover, put Congaree National Park on your bucket list. This wonderful park is situated in central South Carolina, on the edge of Lake Marion - the largest lake in the Palmetto State. Interestingly enough, the lake is often referred to as South Carolina’s inland sea, as per Lake Homes. Congaree National Park offers numerous hiking, camping, and kayaking spots; visitors can also explore the mystery of the park’s bottomland hardwood forest.

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3 Love And Golf Balls Are In The Air

South Carolina is known for many things, and one of them is the state’s wonderful golf courses. Myrtle Beach, in particular, is home to some of the world’s most beautiful golf courses, such as the Dunes Golf & Beach Club, Tidewater Golf Club, and Love Course at Barefoot Resort. Some of the most scenic golf places in Myrtle Beach are located along the romantic Intracoastal Waterway that parallels the Atlantic Coast, as per Myrtle Beach Golf.

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2 Visiting South Carolina's Plantations Is Like Entering A Fairy Tale

From sandy beaches to mysterious marshes, South Carolina’s natural beauty is well-known across the country. South Carolina’s plantations, in particular, are among the most mesmerizing and romantic places that visitors can explore. Magnolia Plantations - the oldest public gardens in the US (opened in 1870) - is home to lush vegetation and wildlife. Because of its southern romance, Magnolia Plantation and Gardens is a popular wedding venue.

1 Columbia, The Capital Of The Palmetto State, Is A Lovely Southern City That Has A Lot To Offer

South Carolina is where southern charm and cosmopolitan vibes meet. Its capital, Columbia, is one of South Carolina's most diverse cities. The city is home to different museums, monuments, and gardens. Columbia’s Riverbanks Zoo and Garden, for example, is one of the top attractions there; a lovely place for families with kids. From Columbia, SC, one can easily reach Johnston, SC - the Peach Capital of the World, as well as Charlotte, NC, one of the major cities in North Carolina.

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