Trying to decide between staying in Punta Cana and Puerto Plata? You’re not alone! Both of these Dominican Republic destinations have many alluring factors that make them both great choices for the ultimate tropical vacation.

In this article, we’ll offer up 20 reasons why you should consider Punta Cana over the busier and more lively Puerto Plata.

Ultimately, these two locations have their strengths and weaknesses. The decision will come down to you and the kind of traveler that you are.

But we can think of at least 20 reasons why you might prefer to go with Punta Cana. Check them out below!

20 The Beaches Are More Relaxing And Superior

Any traveler who’s been to both Punta Cana and Puerto Plata will tell you that the beaches are superior in Punta Cana. Think white sand, crystal-blue water, and conditions that could resemble a postcard. While the beaches are still nice in Puerto Plata, they’re not quite at the same level

19 The Sand Is Perfect For Long Walks

Not only is the water more beautiful in Punta Cana, but the sand along the beaches is also superior. It’s incredibly soft white sand, and due to its color, it doesn’t get as hot as darker sand. Plus, you won’t find sharp shells and rocks hidden in the sand, so you can go for long barefoot walks.

18 The Water Is Safer For Younger Children

Overall, Punta Cana is a more family-friendly destination. When it comes to enjoying a day at the beach, the waters at Punta Cana tend to be calmer. There are fewer waves and it’s not so choppy, which is preferable if you have young children in the water.

17 It’s A Great Place For Golfing

A lot of travelers talk about how there are endless things to do in Puerto Plata. That may be true, but when it comes to one activity, in particular, Punta Cana has the best reputation. You can golf until your heart’s content here!

16 The Vibe Is Quieter

The vibe in Punta Cana is very different from how it is in Puerto Plata. The destination feels much quieter and more relaxed. If you want a relaxing holiday where you can unwind, Punta Cana is the place to choose.

15 Punta Cana Is Newer So Nothing Is Dated

Although Punta Cana and Puerto Plata are similar in many ways, one of the ways in which they are different is that Punta Cana is much newer. The standard of the resorts is incredibly up to date and you won’t feel like you’re staying in old accommodations.

14 It’s A More Family-Oriented Destination

Although the activities in Puerto Plata really are endless, Punta Cana is still regarded as a more family-oriented destination. One Trip Advisor reviewer who has been to both believes that the milder weather and quiet vibe means Punta Cana is better for young travelers.

13 The Weather Tends To Be Calmer

It’s not just the waters of the beaches in Punta Cana that are calmer than their counterparts in Puerto Plata. The weather itself is calmer and you’re less likely to experience strong winds there. The time of year you travel obviously comes into play too, but Punta Cana is calmer overall.

12 There’s A Wide Variety Of Resorts

Punta Cana is known as a destination where you can just be a resort potato. In other words, you never have to leave your resort because you have everything at your fingertips and the point is to relax. And speaking of resorts, they have quite a wide variety of them to choose from.

11 The Entertainment May Be Superior

While some travelers claim that there is more to see and do in Puerto Plata, others argue that the entertainment on offer in Punta Cana is superior. According to a Trip Advisor reviewer, the entertainment in Punta Cana is just of better quality.

10 And The Entertainment Comes To You

Not only is the entertainment amazing quality in Punta Cana, but according to New River Valley Magazine, it also comes to you at your resort. Rather than having to travel long distances to watch performances and hear music, you can do it all from the comfort of your resort.

9 It’s More Scenic

While Puerto Plata has luscious vegetation that is missing from Punta Cana, Punta Cana looks like a postcard. Imagine a perfect tropical getaway and that’s Punta Cana. From the white sands to the blue waters and skies, it’s as pretty as a picture.

8 The Resort Standards Are The Same As Those In The USA

The standard of resorts in Punta Cana is overall higher than the standard you’d find in Puerto Plata, even though Puerto Plata is still a great destination. The resort standards are actually the same as those in the United States.

7 The Snorkeling Tours Are Amazing

One of the most popular activities in Punta Cana is snorkeling. There are several snorkeling tours you can take that are amazing and that will show you a world of undersea life. This relaxing activity is easy and totally stress-free, so you can easily slip it into your schedule.

6 It Is Affordable, Despite Being More Expensive Than Puerto Plata

The prices in Punta Cana are generally higher than those in Puerto Plata. Punta Cana is a more expensive destination on the whole, but that doesn’t mean it’s not affordable. When you consider how beautiful this beach getaway is, you’ll see it’s well worth the price.

5 It’s Easier To Get R&R

If you are in need of serious rest, then Punta Cana is the best choice, hands down. Due to the stunning scenery, the lazy-quiet vibe and the mild weather, you’ll easily be able to get the rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation that you need.

4 There Are Great Fishing Opportunities

The other fun activity that a lot of people love to do in Punta Cana is fishing. There are so many great opportunities for good fishing, and you can go out on fishing tours and excursions with qualified guides who will show you what to do.

3 There Are Creative Business Opportunities

Most people think of Punta Cana as the ultimate holiday destination. But for those who are thinking of moving there permanently, one Trip Advisor reviewer believes it’s a great place to live. For those who are looking for new and exciting jobs, there are many creative business opportunities.

2 It’s Great Value For What It Offers

Punta Cana may be more expensive than Puerto Plata, but when you weigh up everything that it offers against the asking price, it’s actually great value. In return for your money, you get access to exclusive resorts, delicious food, some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet, plus total relaxation.

1 Punta Cana Is A Destination For Everyone

The best thing about Punta Cana? It’s a destination for everyone. Young people can swim at the beaches safely under adult supervision while mature people can relax and re-energize. And those who want to party can do so thanks to the great entertainment on offer.