5 Reasons To Pay For Premium Economy (& 5 To Go All The Way & Pay For Business)

Deciding how much you want to spend on travel can be the most restrictive part of planning a trip. It can also be the decision that can make getting to your destination a dream come true or your worst travel nightmare. Here, we go into detail about five of the most important reasons to pay for a Premium Economy seat over choosing a regular Economy, as well as five more reasons to splurge and just go for a Business class seat.

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Different airlines may have different offerings, but these are some of the most commonly offered perks that come with a Premium Economy ticket.

10 Extra Miles

Many of us choose credit card companies based on the rewards given, and most companies offer some type of airline miles rewards system, where you gain miles based on your purchases. However, some airline companies have internal rewards as well, where you gain points for future flights simply by having booked one. Some airlines will increase the number of rewards you receive if you choose a seating upgrade, such as Premium Economy.

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It makes sense to choose an option that will reward you in the long run, especially if you travel frequently. These rewards points will often offset the cost of the flight, reducing your travel expenses. Whoever thought that paying more for a seat could save you money?

9 Power Outlet Access

What could be more frustrating than finally getting comfortable in your seat on the airplane and only then realizing your phone battery is dead? While those in the Economy may just have to hope that they will be able to find a place to charge their device on the ground, those in Premium Economy usually have direct access to a power outlet and can recharge in the sky! According to SeatMaestro.com, different airlines will even offer different styles of charging ports, some even with an ultra-modern USB plugin option. It’s definitely worth it to have the peace of mind that you will be able to get in touch with family and friends upon arriving safely at your destination, and Premium Economy Seating helps this happen!

8 Legroom

There’s nothing like the feeling of sitting down after a long day on your feet, and that feeling is made even better after standing in line shuffling through airport security. However, if you decide to take the cheap option when buying your airplane ticket, you may end up with a tight, cramped seating arrangement on your flight. This travel nightmare can be easily fixed by choosing Premium Economy seating. Most airlines now provide a Premium Economy seating option that includes at least 5-7 inches of extra legroom, according to skyscanner.com. That may not sound like much, but ask the person who chose a cramped Economy seat for their 10-hour flight, and the benefits to the choice are clear.

7 Seat comfort

Having a little more cushioning or back support in a seat can go a long way when traveling. When deciding whether or not to go for Premium Economy, consider the comfort of the seat you may find yourself strapped into for hours on end. Consider the age of the aircraft as well; seating on an older aircraft will have been at the mercy of thousands of passengers before yourself. Most Premium Economy airline seats are capable of reclining more so than their Economy counterparts. If you have a particularly turbulent flight, you will certainly find yourself being thankful for choosing to spend a little more for extra comfort!

6 Priority Boarding

Airlines have figured out by now that people want to get the most out of an experience they pay for, and Premium Economy seating should be no different. Most airlines include priority boarding as a perk of choosing Premium Economy seating. One of the most unpleasant parts of taking a commercial flight is the boarding process. No one really wants to stand in a longboarding line hauling their carry-on luggage along with them, and for those who choose Premium Economy, the boarding process becomes less stressful as well. Having a separate priority boarding group reduces crowding at the gate and ensures those who paid for Premium Economy are able to board the plane in a stress-free manner, and typically before those in Economy seating!

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And now… 5 More Reasons to Go All the Way and Pay for Business Class

5 Seat Room and Reclining

Of course, you get a degree more legroom with a Premium Economy seat, but choosing a Business class seat entitles you to even more spacious seating. Typically, your business class accommodations onboard include extra storage spaces for belongings and often come with significantly more privacy than your average seat. There is often a work area where a laptop could easily be placed. The seatbacks are also capable of reclining more than those in Premium Economy. On aircraft that service longer flights, you may find yourself with a seat that is able to lie flat and turn into a bed so you can nap! This way, you can arrive at your destination well-rested.

4 Service

The level of service you will receive in Business class is nothing short of superior to that you will receive in the Premium Economy. With a Business class ticket in most airlines, you are also purchasing services that may include hot and cold towel service, complimentary drinks or food before takeoff, as well as potentially a turndown service for lie-flat capable seating. Throughout the flight, you will receive an exceptionally higher level of service. When you are several thousand feet in the air at the mercy of the cabin crew for several hours, it pays to have exceptional service from beginning to end.

3 Use of Lounge

Your Business class ticket may even open up possibilities for you before you even board the plane! The use of airline lounges found in airports is typically limited to Business and First Class passengers. These lounges are a place where you can wait to board your flight in style. Complimentary food and soft drinks are usually offered inside the lounge, where there will be ample seating. These lounges provide a quiet space away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the airport where you can get yourself together before or even after your flight once you arrive at your destination.

2 Food & Drink

Fine dining is not just limited to the ground anymore! Business-class passengers are offered a wider variety of food and drinks than those in Premium Economy. A specially crafted menu with multiple entree choices is available from most airlines. It offers the airlines a chance to show off their chef’s skills and specialties, and even give you a taste of dishes native to where you’re headed. Premium wine and beer choices may also be reserved for those in Business class. When you’re stuck in the air for hours at a time, it helps alleviate any kind of travel stress when the food is exquisite.

1 Amenities

Who doesn’t love freebies? Well, these may not be entirely free because they come with the purchase of a Business class ticket, but the amenity kits provided with Business seating help to make travel easy and pleasurable. Inside these kits are usually travel-size items such as a toothbrush and toothpaste, an eye mask, moisturizer, and for longer flights, sometimes slippers and pajamas. Depending on the airline, you may find a kit from Lalique, Bulgari, Aesop, and custom kits from Hawaiian Airlines and Japan Airlines and others. Being provided with amenities such as these to help freshen up during the flight makes the upgrade from Premium Economy to Business an obvious choice.

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