If we were to call Brock Lesnar a scary man, that would probably serve as the biggest understatement in the history of mankind. We’re talking about a dude who could legitimately wrestle circles around you, dismantle you in a fist fight, and also probably beat you in a 100m race. I mean honestly, how many individuals on the face of the planet can you think of that match that description?

Some folks won’t be a big fan of his for a variety of reasons and we can completely understand that, but there are certain aspects of his life that we find entirely fascinating. From his mixed martial arts career to his time in professional wrestling, he’s one of the biggest enigmas that the combat sports world has ever seen and we love that dynamic.

For the sake of this piece we’re going to be focusing on his affiliation with Canada, and more specifically, why he moved there. The Beast Incarnate (which is his wrestling name) seemed to gravitate towards the Great White North many years ago, and finally made the move recently which we’re confident would’ve put a smile on his face – although that is a rarity.

All jokes aside, though, Lesnar is an absolutely fascinating guy and short of a documentary being produced about his career, which we’re expecting WWE to do any day now, all of the material that you could possibly need to make your own mind up about him is out there in the world wide web.

With that being said, we’re going to try our best to communicate why Canada is the country of choice for him.

25 Hockey - Go Jets!

Very few people could believe it when Brock Lesnar went to visit the Winnipeg Jets with his family, because it just seemed so unbelievably random. The Beast Incarnate spent some time backstage with the players and even did a few interviews, revealing that his kids absolutely love hockey.

Given that he’s a Jets fan and he lives relatively close to Winnipeg, it’s not hard to imagine that he’ll want to stay relatively close to the area for at least the next few years. We can’t say that we blame him, either, because they’re looking pretty good in the NHL this season.

24 Great Healthcare - What A Life!

The statistics are all there for you to read up on – USA folk struggle with healthcare bills and have done for decades now, whereas the people up in Canada are able to get free check ups and can live knowing that they don’t have to worry about any kind of unnecessary bills that will take years to pay back.

Given Brock’s history with diverticulitis it’s important for him to have the best healthcare possible, and he’ll get that where he’s currently situated.

He may have a clean bill of health for the next two decades now that we’ve said that, but even so, it’s important to have that there in case of emergencies.

23 Friendly Residents - It’s Always Easier

It’s always easier in life when you’ve got friendly people to deal with, even if you’re Brock Lesnar and you supposedly don’t even like people all that much. The stereotype tends to be that Canadians are overly nice and while that could get annoying at times, the former WWE Champion would likely be okay with it.

Having good interactions with people can completely shift the way in which you function on a day to day basis and as dramatic as that sounds on the face of it, try going a full day without having a positive interaction with someone. It sucks.

22 Good For His Wife - Sable Doesn’t Like The Spotlight

Sable is a former WWE superstar in her own right, and back in the day, she was actually pretty famous. Of course, much like Brock, she likes to hide in the shadows these days and we can’t say that we blame her, given the tendency for fans to be too over the top.

She didn’t leave WWE on the best of terms either so it’s good for her that she only pops up every now and then. She’s had her moment in the sunshine and now she wants to enjoy some time with her children, and who are we to say that she shouldn’t be able to do that?

21 Less Emphasis On Fashion - He’s Not A Fan

As much as his fans would love to protest this point, Brock doesn’t come across as someone who puts too much into his fashion choices and that’s okay. The guy likes what he likes and does what he wants to do, as evidenced by this wonderful piece from his UFC 226 confrontation with Daniel Cormier.

In Canada the majority of folks just tend to go with whatever is comfy for them, and that’s a nice position to be in. Your image tends to be much more valued or important in a culture like the States, and that type of lifestyle certainly isn’t for everyone.

20 His Farm - He’s A Farmer Boy

Brock Lesnar has a farm, he likes farms, he grew up on a farm and Canada has lots of farms. See where we’re going with this?

He enjoys having his own land and he enjoys being able to make the best of his own situation, which is how many of us have always known Brock to be. He may be an unruly beast in the eyes of many but he’s quite a simple fella in a lot of ways, and we mean that in the nicest manner possible.

It’s important to stay humble, or at the very least, stay true to your roots, and he certainly fits into that second category. He never forgets where he’s come from, and it’s really hard not to admire that.

19 Happy Retirement - Ride Off Into The Sunset

The general belief is that retirees over in the States, and around most nations in the world, tend to struggle with the concept for long periods of time before actually settling into the idea of not working again. In Canada, though, there are so many options after your retirement that it’s kind of ridiculous.

We mean that in a nice way, of course, and it’s not too hard to figure out that Brock Lesnar will probably wind up retiring sooner rather than later. He likely has one or two more fights left in mixed martial arts, a few more years in professional wrestling, and then he has more than enough money to retire.

18 Secluded - He Likes His Own Space

There’s a reason why very few people know the location of Brock Lesnar’s humble abode: because he doesn’t want you to. Brock Lesnar enjoys his privacy and if that’s something any person who is semi notable feels, then the right thing to do is respect that to the best of your abilities.

He spends so much time in the spotlight that he needs to unwind in his personal life, and who can blame him? The world of WWE and professional wrestling as a whole is exhausting, and if fans ever saw him coming out of a restaurant or a bar, they’d swarm the guy like zombies and demand pictures.

17 The Weather - Nice And Cold

Brock was born and raised in South Dakota, and spent many years in Minnesota from his university days all the way through to his first stint in professional wrestling. So then, it’s not exactly hard to picture a scenario in which he’s okay with the freezing temperatures that he’s sometimes forced to deal with up in Canada.

You can get nice weather from time to time but for the most part it’s cold 80% of the year, which comes with the territory of being in the North. As we’ve said, though, he’s not exactly immune to it all, is he?

16 It’s Not America - The Hectic Travel

We aren’t going to suggest that Brock Lesnar hates America or anything ridiculous like that, because we have absolutely no base for that statement whatsoever. What we do know, though, is that when he was with the WWE during his first run with the company, he was pretty miserable prior to leaving.

The big reason for that was the constant travel around the country, and while he went worldwide too, the majority of the shows would take place in the United States of America.

Heading to the States probably reminds him of those days, and in particular, remind him of why he negotiated a reduced schedule from 2012 onwards.

15 Hunting - A Favourite Hobby

This isn’t something that everyone is going to enjoy or even appreciate, but it’s the fact of the matter: Brock enjoys hunting. He has done so ever since he was a child and he will likely continue to do so until his final days, because that’s just who he is and we shouldn’t spend our time judging him for that. It’s a common practice in the States, so just move on.

Canada is a hotbed for great hunting and while you don’t have to enjoy it, you do have to understand that this is a big part of the persona that we know to be Brock Lesnar.

14 Good For His Kids - Very Important

We noted the education side of things before, but in general, growing up in Canada is just a wonderful experience for any child to enjoy. Brock would’ve known that and he seems to thrive on bringing his children up in the right way, and any father out there should know how important that is.

The following shot of him and his kids should indicate just how private he is with all of that stuff, and we totally respect that.

If we were Brock’s child we’d consider ourselves to be pretty lucky, even if we would have one of the most intimidating men on Earth as our dad.

13 Great Roads To Drive - He Loves His Cars

Brock likes his big cars as he’s noted to Steve Austin on his podcast, contrary to the images that you’re seeing right in front of your very eyes. The terrain of the roads as well as the weather conditions can often make for challenges when driving, but we all know that Lesnar loves a good challenge.

Whether it’s driving down the motorway or off road there are so many different routes for him to test out and enjoy, and we’ll state on the record that we would pay seriously good money to see him on some kind of 4x4 enthusiast show – or, you know, Top Gear.

12 Tough Locals - Fight Hard

At the risk of sounding painfully stereotypical – Canadians are pretty tough, aren’t they? They have tremendously large hearts and because of that they never quite know when to quit, which can either be a blessing or a curse when you’re in a fist fight.

Of course, we aren’t talking strictly in terms of fighting because you can easily be tough without getting into scraps too, but the general vibe of the larger than life men that reside there is something that probably suits Brock down to a tee. That’s just a guess, but we feel like it’s actually fairly accurate.

11 Less Populated - Less Humans

If you believe the man himself, as heard on the Stone Cold Podcast, Brock Lesnar doesn’t like people. Now whether or not this is entirely true is certainly up for debate because he seems more than comfortable socialising with some folks, although we do believe that if you disturbed him in any way, shape or form then he wouldn’t be too happy about it.

The good thing about Canada is that, simply put, it’s less populated, and because the country is so big that means you’ve got a lot more room to yourself than you would down South. That sounds painfully basic, but it’s the truth.

10 Fishing - Nice And Relaxing

Alas, there are images out there that prove Brock’s love of fishing, even if we’re not particularly comfortable with showing them.

The Universal Champion may enjoy beating people up on Monday Night RAW but he also has a soft spot for fishing, and tends to get out and do so quite a bit either by himself or with his sons.

If you’ve ever been to Canada then you’ll know that there are a plethora of locations to go fishing, and most of the time, you’ll be undisturbed by others which would be right up Brock’s street.

9 Home Of Wrestling Royalty - Best There Is

We don’t care whether you believe us or not, because we’re convinced Brock Lesnar is a wrestling historian at heart. He likes to have this hard man persona but deep down it feels like he’s more ‘in the know’ with the wrestling world than he lets on, which is why Canada is such a great place for him.

It won’t have been the biggest reason as to why he selected to go there, but from the Hart family alone you’ve got a pedigree that very few families in the industry can top. Sure, the States is littered with high level talent from top to bottom, but nothing quite compares to the Great White North in this instance.

8 Great Entertainment - So Many Options

It doesn’t matter whether you’re into music, cagefighting, ballet or something equally as noteworthy, because there is great entertainment to be found throughout the country of Canada. While Brock may not always be too eager to engage in such practices he’d probably like to head out with his wife from time to time, if only to see what the local area is like.

Because we don’t know the specifics of where he lives (which is a good thing) we can only make assumptions, but he did state in a 2017 interview that he doesn’t live all too far from Winnipeg.

7 They Accept Him - Canada’s Own

The reception from the Canadian people when Brock Lesnar represented them at UFC 200 was great, and the same has applied ever since then. He has worn the white and red colours loud and proud, fully embracing his new dual citizenship position (even though we aren’t entirely sure whether or not he qualifies just yet).

If nothing else the idea of having someone like Brock being a resident in your country should be pretty fun and entertaining, to the point where you’d rarely have to worry about an invasion from another nation. I mean come on, who is going to mess with this guy?

6 Great Tap Water - Weird But Important

It’s well known that the tap water over in Canada is clearer than pretty much anywhere else in the world, and they’re proud of that. It’s a simple thing to master but there are so many nations out there that don’t even have clean water whatsoever, and it’s something we all take for granted.

Well, we shouldn’t any longer, we’re pretty certain Brock doesn’t given how sweaty the guy gets during every single fight or appearance that he makes. That isn’t a knock on him, either, because it serves as proof that he’s giving his all every single night out there.