For those who have ever wanted their own special cameo in a MCU film, now is your chance!

Well— sort of.

Let’s be real. Many people have daydreams about being able to watch notorious Marvel actors like Chris Hemsworth and Chadwick Boseman up front and center. But while it still remains somewhat difficult to land a role (even as an extra) on these sets, you can still visit MCU movie locations at any time! There have been over twenty films dedicated to the cinematic franchise and locations have been hand-picked all over the world to contribute to various Marvel settings. So take your pick and visit these real-life MCU movie locations.

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10 10. Stark Industries- Iron Man

Stark Industries is the home base for the genius playboy in 2008’s Iron Man. It was the first film to kick off what is now a legendary path of live-action Marvel superhero sequences. After being held prisoner by the Ten Rings on the orders of Obadiah Stane, Tony holds a press conference at his headquarters, Stark Industries. It’s during this final scene that he mutters the chilling statement, “I am Iron Man.”

This scene was filmed at Masimo Headquarters in Irvine California. Masimo is a medical technology company that develops innovative patient monitoring systems. Pretty fitting, right?

9 9. Airport - Captain America: Civil War

Tensions between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark reach a boiling point in Civil War. At the climax of the film, the two both assemble their own individual teams who square off with one another at a local airport.

It’s the perfect spot for Spider-Man to fling his webs and for Ant-Man’s gigantic ascendance. Film viewers have probably actually been on the set of this scene and not even know it! This epic civil battle was shot at Leipzig/Halle Airport in Schkeuditz, Germany.

8 8. Loki’s Speech- The Avengers

In an epic monologue that is surely the cause behind Tom Hiddleson’s adoring fanbase, Loki speaks to Captain America about his plans for humanity. This scene in The Avengers marks a pivotal moment for the villain as he commands his surrounding victims to kneel before him.

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This scene was shot in Cleveland, Ohio in what is known as their Public Square. Their Tower City Center can be clearly defined in the background as Loki walks amongst his cowering hostages.

7 7. Warrior Falls- Black Panther

Warrior Falls in the MCU film Black Panther presents a lush scenery whose main layout is a bevy of waterfalls. Fans can visit this gorgeous real-life location known as Iguazú Falls. It runs along with the Iguazu River on the border of the Argentina and Brazil.

In the movie, Warrior Falls acts as the campus where the ruler of Wakanda has their coronation ceremony. It’s also the scene where T'Challa and M'Baku battle for the title.


For some reason, film producers will use two different sets to present one feature image. This is the case for Peter Parker’s (Tom Holland) high school. Midtown High School’s exterior facade is actually Franklin K. Lane High School in Brooklyn, New York.

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However, the scenes shot with Tom Holland inside the school is Henry W. Grady High School in Atlanta, Georgia.


After a particularly rigorous battle against a fleet of Chitauri, the Avengers end their crime-fighting day with a Middle-Eastern meal. Tony Stark takes note of the Shawarma Palace during the fight scene in The Avengers.

And after his selfless act of launching an impending missile into space, his team decides he deserves a treat. The comedic scene of the run-down Avengers enjoying shawarma was shot Shalom Grill in Los Angeles.

4 4. Randy’s Donuts - Iron Man II

In his full-fledge Iron Man gear, Tony Stark casually sits in the comfort of a monumental donut during a scene in Iron Man 2. If there was any scene that speaks to Tony Starks character, it was this simple illustration.

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It was right after this that Tony meets Nick Fury and hears more about the Avengers Initiative. The large donut that Iron Man sits in the opening shot of this scene is a real place called Randy’s Donuts in Inglewood, California. If you want a feel for the interior of the breakfast joint, you can travel 20 miles to Yum Yum Donuts in Playa del Rey.

3 3. Avengers Tower- The Avengers

Tony Stark graciously offers his former hub as the headquarters for the new Avengers Initiative. Audiences get to see the interior of the Avengers hideout in the 2012 self-titled film, while the exterior framework is just the benefits of CGI work.

The interior of the Avengers Tower is located in Manhattan, New York. The MetLife Building at 200 Park Ave is, in fact, the basis for this tower. The backstory is that Tony Stark bought out the 59-story skyscraper and reconfigured it to run sole off of his J.A.R.V.I.S technology.

2 2. Air Force Base- Captain Marvel

Before she became Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers was a promising cadet in the Air Force. Audiences get to see her in action alongside her best friend Maria Rambeau before the terrible crash that leads her to obtain her Kree powers.

These scenes in Captain Marvel were actually shot at the Edwards Air Force Base in Kern County, California. Tours can be taken on the base, but it is required for guests to schedule their endeavor beforehand.

1 10. Bar - Thor

The scene where Thor (Chris Hemsworth) shares a bonding moment with Professor Selvig (Stellan Skarsgård) takes place at a bar. The two enjoy sipping on mugs of Boilermakers, though Selvig is still doubting his claims of being the God of Thunder.

Fun fact: this scene was actually filmed in a strip club called Cheeks in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The strip club serves as a backdrop during this character building scene when audiences can witness Thor’s unparalleled drinking abilities. Hopefully, there wasn’t much cleanup after the two smashed their glasses on the floor in demands for “another!”

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