How in the world is it possible to gauge the taste and complexity of every state in America's signature dish? People will have their wavering opinions, but in order to determine the best of the best, each of these meals needs to be meticulously analyzed. And because there is no way to include everyone's stake on the matter, let's break it down to a simple formula.

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Each of these trademark servings has a unique taste in their own right. So to break it down, these foods will be judged based on the elaborateness of its recipe and how likely people are to order it. Prepared to feel hungry because here is every state in America's signature dish, ranked.

50 Hawaii


SPAM: This vile processed meat might okay in a pinch, but nobody is choosing this over bonafide burgers. The contaminants of this food is still a mystery.

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49 New Jersey

Salt Water Taffy: A lot of people are not fond of this sea-side treat despite its chewy sweetness. But if you're ever in Jersey, apparently their pork roll sandwich with egg and cheese are something to write home about.

48 Utah

Jell-O: Not really a dish, but everyone can at least appreciate the jiggly dessert. Especially if there is alcohol blended into the mix.

47 Oklahoma

Fried Okra: These small bites are a great snack, though visitors might not think to pick this first on any Oklahoma restaurant menu. Surprisingly, they're also known for their chicken fried steak.

46 Vermont

Maple Syrup: Again, not really something you should be pouring all over your spaghetti, but where would the world be without this thick, rich condiment?

45 Delaware

Frozen Custard: Nobody really thinks to stop in Delaware just to try one of their famous bowls of frozen custard. Their vinegar and french fries, on the other hand, are quite a tasty concept.

44 Minnesota

Blueberry Muffin: As the official state muffin, this seems the closest this state has to an official dish. They're apparently known for their tater tots, too, but those can be varnished anywhere.

43 Rhode Island

Hot Wieners: As more of a snack than an actual meal, Rhode Island's hot dog dish remains low on the list. Plus, do you actually think of hot dogs when you think of Rhode Island?

42 Iowa

Corndog: The state vegetable of Iowa is corn, so at least they incorporated that claim into their well-known serving of corndogs.

41 Missouri

Fried Ravioli: Missouri doesn't seem to have one signature meal that it's known for. They can whip up a tasty batch of ice cream, but their idea of fried raviolo seems hard to pass up.

40 Wisconsin

Bratwurst: Wisconsin doesn't seem to be the healthiest of states. With staple foods like bratwurst and cheese on their plates, however, you may be able to find a mouth-watering combination.

39 Wyoming

Chicken Fried Steak: Most people gravitate towards Kentucky when they hear chicken fried steak, but apparently Wyoming is giving them a run for their money.

38 Nevada

All You Can Eat Buffets: This would be higher on the list, because who doesn't love an endless option of meals? But because they can't seem to claim a unique dish on their own, Nevada's ranking has to remain stunted.

37 Arkansas

Southern Catfish: Arkansas is technically a southern state, but most people would assuredly think of Alabama of Georgia when it comes to catfish because they go to Arkansas. Arkansas is also known for its grain. So there's that.

36 Virginia

Virginia Ham Biscuits: It's kind of like Thanksgiving in your mouth with traditional homestyle biscuits cushioning a bed of ham and smothered with mustard.

35 Idaho

Finger Steaks: You may have been thinking the potato as Idaho's signature food, but their finger steaks are a little bit more special.

34 South Dakota

Kuchen: This word means cake in German, and in South Dakota, you'll find it's just a simple sugary desert.

33 Alabama

Fried Green Tomatoes: As one of America's national treasures, you can bet that Alabama' fried green tomatoes are worth a try.

32 Kansas

Kansas Style Ribs: These take three or four hours to perfect, but with Kansas BBQ sauce, it's worth the wait.

31 New Hampshire

New England Boiled Dinner: Now we're finally getting to substantial meals! This pot dish has corn beef, brisket, and ham paired with carrots, potatoes, and cabbage.