There are over 7.5 billion people worldwide, and over 1 billion cars travelling roads across the globe each and every day, says World Motors. With that being said, it is no surprise that some places across the world have some great drivers, while others, not so great.

Although certain countries are far more populated and congested than some smaller destinations, we'd like to think that that isn't the best excuse for less than favourable driving skills.

From absolutely terrifying roundabouts, intense traffic and lack of street and driving laws, there are certain countries we would definitely think twice about driving in!

Whether you're a seasoned driver or not, your typical roads will definitely have met their match in these 25 countries with the worst driving conditions!

25 Vietnam

The roads in Vietnam are definitely a lot different than those in North America, not only are driving conditions a lot more stressful, but you're bound to see more motorcycles than cars on the road, that's for sure!

24 Italy

Although many of us in Canada and the United States believe that European roads are easy to maneuver and drive on, you'd be surprised to know that this is not the case, whatsoever! According to Country Reports, roads in Italy are quite narrow, and most roads in Northern Italy have no guard rails.

23 Dominican Republic

Although a hotspot for vacationers and tourists looking to rest and relax, the Dominican Republic apparently has less than favourable driving. According to Country Reports, speed limits are generally not enforced, and although traffic laws are similar to those in the United States, undisciplined driving is common considering there are no adequate traffic controls.

22 Venezuela

With very little traffic controls, speed limits and officials overseeing the roads, driving can be quite a challenge in Venezuela. According to Dangerous Roads, Venezuela is home to some of the most unsafe roads in South America, with traffic in numerous areas and poor road conditions in others.

21 Lebanon

Lebanon is notorious for its crazy drivers! Not only are rules completely thrown out of the window, but speed limits are also non-existent and so are some of the roads at times. According to Against The Compass, drivers seem to make their own rules and all seem to be in understanding when it comes to it!

20 Egypt

Not only are driving conditions extremely "chaotic," says Egyptian Streets, but you won't be finding only cars and motorcycles on the street! In Egypt, horses are oftentimes found on major highways and roads. With road conditions being somewhat poor already, they've managed to toss in livestock to make things even more challenging.

19 Saudi Arabia

Driving in Saudi is safe for more of the time, however, there is one thing to watch out for that classifies Saudi drivers as some of the most daring. According to Gulf News, Saudis participate in what is called 'Hajwalah' also known as Saudi Drifting, which involves completely tilting your car while driving!

18 China

It is no surprise that a country as populated as China would make a list of worst drivers and driving conditions. According to Beijing Esc, the physical condition of roads and road maintenance varies greatly from municipality to municipality, with a major warning for drivers and cyclists, considering this can affect your driving immensely.

17 India

India has somewhat of a reputation for being quite dangerous when it comes to driving and road conditions, and rightfully so! According to Motor One, Indian roads and drivers can be extremely "unpredictable" whether you are on a highway, country road or busy street. Roads are always super congested, too.

16 Russia

According to Expatica, Russia is home to some of the most seen accidents in the world, which funny enough, end up online and in viral videos considering how many cars are equipped with cameras in Russia. Nevertheless, drivers are said to be daring and risky when on the road.

15 Thailand

Despite being one of the most popular tourist destinations, Thailand is home to more than just gorgeous landscapes and beaches, but pretty reckless drivers as well. According to Country Reports, Thailand is known for its speeding, reckless passing, and failure to obey traffic laws in all regions throughout the country!

14 Malawi

Malawi is home to some of the messiest roads when it comes to congestion and traffic, making it a country we wouldn't want to find ourselves driving in. According to Loney Planet, drivers in Malawi tend to ignore any and all traffic laws creating a very unsafe environment for surrounding vehicles and people.

13 Nigeria

Nigeria is quite congested, therefore it is not the safest place to drive. According to Country Reports, many drivers in Nigeria are quite reckless, which only contributes to hazardous traffic conditions. It's also said that public transit vehicles such as buses and motorbikes are also very unsafe due to poor maintenance, high speeds, and overcrowding.

12 Mexico

Certain areas of Mexico offer pristine roads, traffic laws and speed limits that alleviate the odds of getting into an accident. However, in more congested cities and areas such as Mexico City, which is home to nearly 10 million people, drivers tend to ignore traffic signs and lights, which only cause vehicles to get backed up.

11 Liberia

Liberia is home to some exceptionally poor driving conditions and very weak safety laws and enforcement, says Voa News. These conditions lead drivers to disobey the little laws that are put into place, causing traffic, pile-ups, and accidents, only causing further damage to the vehicles and roads themselves.

10 Libya

Country Reports claim that drivers in Libya are quite hazardous, which has led to a high accident rate. Furthermore, it is very difficult to anticipate the actions of those driving on the roads. As if that weren't enough, Libya is notorious for windstorms that cause sand to flail in the air, reducing visibility for drivers, which makes matters significantly worse.

9 Indonesia

According to, drivers in Indonesia are known to change lanes with no warning, drive on unmarked congested roads, and ignore any traffic laws and speed limits, contributing to an increasing accident rate. If you're planning a visit to Indonesia anytime soon, prepare for the driving!

8 Ghana

According to Just Landed, driving in Ghana can be very daunting as drivers tend to ignore lanes and laws, all while the roads in and outside the cities are not well-maintained, making for quite the bumpy ride. In addition to the lack of rules being followed, the country is quite congested.

7 Mozambique

Mozambique is home to some of the worst traffic and congestion conditions in the world. According to Country Reports, not only do cars often get stalled, stuck or in traffic for hours on end, but they have some of the highest accident rates amongst drivers and pedestrians, too.

6 Iran

Iran is notorious for having very cheap gasoline prices, which make the idea of driving and owning a car somewhat manageable. However, according to Iran Visitor, drivers can be very reckless, especially in some of the country's major cities, including Tehran, where driving is very hazardous.