A lot of the time we forget that the cities we live in are hotspots for tourists all over the globe. Although it's nice to know that your home country receives visitors from all over the world, you begin to realize that not everyone knows how to behave the best when travelling.

There are countless tourist stereotypes no matter where you visit (or live). However, it's not always best to believe what you hear unless you see it for yourself. But when you do see it yourself, you begin to understand why certain countries have a reputation for either being outstanding tourists or, not so outstanding.

With that being said, here are the 15 of the best tourists and 10 we'd want to send packing!

Let's start with the 15 we wouldn't mind...

25 Canada

Canadians are some of the most loved people in the world, and it just so happens that they know how to travel and keep that reputation going. According to CBC, Canadians are perceived as polite and friendly regardless of where they are. They understand the concept of respect and ensure that they represent their country well while travelling abroad!

24 Norway

Many people claim that Norwegians are not only polite when travelling, but are some of the happiest people that you can come across. According to the Huffington Post, Norway's policies and strong social security net allow for its citizens to live a happy and healthy life, allowing them to extend those sentiments along with them when they are travelling around.

23 Sweden

According to Business Insider, Sweden is one of the best countries in the world "at just about everything." With social progress, gender equality, pension systems, fabulous education and so much more, there is no reason for anyone from Sweden to travel without a smile! They are known to be extremely polite and open-minded.

22 Switzerland

Switzerland is notorious for being one of the easiest going countries when it comes to staying neutral in regards to politics, and this has definitely helped them in regards to their reputation. With strong traditions, a booming economy and political stability, Switzerland is home to some of the most friendly people you'll meet, says The Local. Swiss people are adventurous, open-minded and kind.

21 Finland

Finnish people are too some of the friendliest you will meet due to their country's thriving economy, political standing, policies and round-the-clock sunlight! According to Visit Finland, Finnish people are not only friendly but very warm, open and sincere people, making them the perfect fit for visiting just about any country.

20 New Zealand

New Zealand is a country that is loved by so many of us, not only is it beautiful, but New Zealanders, or colloquially known as 'Kiwis, are some of the most upbeat, kind and friendly people there are! According to The Culture Trip, New Zealanders possess qualities that make them the ideal tourists, like respecting other traditions and cultures, exuding kindness, and being open to trying new things.

19 Denmark

We aren't the slightest bit surprised to find Denmark on the list of best tourists, considering just how happy a country Denmark truly is. According to Business Insider, people from Denmark are notoriously chill and relaxed, making them the perfect type of tourist.

18 Netherlands

We can definitely think of one reason why they are very relaxed and happy in the Netherlands, however, there are so many more to talk about! According to Fluent In 3 Months, the Dutch are famous for being extremely tolerant and open-minded, two qualities that make for the perfect tourist when visiting a country filled with different traditions and cultures to theirs.

17 Belgium

When your country is notorious for delicious foods such as waffles, fries, and of course, chocolate, there really is no reason to be unhappy, is there? This undoubtedly rubs off onto Belgians for being so easy-going and cool, especially when travelling abroad. In addition, people from Belgium are known to have a great sense of humour, a lot of the time self-deprecating humour, says Just Landed.

16 Japan

When it comes to the epitome of politeness, no other country comes to mind than Japan! According to Traveller.com, those from Japan are renowned for their politeness, ensuring that they really can't do any wrong whilst travelling. Although their politeness is often mistaken as being shy, it's important to know that Japan is a nation that exudes the utmost respect for themselves and others and do so while travelling abroad.

15 Austria

If you have ever visited Austria, you'd know just how friendly, open and helpful they can be, says The Local, which is exactly how they are when travelling. With deep-rooted traditions and culture, people from Austria are the first to offer a helping hand, and make sure to respect the cultures of where they are visiting.

14 Scotland

Scotland is amongst when of the happiest countries in all of the United Kingdom, says The Telegraph. Many people have mentioned how incredibly kind and friendly people from Scotland can be, and how easily they can strike up a conversation. The people are a fantastic representation of their country, especially on their travels.

13 Spain

Many would be led to believe that those from Spain are bold and opinionated, and although that may be slightly true at times, they are also full of love for just about anyone! According to Just Landed, people from Spain are by no means prejudiced, and love meeting new people and having a great time, something that can make travelling all that much more fun.

12 Iceland

Iceland is considered the fourth happiest country in the world, says CNN, meaning everyone is mostly all smiles, which doesn't hurt to come across whilst travelling. They are always open to meeting new people and are known to pass along their infectious happiness to those around them!

11 Ireland

Despite Ireland's massive pub culture and party traditions, the Irish are amongst some of the friendliest people out there. According to the Irish Times, Irish people are incredibly nice and they smile for just about anything! Not only are they a fun time, but they include anyone and everyone, which is always a plus when you are travelling.

And now the 10 we want to send packing...

10 China

By no means is this, or are any of these following countries a direct representation of the country as a whole, but merely an observation that has been made. According to the GB Times, travellers from China are known to congest certain areas and are notorious for taking a lot of photos, especially with selfie sticks, which often hold up tour guides.

9 England

Travellers from England have come to tarnish the English reputation a tad by overdoing it with the heavy drinking and partying. According to The Sun, tourists from England tend to crowd resort destinations and engage in heavy partying that leads to a lot of destruction, trash and disturbing the peace, particularly in areas such as Magaluf and Ibiza, says the source.

8 Russia

Although most people from Russia are quite friendly and kind, there have been numerous cases that have led many Russian tourists to be labelled as mischievous and unpredictable. According to Continents Condiments, tourists from Russia have a "no one likes us; we don't care" attitude, which can't work in anyone's favour.

7 United States

Although America is quite accomplished at hosting tourists, it appears they do not have the best reputation when it comes to being tourists themselves. According to The Independent, tourists from the United States are notorious for expecting things to be done their way and are not as open to trying new foods, languages or embracing cultures that are different from that of their own.

6 Germany

According to The Telegraph, tourists from Germany are known to be quite "arrogant, boring" and a lot of the time nude. Despite nudity being a normal practice in many places across Europe, there are certain countries that it does not sit well with. Additionally, travellers from Germany are known to complain quite a bit.