An escape room is a live-action game in which players come together to solve puzzles and find clues in order to get them out of a situation or solve a problem. There are all kinds of escape rooms all over the world. Some escape rooms are horror-themed and will put visitors into a scary situation while others are a little milder and focused on a more family-friendly theme.

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Escape rooms have really been growing in popularity over the past few years, so they're all over the country these days. In just about every city, there's at least one company running their own unique escape room that visitors can go through with friends.

Keep reading to see 10 of the craziest escape rooms in the US, ranked from somewhat tame to totally terrifying!

10 Nashville: The Heist

The Heist is an escape room in Nashville that was created by The Escape Game. In this escape room, you take on the role of someone who has been given a serious and dangerous job: retrieve a stolen piece of art.

The Heist pits players against the clock. Everyone playing has 60 minutes to figure out how to get into an office, locate a priceless piece of stolen art, and make it out without being caught. This room is a ton of fun for people that want to test their problem-solving skills without feeling too scared or pressured.

9 Dallas: The Playground

Who doesn't miss being a kid and going out to recess? Even though being an adult has its perks, being on the playground was always the best part of being in school. The Playground is an escape room that was created by The Escape Game that puts players back in that mindset.

The Playground is an escape room that has the players put into a classroom with a playground. But it's not all fun and games here! The players take on the role of students who didn't finish their work and need to before they're allowed to leave for the summer.

8 Los Angeles: Titanic Escape Room

The Titanic Escape Room was created by 60OUT Escape Rooms and is located in Los Angeles, California. This game is available for 2 to 6 players and allows the players to take on the role of the crew working aboard the Titanic.

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We all know how the Titanic actually happened, but can your crew help to change the course of history by stopping the ship from going down with everyone on board? In this escape room, the players have 60 minutes to try to save the people on the ship as it begins to sink.

7 Palm Springs: Merlin's Magic School

Who hasn't wanted to be a wizard at some point in their lives? Let's be honest, there are just so many cool movies, books, and TV shows that make us wish we had magical powers! Merlin's Magic School is an escape room in Palm Springs that allows us to finally live out those magical dreams.

In this escape room, visitors are put into the role of young witches and wizards who are the only hope of saving their magical school. The school was cursed during a talent show and now, the players have to find Merlin's spellbook to reverse the curse!

6 Kissimmee: Super Bomb Squad: Commandos Awesome!

Super Bomb Squad: Commandos Awesome! is an escape room located in Kissimmee, Florida. This escape room is super close to Walt Disney World Resort, meaning that people that are visiting Disney can stop by this escape room for something a little different while on their vacation.

This escape room puts players into a super thrilling scenario. In this escape room, players are part of an elite group that have been sent in to take out an evil corporation. While there, they discover there are several bombs set around the area and have to defuse them before it's too late!

5 Little Rock: Foster's Fortune

Foster's Fortune is one of the escape rooms run by Mystery Mansion Escape in Little Rock, Arkansas. Mystery Mansion Escape has multiple different escape rooms that all have a unique theme and give the players a really fun experience. Foster's Fortune is an escape room that takes players back in time.

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In this escape room, you're in the 1930s and gold has been banned in order to try to help the economy. Unfortunately, a rare and special gold coin was stolen from the Mint. Players are tasked with solving puzzles and finding clues to find where they went.

4 Los Angeles: Zoe

Although a lot of escape rooms just involve puzzles and riddles, there are also a lot of escape rooms that are really scary. For people that want to take their escape room experience to the next level, a room like Zoe in Los Angeles is perfect. Zoe first opened in Las Vegas and has since moved to LA and was created by Escapade Games.

Zoe is a horror-based escape room that puts the player into the shoes of a person who is being pulled by a supernatural force to an unusual house. After reaching the house they've been seeing in their dreams, they find themselves trapped inside. Can you make it out before it's too late?

3 Las Vegas: The Official SAW Escape

The SAW movies are great, right? They're scary and unique, but not something we would ever want to experience... Unless it's in the form of an escape room. Visitors that travel to Las Vegas are able to live out the SAW movies by taking part in The Official SAW Escape.

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This is a multi-room, horror-based escape room that leads players through multiple different rooms full of a ton of spooky puzzles. The premise of this escape room is that players have entered a meatpacking plant for a late-night tour, but find themselves trapped in their own personal horror movie. Yikes!

2 Los Angeles: The Basement

The Basement is a horror-themed escape room located in Los Angeles. There are multiple slots every day for players to go through the escape room, but it's definitely one that's on the scarier and more intense side. Because of that, this escape room is recommended to the adult thrillseekers out there.

The story of The Basement involves all the players being taken by a twisted criminal that has locked them up in the house of his late mother. He plans to weed out the ones that can't find their way out and only be left with the ones that are capable of outsmarting him. Yikes! Talk about creepy.

1 New York City: Spooky Room 479

Spooky Room 479 is an escape room located in New York City that really fits the name - it's spooky. This escape room is a horror-themed room that is definitely not for the faint of heart but is a great one for anyone who really wants to be scared to try out with their friends.

In Spooky Room 479, the players are entering a dorm room that no one has gone near in a long time. The door has been shut and strange noises have been coming out of the dorm that no one can explain. The players enter and find that there's no one inside, but the door has shut behind them. Can you find your way out before it's too late?

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