Ranked: 20 Most Stunning Places The Bachelor TV Franchise Has Been To

Whether it's to watch a person find their true love, or watch the inevitable drama that unfolds The Bachelor and its spinoff series are among the most popular dating reality TV shows in the US. In the 23rd season (soon to be 24 with the new season airing in January) the show has traveled to beautiful and romantic locations, piquing the interest of any wanderlust viewer.

Want to know some of the best locations The Bachelor has been to? Check them out here!

20 Season 3 - Park City, Utah

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Season 3 had Andrew Firestone as its bachelor. One romantic destination was Park City Utah where Andrew and one of his potential wives went bobsledding at Utah Olympic Park, and he had another date that consisted of a horse-drawn carriage and dinner by a fire. Park City is one of the United States' winter wonderlands offering skiing, ice skating and even more.

19 Season 4 - Cayo Espanto, Belize

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Season 4 bachelor was Bob Guiney and his season marked the first time The Bachelor went international with their romantic locations. Belize was the destination with the final two, Kelly Jo Kuharski or Estella Gardinier. Bob picked Estella in the end and the two celebrated at the private 4-acre private island of Cayo Espanto, a favored getaway of stars like Leonardo DiCaprio.

18 Season 5 - Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac, Quebec City

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Jesse Palmer, former New York Giant backup quarterback was the eligible bachelor for season 5. In week 6 Jesse and the final 3, Mandy Jaye Jeffreys, Tara Huckeby, and Jessica Bowlin were taken to Quebec City. Quebec has all the charm of Paris, for less travel with its romantic riverfronts, crepes and more. Jesse and the girls stayed at the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac and enjoyed all of its luxurious accommodations.

17 Season 7 - Aruba

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Season 7 featured 30-year-old actor Charlie O'Connell. Week 6 saw Charlie and the final 3 bachelorettes visiting the beautiful island of Aruba. This trip was the first time overnight stays were staged in the same place. Charlie and the 3 bachelorettes spent their time in Aruba going snuba, having a dinner sail on the water and more. Charlie ended up choosing Sarah Brice at the end, though he didn't propose to her.

16 Season 8 - Paris

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Season 8 featured doctor Travis Lane Stork, who later become the host of The Doctors. Back in 2006, he was looking for love and the 3rd week of the competition took him and the remaining contestants to Paris, France! Dr. Travis and the bachelorettes got to experience the "city of lights" in style visiting famous museums and partying on a yacht as they cruised down the French Riviera.

15 Season 11 - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


Brad Womack made history within the show by being the first and only person to reject all of the bachelorettes. In a surprise twist ending for Season 11, Brad sends Jenni Croft home and then rejects DeAnn Pappas. Despite the awkward rejection, the sights of Mexico's Cabo San Luca were beautiful with its endless spa options, like the Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Resort & Spa where Brad delivered his surprising news.

14 Season 10 - Kauai, Hawaii

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Season 10's bachelor was Andy Baldwin. Probably one of the most stunning locations of this season was Kauai Hawaii, where Andy was stationed during the show. He and the final three, Tessa Horst, Bevin Powers, and Danielle Imwalle spent an afternoon full of fun activities like kayaking, a private luau and a helicopter ride tour of the shooting locations for Jurassic Park.

13 Season 15 - Lions Sands Game Reserve, South Africa

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Brad Womack is no stranger to The Bachelor. He came back for season 15 and during week 9 he and the final 3, Emily Maynard, Chantal O'Brien, and Ashley Hebert took a romantic trip to South Africa. Dates with the bachelorettes include a private elephant ride and a safari trip to the Lions Sands Game Reserve.

12 Season 12 - Barbados

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Season 12 of The Bachelor was also called The Bachelor: London Calling, as its bachelor was British bachelor Matt Grant. Matt was the first British bachelor and the first non-North American bachelor. Episode 7 has Matt traveling with Amanda Rantuccio, Shayne Lamas and Chelsea Wanstrath to Barbados. While there the four participate in exciting outdoor adventures, like zip-lining, jet skiing and even swimming with turtles!0

11 The Bachelor Mansion - Agoura Hills, California

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A beautiful location that's seen with most seasons is The Bachelor's own mansion. It's been the show's filming location since 2007 and is located in Agoura Hills, California. The house is actually called "Villa De La Vina" and is owned by the Haraden family. In 2018 a small part of the mansion was damaged by the Woolsey Fire. While the main house was fine, what the show used as a basecamp was destroyed, according to USMagazine.

10 Season 13 - Eagle's Nest, New Zealand

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Single father Jason Mesnick was season 13's bachelor. He stunned viewers in his "After The Rose" special as he broke up with winner Melissa Rycroft and admitted to being in love with runner-up Molly Malaney. Before that shocking revelation Jason, Melissa, Molly, and third final bachelorette Jillian Harris visited New Zealand in week 7. There they saw all the beautiful natural sights by helicopter and boat, and took the plunge while bungee jumping!

9 Season 14 - Jade Mountain Resort, St. Lucia

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Season 14 of The Bachelor had Jake Pavelka. In Week 7 Jake along with the final three, Gia Allemand, Tenley, Molzahn and Vienna Giradi travel to the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Lucia. Outings include a helicopter ride over the island and riding on the famed pirate ship from the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. In the end, Jake chose and proposed to Vienna at the luxurious Jade Mountain resort.

8 Season 16 - Grand Hotel Zermatterhof, Switzerland

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Season 16 features Ben Flajnik. This season was unique to previous ones as the bachelor and bachelorettes didn't live in the Mansion, but instead traveled and stayed in different locations. Week 9 has them going to Switzerland and staying at the Grand Hotel Zermatterhof. Ben and the final three suitors, "Lindzi" Cox, "Nicki" Sterling and Courtney Robertson enjoy a helicopter tour, a train ride to Wengen and alpine rappelling.

7 Season 17 - Krabi, Thailand

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Season 17's Sean Lowe got his chance to be the object of affection of 26 contestants. Week 9 took Sean and the final three, Lindsay Yenter, AshLee Frazier and Catherine Giudici to the resort town of Krabi in Thailand. Sean went on dates with the three women, where he experienced riding a Tuk Tuk, a traditional festival and a day on the monkey inhabited Yong Ling Beach!

6 Season 18 - Vietnam

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Juan Pablo Galavis was the bachelor of season 18 and is considered to be one of the least well-liked with his behavior on and off the show. But his behavior doesn't make the locations he went to any less stunning. In week 5 Juan Pablo and the remaining 11 contestants visited Vietnam. Dates included a trip to the ancient city of Hoi An, a bamboo boat ride and experiencing traditional Vietnamese customs.

5 Season 19 - Bali

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Season 19 had Chris Soules. Week 9 had Chris traveling to Bali Indonesia with the final 3 contestants, Whitney Bischoff, Becca Tilley, and Kaitlyn Bristowe. In Bali Chris takes the three women on dates, one was a visit to a Bali village, another was a park with monkeys and the third was a boat ride on the ocean. He wound up taking all three to the fantasy suite, located in Bali's luxury resort The Mulia.

4 Season 20 - The Bahamas

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Season 20 had Ben Higgins as its bachelor and was full of celebrity appearances from performers like Ice Cube to sports stars like Alex Morgan and Paul George. Week 6 had Ben and the remaining 9 ladies headed to the Bahamas. Their group date with Ben took them to Pig Beach, where they swam with the adorable wild pigs that inhabit the island.

3 Season 21 - Finland

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Nick Viall made his appearance on The Bachelor in season 21. During Week 9 in a 2 part episode where Nick and the remaining 3 contestants, Rachel Lindsay, Raven Gates, and Vanessa Grimaldi, took a trip to Lapland, Finland. They spent a romantic snowy week visiting a reindeer farm and taking a quick plunge into Lapland's icy waters before warming up at a sauna.

2 Season 22 - Lake Tahoe, California

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Season 22's bachelor was Arie Luyendyk Jr. In week 4 Arie and the 15 remaining bachelorettes take a cross-country trip to South Lake Tahoe in Nevada. Seinne Fleming gets the first one-on-one date with Arie and the two go parasailing. The group date has the ladies and Arie hiking into the snowy wilderness on a survival-themed date.

1 Season 23 - Singapore

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This year's season of The Bachelor was Colton Underwood former NFL player. Week 4's romantic getaway, Singapore, was a first for the show. The remaining 15 bachelorettes spent a day in Singapore's Chinatown, sampling the local cuisine while Colton had one-on-one dates with Tayshia Adams and Caelynn Miller-Keyes on Sentosa island and a shopping trip to ION Orchard, respectively.

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