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Travelers are always looking for unique ways to experience special destinations. Rhode Island is well known for its beaches and coastal views, but an adventure by rail through the Ocean State is not always something travelers have considered.

Rail Explorers offers travelers the chance to pedal across their rail system as they tour the state. The majority of the tours include a picnic at the middle point and all of them are quite leisurely. They are more about soaking up the views than getting an intense cardio workout. However, there is enough pedaling involved for travelers to perhaps justify a sweet treat during the picnic or a beverage during the Sunday Morning Brunch Tour.


About Rail Explorers

Rail Explorers offers a magical railroad experience that is unlike anything travelers have experienced before, in various locations, including the Catskills.

Travelers can look forward to a couple of hours or so of fun riding the pedal-powered cars as they embark on one of the seven tours offered by Rail Explorers Rhode Island. There are find tours suitable for all ages, too.

Tours Offered By Rail Explorers Rhode Island

Offering seven unique tours in total, Rail Explorers Rhode Island is a fun way to explore the Ocean State. With many stunning sites, and cool locations to check. Travelers will have a great experience riding with Rail Explorers.

Sunday Morning Brunch Tour

This two-hour Sunday morning adventure is almost as much about brunch as it is about touring. Travelers will ride the Southern Circuit to Bayside Station.

There, they will have brunch which includes mimosas, bloody marys, freshly baked pastries from The French Confection, fruit, and Springline Coffee.

This is an incredibly fun way to start off a Sunday in Rhode Island.

For unique views of the coast and access to views of private beachfront property, travelers can take this leisurely 6-mile ride along the coastal railway of Aquidneck Island.

On top of estates and beachfront property, travelers will also pass two golf courses, coastal woodland, the Newport Preservation Society Topiary Gardens, and the Audubon Society Nature Preserve.

One thing travelers should note is that this tour does not have a stop and picnic at the midway point like some other tours.

Travelers should do their best to use the facilities at the ticket office depot before embarking on their tour.

  • Masks - Recommended on the Bus Shuttle
  • Picnic - Not on this tour
  • Tour Duration - 90 minutes
  • Book Now

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Southern Circuit

The Southern Circuit is another leisurely 6-mile adventure, except this time it is a round-trip without a shuttle ride back. Travelers partaking in the Southern Circuit ride from Portsmouth Grove Station to Bayside Station, then back.

At Bayside Station, travelers on this tour will have a picnic at their waterfront picnic area. This is an excellent chance to traverse through the coastal woodlands of Aquidneck Island before a brief stop at Bayside Station, which proudly boasts some incredible water views over Narragansett Bay.

Travelers are recommended to bring a small cooler with some drinks and snacks to make the best out of this picnic experience!

  • Picnic - At Bayside Station
  • Tour Duration - 90 minutes
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Afternoon Tour

This casual afternoon rail ride takes travelers through the coastal woodlands of Aquidneck Island to the private Bayside Picnic area, accessible only via rail explorer. This means views and an experience impossible anywhere else.

The Afternoon Tour is a 6-mile round trip that starts off at Portsmouth Grove Station and heads south to Bayside Station.

At Bayside station travelers will have a picnic, to pack some snacks and drinks to enjoy while you take in stunning views of Narragansett Bay.

  • Picnic - At Bayside Station
  • Tour Duration - 90 Minutes
  • Book Now

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Sunset Tour

This tour is essentially the Southern Circuit except timed, so riders can catch the sunset over Narragansett Bay.

Travelers will make the three-mile ride to Bayside station where they can relax on Adirondack chairs, enjoy some refreshment, and watch the stunning sight of the setting sun as twilight encroaches in the evening.

Travelers should pack some of their own snacks and drinks to enjoy during the picnic.

They should also be warned that weather does happen, and occasionally it can negatively affect the views over the bay.

  • Picnic - At Bayside Station
  • Tour Duration - 2 hours
  • Book Now

Fireside Tour

This is another version of the Southern Circuit except this one takes place a bit later so that those venturing on this tour can enjoy roasting marshmallows over a campfire outside of Bayside Station while Narragansett Bay spreads out below them.

Lantern Ride

This final rendition of the Southern Circuit aims to take travelers out to enjoy the coolness of the evening. The moon and lanterns will serve as travelers' illumination during this intimate and unique experience.

This tour also includes a picnic at Bayside station at the mid-point of the ride. This lantern-lit picnic is incredibly romantic, especially with the views of Narragansett Bay below the bluff.

If travelers have any special snacks or drinks to bring along they absolutely should!