Have you recently gotten engaged? Wedding obsessed and planning for the future? Major dreamer? No matter the case, planning your wedding is something that is extremely magical, but also somewhat nerve-wracking. Finding the perfect venue to hold your wedding ceremony and reception is not always easy, as most modern couples crave more unique wedding spots that represent who they are as a couple.

While the closest church and hall might do the trick for some, this is not the vision all couples have. This article features a list of every quirky venue possible, from art galleries to gorgeous outdoor spots like tree houses and botanical gardens, to ceremonies literally held in mid-air (not joking!). Depending on whether you and your partner are thrillseekers, art geeks, fans of rustic architecture or nature lovers, there’s certainly an unconventional place for you to say your vows. This list of the most out-of-the-box places will surely help guide you when deciding where you and your partner should tie the knot. Read on to discover your totally-you wedding spot!

25 Take photos in a Tree House

A treehouse is the ultimate place for a romantic, fairy tale wedding. The Lodge is an antique inn located on Loch Lomond in Scotland. Getting married while nestled in the middle of a serene forest, with a romantic lake nearby and a quaint lodge with a vintage luxury appeal sounds like an absolute dream. The reception can take place inside the tree house, which boasts beautiful views of Loch Lomond. It’s a completely intimate celebration and is a picture-perfect idea for an unconventional wedding.

24 Asylum Chapel

Don’t let its name freak you out, Asylum is actually a chapel that is located in London and it is quite the quirky destination for a wedding. This structure was built in 1826 by Licensed Victualers Benevolent Institution but was damaged during the WWII (maverickprojects). Today, it has an incredibly unique rustic appearance that allows for edgy wedding photos that one won’t typically get from any other chapel. If you and your partner love a more country and vintage look, this venue will be absolutely perfect for your wedding!

23 Taco Bell

Ok, yes, Taco Bell is delicious and we fall in love each time we have a bite of a crunchwrap supreme, but this couple took their adoration for the fast food to a whole new level! Dan and Bianca Ryckert won taco bell’s “Love and Tacos” Contest, which earned them an all-expenses-paid wedding ceremony and reception in the chapel in their Las Vegas location (tacobell)! Their wedding was complete with a hot sauce bouquet and endless taco cheers. Today, taco bell allows lovebirds to wed in this chapel for only $600! How fun and afforadable!

22 Jupiter Artland

Jupiter Artland is a contemporary art gallery located in Edinburg in the United Kingdom. This gallery is located outdoors and features an extremely unique sculpture park. If an outdoor wedding is what you’re dreaming of, Jupiter Artland is the place to do it. The unique landscape makes for an unusual, yet gorgeous wedding for couples with a love for quirky designs. On the grounds of Jupiter Artland, you will also find a large, Jacobean manor house, where indoor receptions can be held. This historic manor is nearly as beautiful as the land surrounding it.

21 On A Glacier

If you and the fiancé love the outdoors and snow, there’s nothing more original than getting married on a glacier. While many couples choose to host destination weddings on beaches in Mexico, it’s definitely much less heard of to hold your wedding in Alaska! Alaska Weddings’ packages include a helicopter ride to the glacier, which shows off beautiful overhead views of the area. The ceremony itself will be extremely intimate with a maximum of 10 people! If you and your loved one prefer small, close-knit groups and want to elope, consider this destination over Vegas!

20 Tin Roof Barn

Tin Roof Barn is a beautiful barn located in Washington in the United States. It’s over 100 years old and has an authentic vintage vibe. Nearby, there are beautiful hills, pastures and apple orchards! It’s a beautiful place to host a breathtaking country-style wedding. Inside, the rustic appeal continues as there are mismatched wooden tables and chairs and old-school chandeliers. This destination allows for beautiful photos, either in nature next to the abundance of trees, greeny and river, or inside the barn itself.

19 The Boiler House

The Boiler House is a non-profit graffiti gallery located in Wales. The walls of the Boiler House are used as actual canvases, meaning the entire building is adorned with colourful works of graffiti art. While one can visit the Boiler House as a museum, it’s also possible to rent it out for private events, like a wedding! If you or your partner are art lovers, or artists, this location is an absolute dream. Its quirky designs along the walls will allow for amazing photos and the destination is sure to make your wedding day one you’ll never forget.

18 A Roller coaster

Ready to take the plunge? If you and your partner are thrill seekers, why not tie the knot on a rollercoaster? Relationships are full of ups and downs and a rollercoaster is a pretty literal way of showing that you’re ready to go through all of it. In 2017, a couple said “I do,” mid-air on a rollercoaster at six flags. The couple boarded the Superman ride alongside their friends and their officiant and screamed their vows as the rollercoaster plummeted downwards. If you’re crazy in love, this type of wedding is definitely for you!

17 Laundromat

This is an extremely out-of-the-box type of wedding venue. While it is not the most luxurious, it’s a beautiful way to commemorate your love if you met your partner in a laundromat. It’s also lots of fun and allows for a totally intimate ceremony. Not to mention, if anyone manages to dirty their clothing, there’s definitely a quick way to handle that! A laundromat wedding is perfect for a couple who crave a totally weird, fun and carefree type of ceremony with their closest friends and family.

16 Art OMI

Art OMI is an international arts organization for visual artists, writers, musicians and more. It is located in Ghent, New York. Art OMI has an incredibly unique sculpture park that is spread out over 150 acres of land (Wikipedia). These innovative structures make for an ideal backdrop for unconventional wedding photos. If you and your partner love progressive and eccentric forms of art and dream of having a wedding that is unlike any you’ve seen before, why not have it here?

15 Underwater

If you and your partner love to swim or are divers, why not have a wedding that really represents who you are? This adventurous wedding style is much more popular than most of us can imagine. The bride and groom dive underwater, alongside their guests and their officiant. Most couples write “I do” on balloons or on their bodies since vows cant be spoken out loud. While many weddings take place on beaches, why not step things up a notch and have it in the actual sea?

14 Puakea Ranch

I’m certain if you tell anyone that you’re getting married in Hawaii, most people will envision a beach, however, Puakea Ranch offers an alternate option for your Hawaiian wedding. The ranch is surrounded by green grass and an abundance of trees and the best part… there are horses everywhere as well! If you and your husband or wife-to-be are animal and nature lovers, this destination is beyond perfect. You will enjoy an afternoon surrounded by nature’s beauty, as well as your partners’. How romantic!

13 Wookey Hole Caves

Weddings at Wookey Hole Caves are definitely out of the ordinary! Wookey Hole Caves are limestone caves located in Somerset, England. While this spot is open to tourists, it’s also open to book as a wedding venue! You and your partner will be surrounded by the most beautiful rock formations in England, as well as pools of natural water and romantic decorations, like candles. The ceremonies can be intimate or more extensive, depending on your needs. This is certainly a unique place to say your vows!

12 400 Feet In The Air

Weddings in national environments like canyons are somewhat common and we totally understand why! Well, if you want to quirk things up, you can actually get married ABOVE, rather than in your favourite Canyon. A Californian couple certainly spiced things up by getting married while suspended 400 feet above a canyon in Utah, close to where they met and fell in love (cosmopolitan)! There were performers, aerial stunts, acrobats and parachute jumpers throwing petals as they flew! If you and your bae are daredevils, this one the ultimate unconventional place to have your wedding ceremony.

11 Ulster Museum and Botanic Gardens

Ulster Museum is located in the Botanic Gardens in Belfast. This means that your special day will be surrounded by parts of the museum’s extensive collection of art and history, as well as plenty of amazing greenery! This location will allow for a truly unique reception, as it can actually be held in the ground floor of the museum (nmni)! Meanwhile, the ceremony can be held in the Atrium, surrounded by beautiful flowers and plants! Any couple who loves museums and nature needs to tie the knot here.

10 Big Daddy’s Antiques

Big Daddy’s Antiques is a well-known antique shop located in Los Angeles. This is a totally quirky place to get married for couples who love vintage things, have a collection of antiques or perhaps even bond by going thrift shopping together! This eclectic location is lots of fun for any reception and is sure to create some time-stopping photos. What’s even better is that this location can be customized and designed uniquely depending on the bride and groom’s vision. This flexibility is lots of fun for creative couples who want their wedding to reflect their own aesthetic.

9 The Fig House

The Fig House is a totally unique event venue in Los Angeles. Its design is inspired by mid-century Californian style, but also has a touch of modern glamour and art-deco inspired items (fighousela). Its design is vibrant and extremely eclectic for a totally quirky feel. If you want to feel as though you’ve travelled backwards in time to Highland Park in the ’50s, this spot is for you. You and your beloved will get a whimsical experience, beautiful photos and a breathtaking reception. What’s not to love?

8 Everyman Screen on the Green

Do you and your partner have a love for film? If movies and movie theatres played a big role in your relationship, why not get hitched in one of them? Everyman Screen on the Green is one of the oldest cinemas in the UK and they actually rent out their space for weddings (Sayidoislington). It’s an iconic place to tie the knot in. Its interior is fashioned in classic old-school movie theatre style, complete with a bar and stage and can accompany nearly 200 guests! Everyone's invited!

7 Museum of Photographic Arts

Museum of Photographic Arts is located in San Diego and is an incredibly sophisticated spot. It’s an institution devoted to photography, film and video and their mission is to inspire, educate and engage (mopa). If creativity if something both you and your partner treasure, this location is beyond perfect. Getting married in an art gallery, surrounded by beautiful works of art, is an amazing idea for an out-of-the-box wedding. Lovers of modern design, but also gardens and nature, will adore having their wedding here.

6 Hotel de Glace

Hotel de Glace is a hotel located in Quebec, Canada, and its name literally translates to “Ice Hotel.” As one could guess, it’s a hotel that is entirely made of ice and is the only one of its kind in North America (Wikipedia). The hotel is built every year, meaning it does not always have the same architecture and that each year is unique. The hotel features a chapel in which you and bae can get married. This is a perfect spot for couples who love chillier temps and want their romantic wedding to resemble something straight out of “Frozen.”