When you think of South Korea, BTS, PSY, and K-Dramas are probably the first things to pop in your mind. Next would probably be food. Oh, the delicious, delicious food. Then the fashion and probably some other pretty neat sights. If you haven't been to South Korea before, you probably wouldn't know that coffee shops are all the rage when it comes to Korean culture. Coffee lovers, it is time to congregate in South Korea.

It is impossible to walk a single block without passing by at least a couple of coffee shops. Coffee shops can be found at literally every corner in Korea. With over 18, 000 coffee shops in Seoul alone, it's hard to experience them all in just a short trip. It is truly a caffeine addict's dream. Some cafes are cute and tiny, while others are more high-end with a posh and pristine aesthetic. South Korea is also famed for its themed coffee shops. Some cute, some quirky, some downright weird. Well, we've compiled a list of ten quirky cafes you can only find in South Korea.

10 Cafe Yeonnam-dong 239-20

Located in Seoul's popular neighborhood, Mapo-gu, is a cafe like no other. Cafe Yeonnam-dong 239-20 will have your Instagram followers think you've been photoshopped into a comic book. The entire cafe has been decked out in a black and white cartoon styled setting. If you're well versed with Korean Dramas, you may recognize this theme since it was inspired by the show W-Two Worlds. A show where the main characters step into a fantasy webtoon world.

To match the decor, the food and drinks are also served in the same black-and-white manner with monochrome plates and mugs. Be sure to look bold when visiting here.

9 Ddo-ong Cafe (Poop Cafe)

Ddo-ong Cafe is here to satisfy the weirdest desires you didn't even know needed in your life. Ddong is the Korean word for poo in case you didn't catch on. At the top of the Ssamzigil shopping centre is a little cafe dedicated to poop. We really mean it when we say the dedication is real. Everything from the food selection, beverages, and decor match this #2 theme. The concept is definitely different from other cafe themes you'll ever come across.

The cafe offers an interesting menu selection. It really makes you appreciate the owner's thought process. Spaghetti with chunky meat sauce served in a toilet-shaped bowl. If you can get past the idea that you're drinking a brown beverage from a mini toilet, the experience is actually pretty cool. Poop and urinal theme fetish aside -- it's hard to not want to stop by this place at least once while you are in Seoul. It's the sh*t!

8 Blind Alley Racoon Cafe

There is no shortage of animal cafes in South Korea. While most large cities are working hard to prevent the invasion of raccoons, Blind Alley Racoon Cafe is welcoming these city-dwelling trash pandas to join you for a cup of coffee. It gives visitors a chance to get up close and personal with animals you have been taught to avoid in the wild.

Racoons are not the only residents of this cafe. Here, you'll also find a pig and a dog. Overall, the cafe is quite clean despite what you would think of the housemates. By purchasing a beverage, it allows you to enter in the safe and enclosed space where they keep the animals. Spend the afternoon interacting with the racoons in a cozy cafe while the pigs and corgi roam about. Don't worry, all animals at Bind Alley are properly vaccinated.

7 Zapangi

While exploring the city of Seoul you may come across all sorts of sights. There are tons of cute photo ops all around the city for people to take advantage of. This bright pink vending machine is not exactly a sight that will go unnoticed. However, what might not be so obvious is that this vending machine is actually a secret door that opens up into a stylish cafe! So be careful if you stumble across this secret passage as cafe hoppers may be exiting the shop as you pose with the door.

The entrance is already adorable on its own, wait until you see inside and what the menu has to offer. The cafe's menu has a list of beautifully decorated cakes and beverages. The entire experience is well worth the visit. Vibrantly designed cakes with quirky mermaid tails popping out, truly capture the cafe's whimsical vibe. Zapangi even serves cakes in little tin cans to truly go that extra Insta-worthy mile.

6 Thanks Nature Cafe

If you thought we were going to only have one animal cafe, you thought wrong. Different from Blind Alley, Thanks Nature Cafe brings a different animal from the wild into your dining space. Visitors can easily find this cafe in the hip university neighborhood, Hongdae. Experience hanging out with some barnyard animals without ever having to step foot out of the city.

Like most animal cafes, all you have to do is purchase a beverage and you're free to go play with the sheep. The cafe has a pretty sizable space for the animals to roam around. It's clear to see that Thanks Nature takes great care of their animals; the space is clean and the sheep are happy. Giant fluffy sheep to go with your Iced Americano doesn't sound like such a baaa-d idea.

5 Urban Space Cafe in Myeongdong

An Instagram Influencer's dream. Finally, a place where adults jumping into a ball pit is acceptable and not frowned upon. Kids are always hogging all the fun at playgrounds, it's time for adults to play. There is no need to shove pesky little children out of the way here. There are no kids allowed. You heard me English teachers and exhausted moms, it's a 100% no kid zone.

It's the perfect place to escape and enjoy a nice cocktail. That's right. They even serve booze. Next time you're in the area, order the Bird Cage or Cart Rider, you won't be disappointed.

4 Banana Tree Cafe

Nope, this isn't another place for you to purchase more succulents for your apartment. Banana Tree Cafe is an adorable cafe in the heart of Seoul. Desserts are served in little flowering pots, sprinkled with chocolate "dirt" and candy "rocks". Served with a mini shovel for a spoon, scoop up this sugary goodness during your next visit!

So why is it called Banana tree? Nearly everything on the menu has a banana taste to it!  Your eyes with light up once you see the cloud of cotton candy floating on top of your latte coming your way. Banana Tree Cafes can be found in two popular Seoul neighborhoods, around Sinsa and also Yongsan.

3 Style Nanda Hotel & Pink Pool Cafes

It's pink. There's a pool. And it's a cafe. Style Nanda Hotel & Pink Pool Cafes are hot spots for fashionistas and bloggers alike. Don't let the name completely fool you, it's not a hotel but it is a cafe. There is a pool, but not exactly the kind you'll be allowed to dive into. But, it's also a fashion and beauty store? These cafes are the definition of extra in the best way possible. It's everything you'd want for the perfect gal-pal afternoon.

Each floor of the cafes has a different style to it all the while sticking to its overwhelmingly cute Pink Cafe summer vibe. There are two locations in Seoul, both with equally impressive planning into its design. One location sticks to a more Hotel style. It's complete with old school style elevator that leads to to the rooftop where beanbags and frilly umbrellas invite you to sit and relax. While the Pink Pool Cafe has all the right touches, like signs for swimming rules, to feel as though you're really by the pool.

2 Bauhouse Dog Cafe

Okay, last animal cafe. We promise. Stop by BauHouse Dog Cafe if you're on the hunt for the goodest boy. Except, you'll want to be careful to not get too attached. These puppers are not for sale nor are they all permanent residents of the cafe. BauHouse Dog Cafe is actually a hotel for dogs! Dog owners are able to pay a fee to board their pets for the day or more. If you are a visitor and are just looking to get your daily doggo cuddles, BauHouse Cafe is the place for you.

All you need to do is purchase a beverage and you can spend the whole day with cute and loving little pups! This is heaven on Earth.

1 Dreamy Camera Cafe in Yangpyeong

A little aways from the main city is the county of Yangpyeong. A massive building constructed perfectly to look exactly like a Rolleflex Twin Camera. This cafe was built by Park Sung-Hwan and his wife Kwak Myung-Lee. The couple always dreamed of having their own cafe. They were able to make this dream become a reality in 2013. The two are big supporters of making your dreams come true and working towards checking off items from your bucket list.

. The couple has decorated the inside of the cafe to really reflect their personalities and hope to connect with other dreamers. Throughout the cafe, you'll find a variety of cameras and books about photography.