When you’re a travelling celebrity, using a fake name for whatever hotel you’re staying at any given night is a safe bet. Paparazzi and fans can get overwhelming, and when you’re just trying to get a few decent hours of shut eye, being awoken by screaming fans outside your window is a real buzz kill.

Stars could learn a few tips and tricks from Newark’s own Queen Latifah, who uses fake names worthy of a spy when she travels.

While speaking to Travel and Leisure after christening the launch of Carnival Cruise Line’s new Horizon cruise ship, Latifah revealed an old go-to pseudonym she used when booking hotels.


“I used to stay under the name Dominique Sadat,” she told Travel and Leisure. “I pictured myself just being a spy with this extravagant life, and I love the name Dominique. Back then at least. Now I’ve moved on to several other names.”

With a fake name like Dominique Sadat we can only imagine what other names the Queen has dreamed up for herself. Perhaps Raven Antari or Jezebel Purcil (those sounded fancier in our heads). Or maybe she even chooses to use some of her iconic roles as fake names, like Charlene Morton or Gina Norris.

Whatever name Queen Latifah has moved onto now, one thing’s for sure. The well-known singer/actor has travelling down to a science.

Latifah told Travel and Leisure she never travels without her Bible or her skincare (Neutrogena and La Roche are some of her favourites), and makes sure she packs a good sunscreen for her face.

The Queen also makes sure her go-to travel outfit includes stretch leggings or pants because she hates having something tight around her waist, and comfortable footwear. A current favourite is Rihanna's Fenty Puma's.

She tops off her travel day with a playlist based on where she’s going. A flight to Jamaica might prompt some reggae, Brazil some samba, but one thing is for sure… the Queen always has hip-hop in there.