The film Bohemian Rhapsody caused quite a stir after its 2018 release. While some critics hated it, the movie did earn leading actor Rami Malek an Oscar for his portrayal of eccentric Queen lead vocalist Freddie Mercury. More importantly, the film ignited a love for Queen’s music in a whole new generation of fans.

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Freddie has sadly been gone for nearly 30 years, but band members Brian May and Roger Taylor are still touring as Queen. The golden years of the band may have passed, but you can still honor them by visiting the key locations that held some importance to the band members during their lives.

Check out these 10 Queen-inspired destinations in England.

10 Freddie Mercury’s Home: Garden Lodge

In the movie Bohemian Rhapsody, we see a few scenes that take place at Freddie Mercury’s iconic home, Garden Lodge. It’s here that he holds the wild party where he meets Jim Hutton. The movie didn’t have permission to film at the real Garden Lodge, but you can visit the outside of the home in London.

Garden Lodge, where Freddie lived during the last years of his life, is located in Logan Place in Kensington. The high gates will prevent you from seeing much, but many fans still choose to come and pay their respects to the talented frontman. Garden Lodge is also sadly where Freddie lost his battle with Aids after passing away from pneumonia.

9 The Bulsara Family Home In Feltham

Located at 22 Gladstone Avenue, Feltham, is the real Bulsara family home. This is where Freddie lived with his family after they left Zanzibar in 1964. You will be able to identify the exact house with ease because a blue plaque in honor of Freddie has been erected on the outside.

In the film, some of the beginning scenes take place in a replica of this home. This is where Freddie leaves behind his dinner to go and watch the band Smile, and later, the scene of his birthday party that takes place just before the band lands their manager, John Reid.

8 The Dovedale Towers, Where Freddie Lived In Liverpool

Although London is the English city that’s the most associated with Queen, the band also has some ties to Liverpool - a city that is famously connected to another four-piece English band you might have heard of. The Dovedale Towers on Penny Lane in Allerton once consisted of a large pub beneath some flats. For a brief time, Freddie Mercury lived in this flat.

Freddie lived in Liverpool before he joined Queen when he was part of the band Ibex. This was the year 1969, the year before he joined friends Brian May and Roger Taylor in the band Smile.

7 Imperial College Union, Where They First Performed As Queen

Inside the Imperial College in London, you’ll find the Union Concert Hall on the second floor of the complex. It is here that the band performed their very first London gig. You might also notice a plaque located at the entrance which pays homage to the band. Brian also studied here before becoming a rock star.

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We get to see the band’s first performance of "Keep Yourself Alive" in the movie. Although Freddie sings the wrong lyrics and is reprimanded by Brian, their energetic performance instantly gets the crowd revved up.

6 The Flat The Band Members Used To Share

Bohemian Rhapsody tells the story of Queen (although with some details omitted and fictitious storylines added in), but it heavily focuses on the life of Freddie Mercury rather than any of the other band members. We don’t really get an insight into the lives of Brian, Roger, and John Deacon, other than their relationship with Freddie and involvement in the band.

In the early 1970s, all four of the band members shared a flat together at 36 Sinclair Road, Hammersmith. Oh, to have been a fly on the wall! Though you can't go inside, it costs nothing to visit the outside of the flat.

5 Live Aid: Wembley Stadium

Perhaps the most iconic Queen performance of all and the climax of the film was Live Aid. Taking place at Wembley Stadium in the summer of 1985, the concert was set up to raise funds for the famine in Ethiopia. Queen delivered what was arguably the performance that stole the show.

The Wembley Stadium where Live Aid took place was demolished, so it’s impossible to visit the real Live Aid venue. But you can visit the new Wembley Stadium, which was erected in exactly the same place in 2007.

4 Various Concert Venues In Liverpool

The Doverdale Towers isn’t the only Liverpool location with ties to Queen. It’s not explicitly shown in the movie, but the band actually played all over Liverpool throughout the 1970s. According to Liver Tours Liverpool, Queen played more than 10 shows at a variety of venues. These included Liverpool Stadium, Liverpool University, the Cavern Club, and Liverpool Empire Theatre.

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The last location is iconic because this is where the band played "Bohemian Rhapsody" for the first time for a live audience. The history-making event occurred in November of 1975.

3 Metropolis Studios Where Innuendo Was Recorded

Over the course of their career, Queen performed at several recording studios both in and out of England. Many of these can’t be visited unless you’re going inside to record, which can be a tad expensive. One studio where you are able to tour the inside without recording is Metropolis Studios located in Chiswick. The band recorded Innuendo here.

Queen Locations explains that Metropolis holds events once a month where fans are allowed to enter the studios. It is also possible to email in advance and book in a studio visit.

2 Freddie’s Old Work: Heathrow Airport

Before he became one of the most renowned rock stars of all time, Freddie Mercury worked as a baggage handler at Heathrow Airport. This is briefly shown during the movie, where miserable young Freddie is trying to keep up with the bags and his co-worker hurls a racial slur at him.

If you’re visiting London, the chances are you will probably go to Heathrow Airport anyway! British Airways paid homage to the star in 2018 by organizing a flash mob to dance to Queen tunes. They also allowed anybody named Freddie, Frederick, or Farrokh to enter the first-class lounge in Terminal 5 for free.

1 The Holland Road Flat Where Freddie And Mary Lived

The first half of the movie shows the relationship between Freddie and Mary Austin, who remained the star’s friend for the rest of his life. In reality, the two lived together for several years during their relationship. The flat where they lived is located at 100 Holland Road, Kensington.

Even after Freddie and Mary ended their relationship, they were always close. Bohemian Rhapsody shows that Mary fell pregnant, but we didn’t get to see that Freddie actually became godfather to Mary’s son. Mary still lives in Garden Lodge, which Freddie left to her.

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