Queen Elizabeth Is Hiring A New Pastry Chef Who Must Have 'Good IT Skills'

Buckingham Palace is hiring a new pastry chef who will strangely require “good IT skills”.

The Queen is hiring. Working for royalty is probably a great way to make some green, but the current job opening has some specific requirements.

First, you gotta be a pastry chef. And not just any pastry chef--you have to come from experience in a five-star restaurant or catering service. The job listing doesn’t provide a number of years experience required, but you can bet that it will be more than just a few year’s worth.

Second, you gotta have good people skills. It’s not just going to you in the royal kitchen making scones all day (which apparently is what the Queen feeds to her corgis). You’re going to be in charge of a team of pastry-makers to create delectable baked goods for the day-to-day operations of the palace as well as myriad events that the Royal Family hosts.

via Business Insider

And third, and most strangely: "It's also important that you can follow all legislative requirements, and have good IT skills."


Before we continue, it should be made clear that nobody at theTravel has any experience in professional baking, so the requirement of a pastry chef to have technical experience seems a little confusing. Is the royal pastry chef going to be making a whole lot of Powerpoint presentations to royal staff? Will the chef need to help the Queen with her online banking? Maybe even clear her cookies every once in a while?

Other than the high requirements, the job certainly sounds swanky. The salary comes with a 15% employer contribution match towards your pension. On top of that, there’s the option to be living at the palace and having access to all the luxuries that come with--like gym, pool, and maybe even pheasant hunting!

You’d also get 33 days off (including all bank holidays) and some flexibility to set your own hours (although you’d still be called to work on events if they’re happening on the weekend).

The job posting closed on June 26th, so get your resumes in soon. And remember to show off your IT skills while you’re at it--maybe use an interesting font or something.


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